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  1. Maybe just having watched Orguss last year has something to do with my interest in the series. The design style (character) seems similar, and the catchy theme (& promise of fanservice) just add to the deal. I got it for $69.99 at dvdplanet, looks like it'll ship within the next day or so, & I should see it by tuesday/wednesday (hopefully) friday/sat at the lastest. As for extra's, I think there should be a book of interviews & such much like the one included with Mospeada. The specific contents aren't known. Sketch/line are too should be incldued too. Guess I'll just have to tell everyone what I thought after
  2. Mylene never chose, though I can tell you she "will" eventually end up with Gamlin. The M7 fleet is still underway, held back by the massive reconstruction effort I'm sure. Basara doesn't take advantage of women, and the second time Rex came at him, he wasn't even concious damnit! He's a gentleman, that's all there is to it.
  3. I'm sorry, but if Gundam can have Samurai masks, then the Sound Force Valkyries can have faces. What the hell is the big deal anyway? Lots of mecha have faces. And Mylene rocks damnit!
  4. I read it, love the M7 Plus bit, and still say they did it before Stargazer
  5. You guys are just frakking with me right? Trying to mess with my head by praising Macross 7! Suffice it to say, I'm an the early major 7 fans (at least as early as U.S. fandom goes), and do enjoy the story more than the original (mind you I really love the original series too). I still remember ordering the first 6 tapes of the fansub back in 97-98 (isn't it sad that I can't remember what year anymore?) and only intending to watch a couple episodes that day. Suffice it to say I ditched whatever college homework I had, and wound up watching as many episodes as I could before I crashed, finished the rest I had the next day, as well as sending out for the rest of the series (which was a grueling 2 week wait!). Immeidately I loved Basara's character, loved the music, and was fully engrossed in the story. To this day I still try to fit in a viewing of 7 once or twice a year with my regular anme viewing. Just such an awesome story. I'd personally love to see a metalic red VF-19 Kai, and a whale blood red VF-19P from Yamato.
  6. Like I said, Ray eventually did poke Akiko right before leaving on the Stargazer mission, end of story! As for Basara, he's just not the kind of guy who takes advantage of women, and only Sivil was able to fully grasp his attention.
  7. I've been hedging back & forth on whether or not to pre- order it, but finaly decided after watching the trailor on the Mospeada set again to go ahead with it (plus it looks like Arcadia was pushed back to the end of next month anyway). Unfortunately, I probably won't actually "have it" until the end of next week the way DVDplanet has been shipping lately, but I am anxious to see the series in its proper form. Hell, I never did bother to watch all the way through the robotech version, but it has to be better than that!
  8. They should've gotten the chick from Austin Powers 3. I hate to say it, but Halle is too old & anorexic for the part. Now if they got her in her "BAPPS" days, that'd be something different
  9. In fairness, in the world of the Matrix all the hot chicks are already taken, Neo awoke pretty late in the game. Beggers can't be choosers. Errr, what I meant to say is living in a post apocolyptic world cuts down on the probability of hot chicks most likely.
  10. Basara & Ray had a little something called "mannerisms." Just because you come off as a fruit doesn't mean you have to go around leather chaps to be 'battin' for the other team.' Oh come on now, nobody ever wore leather chaps. Basara never showed any romantic affection for anyone except Sivil, end of story. That doesn't make him gay, that makes him an alien lover.
  11. Basara & Ray had a little something called "manners." Just because you're a rockstar doesn't mean you have to bang every chick that comes on to you, and it sure as hell doesn't make you gay if you don't.
  12. Ray wasn't gay, he was all over Akiko when the scene switched to Max & Milia's conversation in "Individual Farewells."
  13. That was a bit more than just tentacle extensions But I definately agree.
  14. I think everybody's way too hard on the movie. No it's not as deep as the manga, but it's still a bitchin' movie.
  15. If I'm going to pick up any cheesey sci-fi series next week, it'll be Southern Cross.
  16. Check out the episode where Kinryu dies (& it has the beloved Speaker Pod Gamma), I think it was Deathmatch At Planet Lux. You get some decent full body shots in that episode, be it with the very "roomy" chest armor. Far too roomy for any male. The outfit, legs, ass, chest armor, everything about the design "before" joining with the full Evil body says "female." I don't doubt at all that Gepelnitch is male, but Ivano Gunther absolutely has to be female. Given the way the Protodevilin can freely join with a body, as well as the fact that any prolonged possession leads to a perminent link with the body, all adds up to the high probability of a gender mesh.
  17. I dissagree. I think Ivano Gunther was female, while Gepelnitch was male. The meshing of the two bodies together resulted in the final form being male. Look at the bodies before self Spiritia generation & after. Before (obviously had tits, I'm sorry, but she did), and after she/he didn't.
  18. "Except," that the Haro Camille found has 10 year old circuitry, which adds to the mystery that it may be the "true" Haro. As for how he would end up on the moon? It's possible that the cleanup on Aboa Qu led to dumping waste on the moon.
  19. Is this an OVA or TV series? Have there been any HK DVD's yet??
  20. There's no reason why both versions of the OT shouldn't be included. Either through branching, or seperate disc's (anything but double sided!), they should absolutely be there. I'd also love it if we could get a bit of an epilogue with the orignal cast (obviously post Jedi), be ti for only 10 minutes, half hour, whatever, to see what happened in the ST universe after Jedi. As for the box set itself, I'm hoping for a stylized square box, with a flip open lid in the front of Vader's helment. Inside, have each and every spine a different light saber color using a holographic shiny effect.
  21. I don't see how you could possably like the designs & part III over part II. Mind you part II's designs were "different," part III's designs were just plain crap, in a sad attempt to low budgetly mesh the first two design styles together. For the record my views: -Part I Great -Part II: Excellent -Part III: Macross II
  22. Let's forget all this nonsense, and remember Kawarmori the Gundam fan.....ahhhh much better. To be fair, I did give harry potter a chance, sat through the sorcerers stone, and found it boring & super weak. If only all movies ended with the "hero" falling a sleep & spontaniously beating their enemies!
  23. That's encouraging to hear!! I am currently in the middle of rewatching my Mac7 Fx discs and I don't notice any compressions problems whatsoever. Those dvds look fine to me! The colors are beautiful and clarity is top notch! On a related note, Do you know who AHQ are??? Freeze frame, or slow-mo some scenes, you'll see that there are actually a fair share of bad compression artifacts to be seen. Though considering there's still no official release, and though the subtitles are bad, the video is much better than the other HKs.
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