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  1. It was $48, not too shabby at all.
  2. Ok, I've taken a more thorough look at the set. The first disc is entirely different from the rest, its subtitles are more "engrish'y," (understandable, and seems to be accurately translated, but the sentance structure is just off). the font itself is smaller, and it's the only disc that uses the www.gundam-seed.net broadband version. Overall the video looks like it was recorded off of the download, onto VHS, then to DVD. Suffice it to say that it looks like a really good fansub tape, but not quite DVD quality. The colors & sharpness want to be there, but just fall a bit short. The audio is a decent stereo sound, but there are some pops & stuff noticably in it. The names seem to be mostly correct, or at least semi-close in sounding to what they're supposed to be. There are some odities though, such as "Jila,"instead of "Kira." All prologues, intro's, eyecatches, endings, & next ep previews are there. Disc's 2-6 however are improved in every area. The translations seem to be "much" better, I'd say on par with the ZZ set. All the menu's reflect the description of disc 6's. There are some strnage things though. The next episode previews are gone, or rather, only the last episode on each disc now has them. In addition, the transition from the prologues to the opening credits seem a bit rough. I've never seen Seed before, so I couldn't say if there's anything clipped, but the chapter break there is definately "rough" for lack of better terms. This goes on until the 3rd opening starts, when things transition smoothly between pologue & opening. The bar on the bottom also isn't visable, & seems to dissapear into the overscan area of the screen (only really visable on my PC display). I'd also say the video is a bit better than Disc 1's, though still not much more than really good fansub VHS quality. The sound is about the same as previously described. Episode count is 8/9/9/9/9/6 Overall, I'm happy with the set, aside from disc one, the subtitles are a lot better than the descriptions I've heard about the individual disc's. It'll definately hold me over until there's an R1 boxset.
  3. Actually, I think there is some throw away comment in II that says something about the Zentradi coming to the Marduk homeworld & being defeated, either by Sylvie or Ishtar. I'm too busy gearing up to watch Gundam Seed to go back & check though. And you damn well knew what I was talking about in regards to the ARMD carriers being used as part of the cannon! Lastly, I doubt if the writers paid much attention at all to any of the Macross story before laying down II, aside from ripping off the event structure from DYRL. These are likely the same exact people who screwed up Orguss 02 by not paying attention to the ending of that series.
  4. Just got it in the mail today. Haven't had a chance to watch it though (I'll watch 2 or 3 episodes later tonight). But hating people that say "yeah I got it" without saying anything else, I popped the first & last disc into my PC's dvd drive. Note: I can't give any fair review on video quality yet, as my PC's playback hardware/software makes everything look soft to begin with, so that'll wait until tomorrow once I've watched it on my standalone. -Source: They seem to have taken the video from multiple sources. The episodes I skimmed through on the first disc have a logo during the next episode previews that say "GUNDAM-SEED.NET," along with another one that has the logo & something about broadband. Mind you this is only during the next episode previews, there seem to be no ohter watermarks anywhere. All I can deduce from this is that these episodes must be from the download broadcast Sunrise did. However....Peaking at the last disc, there's the noticable line on the bottom of the picture, and no such logo during next ep-previews. I assume these to be TV rip episodes. So somewhere between the first & 6th disc, they switched sources. -Subtitles: The subtitles I skimmed through on the first disc seem to be true attempts at translations, but the word tense just isn't quite right. Definately HK originals, and while I haven't watched to any degree, I can comment on how accurate they are, but they "seem" accurate considering the bad sentence structure. One word I recognized being "ZAFT" translated as "ZAFUDO," a perfectly acceptable subtitle. The episodes on the 6th disc I peaked at use an entirely different subtitle font all together, and seem to use a "tighter" translation, or at the very least, better word structure. I won't comment too much on these episodes until I watch them next week (I don't want to go out of order afterall). -Menu's: The first disc has a really basic menu, similar to Bandai's Gundam Wing R1 menu's with the background being the cockpit with scenes playing through the view screen. Selections here aren't in english, but the optiosn are simple enough (play all, subtitle, episode select). The episode select is a simple text menu. The menu on the 6th disc much like everything else is radically different. There we have a character backgrop menu, selections in english, and animated episode select options (scenes playing from episodes). I didn't play anything through very loudly on my PC speakers (dont have my headphones hooked up) so I can't comment on the audio yet either. One minor thing of note though, MI seems to have gotten the gatefold pictures mixed up for the 1st & second disc's. Not a big deal at all (though it did confuse me when I popped in the wrong disc on the Yamato series 3 set, but that's another story). The disc's are numbered, so other than the un-matching pictures, the art is great. When I've gotten to more meat in the episodes, I'll give more specific reviews of the set.
  5. You know, when the first episode of the second season played, I thought "well, it's a little weak, but it'll get better." IT DIDN'T! The whole freakin' second season was weak. THERE IS NO SECOND SEASON OF BIG O, IT ENDED ON THE 13TH EPISODE, PERIOD! I love introspective meditational crap as much as the next guy, if not more. But it absolutely has to be substanciated in something more solid than vague wandering. Evangelion showed how this can be perfectly executed, Orguss did as well, but this ending is nowhere near either of those. Because I'm a completist, and did so love the first season, I'll probably pick up the second season too (during one of RSI's imfamous sales), but I'm definately dissapointed with that weakass ending. It meant nothing, there was no solution to the mystery, or any gratifying conclusion to the mysteries of the first season whatsoever, anywhere in this second season. All the creativity & class is devoid here..... I'll be fair, maybe it's just the fault of a bad dub translation....yeah, that's gotta be it! Seriously though, this "it's all about nothing" is well & fine when you're watching something like Mulholland drive. But when everything was set up so neat & tidy in the first season, this is just such a freakin' huge insult. Don't try to rationalize it Don't let them trick you into thinking it's an artsy way to end it Don't fall for it!
  6. It happens right at the beginning & end of the com signals. Trust me, it's there.
  7. Ok, right off that bat, MACROSS II DOESN'T FOLLOW "ANY" COHESIVE CONTINTUITY." While it may have been intended to follow up the movie, it doesn't follow its continuity anywhere near striclty enough to effectively do so. Plus the fact that it uses the TV colors, & crashed Zentradi ships on the surface (as buildings) doesn't help. Remember, no Grand Cannon, no crashed ships into the Earth! Don't even get me started on its idiotic Macross cannon layout (the ARMD carriesr are "CARRIERS" not cannon barrols. With that said, I'll entertain a theory on applying Macross II: The Marduk were an independent alien race, just like the people on Earth. Whether they were Protoculture influenced or not is irrelivent (thougjh in theory they would to have to have been in order to resemble humanoid appearance). Much in the same way the Zentradi came to Earth, they went to whatever the Marduk homeworld was, had a similar conflict, and were defeated by their "culture." Though how thier siren droaning would have awakened any emotion other than complete & total annoyance is anyones guess. Instead of integrating intol Marduk culture, the Zentradi were enslaved, and their technology used to roam around the galaxy blowinng crap up. They were not intended to be Supervision Army, they weren't really fleshed out in to any degree whatsoever. Why so faithfully follow a religion, just to ignore all that & follow a dictator???
  8. I reccomend everyone who hasn't done so yet, go back & check out the GE:999 TV series (all 2 volumes that are available...). Truly Matsumoto's masterwork, if only those lazy ass HK companies would hurry up & rip the other 4 DVD sets! BTW, has anyone heard anything new on Matsumoto's Dai Yamato? I know the legal dispute with Nishitaka is over (and he two too is doing his own Yamato movie/ova)?
  9. Did he also say the footage would contain Misa & Hikaru's return with the Megaroad.
  10. The AFOS had nothing to do with genetic altering, it's purely mecha (bio-mecha or otherwise). While it does appear to be a failsafe, most likely it's so in the effect that humans turned out to be "too" destructive, who knows.
  11. I suggest you re-watch that DVD. Go frame by frame during any Chilam communications, and you'll see Misa topless! You'll also note Vanessa pops up during Kei's girlfriend reminicing, though I think he calls her Shammy (scandelous!).
  12. It's not really a lack of interest, as much as it's a lack of access. Once there's an HK set out, or an R1 license, I'll be all over it. Until then, I'll wait to pick up Cosmo Warrior Zero & Arcadia together, as well as hoping for the day ADV releases all of the Queen Emereldas episodes in a set so I can pick that up. I'm still trying to surpress the fact that it's been almost a year since the last GE:999 TV HK DVD set, I HATE WATITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. If it weren't for the fact that Orguss 02 is a cheap bastardization to everything that is Orguss, I would congratulate you.
  14. Isn't that one with the fast pack's being lowered also on the 20th anniversary DVD?
  15. Rename it Super Dimension Fortress Musai-cross, and you'll have an excellent Macross/Gundam custom
  16. The Evil "were" the Prototypes! The whole "leave miclones alone" schtick was to prevent Zentradi from attacking Protoculture, or Protoculture influenced worlds. When contradictery orders were given so that the Zentradi could freely attack the Supervision Army (comprised of brainwashed Protoculture), the previous order was nullified. When the Protodevilin were finally put away, and the Protoculture decided that they wanted to reclamate the Zentradi into normal "culture," the Zentradi saw that as a threat, and used their new "free to attack miclone Supervison Army," as a free for all to attack anyone who threatened them. As such, we have the end of the Protoculture. Project M was indeed a project to replicate Minmay's effects.
  17. Just because I know it will suck, does not mean I'm not interested in seeing just how badly it will suck
  18. If Kawamori had said "they settled here, the end," there would be endless banter about where the planet was, would so & so visit it, would they leave there and pop up here, etc. The only safe way to minimize hope of ever seeing them again, is to make them completely vanish. Doesn't make them dead, doesn't rule out the possability of them settling, it just shuts people up period.
  19. single huh? lol The aftermath of this topic header Just started watching M7 with my GF and now I'm A) single B) sleeping on the couch C) divorced D) out of the closet its official, Im not watching it. Its got me scared And BTW, my fincee thinks Im a dork for having the toys models and watching cartoons, she wants one of my 1/48 yamatos (no way jose) and she gets me potatoe chips without me having to call her a bitch,,,OH, and if lifetime is on the big TV she knows we wont have a tv anymore, I can sit through the lovestories on TBS, but I just cant handle lifetime Stop being a baby, watch it damnit!
  20. The AFOS was not sent "by" the Protoculture, they actually set foot on Earth, as such the AFOS has nothing to do with evolution per-say. From what little Kawamroi has given in interviews, it would more likely seem to be some sort of defense mechanism.
  21. This is also TDK interactive, aka "we're going to make a game better than VFX2, oh wait, maybe we'll just copy the VFX-1 engine, shorten the levels, and pretty it up 'a little' and call it robotech" This game will suck, get over it!
  22. Well, I wouldn't call Zeta's subs "awesome" though they're passable for most of the series. I guess MI fixed thier set, which is all I need to know, it's going into my next purchase The way things look, I should have Seed by Tuesday/Wednesday at the latest, can't wait.
  23. The Protodevilin are inter-dimensional beings comprised of energy, they don't "look" like anything, they wouldn't be on Earth, and even if they were on Earth, they wouldn't be dormant with Spiritia flowing on an island right freakin' above them! It isn't a Protodevilin, end of story! It's not even an Evil, as it's not "biological" enough to be, it's just some leftover Protoculture tool/weapon. The Protoculture themselves came to visit Earth, leaving it behind, then left (hence the leaving). There's no way the fish people, nor protoculture evolved humans could have done a lick of damage to anything the Protoculture made, so that's right out too. Most likely, it just rotted over the years under the ocean.
  24. Or the fact they can only go so low otherwise they won't break even. $16 per disc equals Robotech DVD single price, and that wasn't even remastered. Cyc Correct, and when you account for online discounts, it's even better. I got it for $69.99, which made it $14 a disc.
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