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  1. Is this an OVA or TV series? Have there been any HK DVD's yet??
  2. There's no reason why both versions of the OT shouldn't be included. Either through branching, or seperate disc's (anything but double sided!), they should absolutely be there. I'd also love it if we could get a bit of an epilogue with the orignal cast (obviously post Jedi), be ti for only 10 minutes, half hour, whatever, to see what happened in the ST universe after Jedi. As for the box set itself, I'm hoping for a stylized square box, with a flip open lid in the front of Vader's helment. Inside, have each and every spine a different light saber color using a holographic shiny effect.
  3. I don't see how you could possably like the designs & part III over part II. Mind you part II's designs were "different," part III's designs were just plain crap, in a sad attempt to low budgetly mesh the first two design styles together. For the record my views: -Part I Great -Part II: Excellent -Part III: Macross II
  4. Let's forget all this nonsense, and remember Kawarmori the Gundam fan.....ahhhh much better. To be fair, I did give harry potter a chance, sat through the sorcerers stone, and found it boring & super weak. If only all movies ended with the "hero" falling a sleep & spontaniously beating their enemies!
  5. That's encouraging to hear!! I am currently in the middle of rewatching my Mac7 Fx discs and I don't notice any compressions problems whatsoever. Those dvds look fine to me! The colors are beautiful and clarity is top notch! On a related note, Do you know who AHQ are??? Freeze frame, or slow-mo some scenes, you'll see that there are actually a fair share of bad compression artifacts to be seen. Though considering there's still no official release, and though the subtitles are bad, the video is much better than the other HKs.
  6. Actually, I don't think HG had anything to do with the cover art. A member here (though I haven't seen him around in quite a while), Garoquel made them. He ran a page called Macross Milcomnet. Apparently AnimEigo asked for the wierd wireframe design style. Though I guess it could have been HG not wanting any competing artwork, who knows. Irregardless, as nice a guy as he is, he was responsable for the crappy compression on the images that were used in the finals. I saw the artwork a few months before it went to press, hell, I saw the full color preliminary artwork (which was similar, just full color, very nice too I might add), and those images I was shown had the same bad compression bleeding. On the bright side, I did help fix a couple typo's, Minmay's age on the second volume was almost listed as 16 in an episode listed before her birthday!
  7. You're one crazy guy, wish I had $1700 to blow on R2's. I highly doubt FX will rip the DBZ box sets though, especially since they've been having some compression problems on recent R1 rips. When it comes right down to it, you're never going to have a better option than the MI sets. All things considered, if you didn't mind/notice the compression problems on the FX Macross 7 set, then you won't have one with the MI DBZ set.
  8. Mauled? That all depends on which incarnation of Eve you decide to take
  9. That's your only shot at getting a rip of the R2 box set. Your choices are: Pay $700-800 for a non-subtitled official R2 release or Pay $180 for a re-encoded HK version with very good subtitles (though I doubt perfect). Your other option of course paying even more than you would for the official R2 release, and picking up Funimations craptacular R1 disc's, or the HK rips of those. I think the only true option is clear
  10. If you can get FX to do it, more power to you! Well, I was just wishful thinking there for a moment. But do you know if they actually offer services where they will add english subs to R2 dvds? I am presently exploring the idea of having a third party company translate THIS for me. The first box is done, so chances are the second bo will be too. The only problem is that Toei has been anal about tracking U.S. HK distributers, so the releases are a bitch to find. I think the first box wound up in about 5-6 volumes. You can tell them from the regular HK R1 rips becuase the R2 set rips have blue & yellow cover art with just Goku's face.
  11. If you can get FX to do it, more power to you!
  12. Bottom line is, video wise, AnimEigo could only use what HG handed them, and unfortunately those weren't included.
  13. Just how bad is Viz nowadays? Still no Galaxy Express DVD's (not that I haven't long since imported the R3's), so still pretty damn bad.
  14. Yeah, it's (MZ23) a rip of the Indian Video release, complete with their watermarks.
  15. Its not about who has to do with what, its about who actually payed for it, and I think TP would have payed for it. That would include the voices. As for the BGM, it would probably fall in the same category as the songs. Actually no, Tatsunoko only specifically paid to produce the animation. As part of the deal, Big West promised them part ownership in the TV series itself. Tatsunoko took this to mean that included the concepts, designs, etc. It however only included rights to the first series itself. Because Tatsunoko was only hired to help in the animation production workload, its far more likely Big West paid for the dubbing.
  16. Yeah. I'm pretty sure the sound is, in all likelihood, lumped in with the actual animation... except for, as we all know, the music and songs- Since they are owned by Victor. As to the rights themselves? Tatsunoko may be granted certain rights through their ©, but the memorandum still holds as to the actual distribution of those rights and who actually is entitled to benefit from which rights. Actually, the sound would be considered seperate. While Tatsunoko handled the animation, I don't believe they had anything to do with the dubbing. Not having license for an audio track happens all the time btw. Take a look at some of ADV's recent releases that have been dub only (though most they're re-releasing with a seperate subtitle license now). So Big West could indeed re-animate the whole thing, license it out to the U.S., and not have to pay any mind to HG or Tatsunoko. But will they????
  17. Whats your favorite from SDF-Macross though? That's an easy one, All of episode 27, again, a masterpiece.
  18. I have a tied vote. The entire last episode of 7. Bsaara moving that mountain, the aurora after the Protodevilin leave, everything was just perfect. As well as the Megaroad-01 launch in FB 2012, truly an incredible scene.
  19. AMEN BROTHER , AMEN PS: I doubt that the new PS2 game will be released outside Japan thought but then again , we could finally see M+:GE if this goes well I dissagree. Since the new game is DYRL based, & a PS2 game at that, we're far more likely to see it than an older PS1 Game.
  20. Me? No, I'll never fully support ADV. Not after their overlays phase, not to mention the newly completely screwed up Sailor Moon box sets. But at the same time, good work is good work, and Mospeada is a knockout job. The Logo's are intact, only the Japanese credits have been replaced. As for the Megazone 23 bootleg set, I have that version too, but the terrible subtitles, and watermarks bug me to no end.
  21. Considering Macross Zero is a big budget brand new OVA, there's no chance in hell we'd get it all in a bundle. A 2-3 episode release if we're lucky, otherwise it would be a 5 volume release. They have to recoup licensing costs afterall. And yes, this does indeed mean HG can't touch jack past the original TV series. They own none of the designs (including the U.N. Spacy insignia), have no claim to any of the other show's/movies, and can't touch any future Toy releases, irregardless of whether they're based on the original series or not. This is most likely the reason that Tokyopop had to drop their M7 Trash announcement. I have a strong feeling they licensed it through HG & the French company that was releasing it, thinking they could do a backended deal. All we need now is for Bandai to stand up straight & tall, and release Macross Zero!!!
  22. Got any pic's of the covers? Which reminds me, it was very curtious of ADV to put ADV on 5 disc's, so that my R2 volume 6 doesn't look silly next to it
  23. I can live with that. Most importantly, it means HG can't go around trying to claim rights to anything after the TV series (which is what we want). Hopefully Big West will take this to head with HG, bitch slap them down, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see a 2-3 episode volume release of Macross Zero by the time the 5th episode comes out in Japan.
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