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  1. Woah, wait a minute there, everybody will love Mahoromatic, EVERYBODY DAMNIT!!! And seriously guys, DYRL is way more accessable than Macross Plus, let's not even start there. BTW, the next one who calls Plus the "Top Gun" of anime will go immediately to my crap-list, not a fun place to be. If by that you mean it's a cheesey 80's piece of fluff, with that stupid midget Tom Cruise, I don't know how you could possibly mistake Macross Plus for top gun. There's way too much plot in Plus to ever compare it to top gun. One last thing, ADV finally licensed all 3 parts to Megazone 23, so we'll finally get to see a decently subtitled set. Maybe if we're lucky, there will even be a soundtrack included.
  2. HG is indeed impeding "all" Macross releases in the U.S. Sure they'll claim to "help" any release, be it for a hefty sum. They're trying to take a piece of a pie which they don't own. For more, see the HG licensing debate topic. One more note though, You'll notice Tokyopop has removed all mention of licensing 7 Trash! Second thing, I personally don't have a broadband modem, don't have a DVD burner, don't have software to encode files to MPEG-1 to make VCD's, and would much rather have a physical represnetation that I can easily use with my DVD player than a file which I'd have to spend multiple hours downloading just to hope I have the correct codec for it. And I do pick up all licensed releases of shows I pick up HK's for, unless of course it's a majorly botched release like the dub only Star Blazers.
  3. DYRL has no plot holes, it's just a trimmed down version of the story. Compare it with any given hollywood movie of equal length!
  4. Don't be a chickenshit, show DYRL. You don't need precognative knowledge to see it, that's why it was made. Escaflowne, same as DYRL Galaxy Express 999: Simply awesome. Giant Robo: Absolutely no way in hell you can miss. Record of Lodoss War OVA: With the current LotR hubbub, it's easily accessable. Castle in the Sky Please Save My Earth
  5. ....Where the hell have you been? You're waiting for Viz??????????? You might as well just give up any hope of seeing the movies on DVD if you're waiting for Viz. Bah! If you've got a region switchable player, head on down to DVDasian.com & pick up both movies right now (the first movie is encoded to R3, Adeiu is all region). English subtitles, Japanese audio, all the extra's you could hope for on such a release, etc. In short, simply perfect! If you don't have a region switchable player, then head on to animeniacs.org, and pick up the HK DVD's of the GE:999 movies (subtitles aren't as good as the R3 releases, but they ripped everything else). They also have the first 2 volumes of GE:999 TV (great subtitles), and all 3 seasons of Space Cruiser Yamato (great subtitles). Then maybe you'll see what a good story the Bolar Wars was.
  6. DVD release? Not terribly likely, hell, I'd be surprised if a full set of the show still exists anywhere at universal. All this talk of late 80's, early 90's cartoons has been drudging up memories though. Does anyone remember Bucky O'Hare. I remember the show itself as being pretty cheesey, but it had a catchy theme song.
  7. End of next year? Not likely, since the first half of next year will have Zeta's box & invididual disc releases, while Seed & the craptastical U.S. SD Gundam will own the second half of next year. I wouldn't expect ZZ for at least 2 years. With that said, if you're going to pick up ZZ, also pick up Victory just so you know Tomino hasn't lost his mind. Mind you he wasn't fully in charge of the first 20 episodes of ZZ, they none the less reflect someone's insanity at Bandai. Luckily the second half was saved.
  8. Nope, DVD isn't out until next month, so not even I have seen it yet! BTW, you never did answer me on what you thought about GE:999
  9. There was no comfirmation that the Macross was actually the Alus, or that the Alus even existed. Any way you cut it, in the TV series continuity it's a Supervision Army ship, and in the DYRL continuity, it's a Meltrandi gunship. As per usual, the Macross II writers were on crack.
  10. Guess that means Victory still wins the episode count wars, ha!
  11. The MI DVD set is great. There's only 1 episode with bad subtitles (episode 16), but the rest are fine. As usual, check out animeniacs.org
  12. Roy's heat shield was only gold as the light reflected off it just right, Max assumedly uses a similar dark reflective color in his blue heat shield.
  13. While I absolutely hate the Aeon flux character design style, it was pretty toned down & tame in Phantom 2040. The show itself was pretty good though. Maybe I'm one of the few who did manage to actually catch the whole thing (right to & past him finally finding his father, and discovering the true nature behind the major accident that had occurred), but I definately liked it.
  14. Ah, but there were indeed kids, or did you forget about the Exo-Scouts episode? I'll agree, the show was for the most part cool, but got way too weak at the end. Neo-Lords, & other assorted varients went against the purpose of the Neo-Sapian revolt (i.e. not to be used as tools). Super plant powers...:::shudders::: what the hell was up with that? Was it a necessary plot element? Did it serve any true purpose other than to telekinetically stop Phaton from pushing a button? Phaton clones, bah! Dark Matter, all it served to do was lead to a canceled plot about aliens coming to look for the humans who stole & used their precious resource....sounds painfully familiar! As it stands, there would have never been a robotech crossover, it was just for the toyline.
  15. Hardly. The 7 fleet had its ass handed to it by the Varuta fleet. Diamond Force was widdled down to one pilot, the VF-11 squadrens were no match for the suped up VF-14's, Emerald Force (once formed) fared no better than Diamond Force, and the Protodevilin were merely toying with them by using the Varuta fleet to begin with. Once Sivil came, the whole ball game changed, and no mass of pilots could even begin to handle here. Meanwhile Basara honed his skill & power, managed to break the mind control of the pilots, effectively freeing them instead of killing them. Not that many of them died at the hands of the 7 fleet to begin with. Basara was in no ones way, pissed only those who didn't understand the full ramifications of what was going on "off," and was fully sanctioned by the military.
  16. Anyone who can't handle Fire Bomber has personal issues they must work out themselves. Your discomfort/dislikes reflect an inner closedness. All you need to do is simply ask yourself why you believe it's more acceptable to shoot people than to sing to them. or in short.... BOMBA!!!
  17. We actually do see a regult fly through the atmosphere. When the 3 spies fix their pod & jet out of the Macross, they launch up & abandon the legs to meet Britai's fleet.
  18. Japanese name = Rockman (and his sister's name is Roll). Americanizied name = Megaman...shutters thinking back to the Megaman 1 box art, damn that was terrible.
  19. I saw the preview disc in Newtype, Mazinkiazer is the absolute crap! Hopefully a decent HK set of Mazinger Z will come out (I know one already exists, but one with better subtitles wouldn't hurt) to compliment it.
  20. Hmm, I hope (though I know they won't) include the Japanese voices for MM8 (god I hated that dub, it's EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!). I also hope that it's the revamped Megaman 1, as the NES version was a tad unfair to say the least (no save system!). And for the record, MM2 was the best, but MM3 had the best improvements, plus the best glitches. I can't tell you how long I played that game with my feet on the second controller enabling me to be invincable, megajump, & freeze animations so that you could hear the entire (and might I say strangely longer!) versions of songs, such as Protoman's whistle theme as Megaman is running through the tree's at the end.
  21. Actually, some of the overlays remained, hell, some of them were from the VHS release. After picking up the box set (went for the cardboard box, looked much cooler in black than the PC metal box did), I also picked up the HK set for comparisons & directors cut episodes. Definately still some differences. BTW, anybody thinking of picking up the bootlegs, hold on a bit, rumor has it the renewal edition has been ripped finally, and still looks better than all previous incarnations.
  22. Once the Macross AnimEigo set was announced, I did major player recearch, and decided I hated region encoding & macrovision. I ended up picking up a player that takes out both from DVD planet, the Pioneer DV-525, modified by their shop for about $400 at the time (all players, decent anyway, cost around that much at the time, 3-4 years ago). DVD's I've picked up that take advantage of the region switching feature have been absolute must have titles, the R3 Galaxy Express 999 movie (with english subtitles), Mospeada Love Live Alive (R2), & the Macross 20th anniversary collection.
  23. I can't even tell you how much I hated american psycho, this man is NO batman!
  24. Bah, what the hell is a year or so wait for all 5 episodes of Zero in the face of waiting almost 20 years to get the original series subtitled over here! Personally, I love Zero, love the direction it's taking, and the only thing I dislike thus far are the terrible HK subtitles I have to put up with to watch it. The story is solid so far, and I don't doubt for a minute that things aren't being set up for a hugely bitchin' finale. Why does Shin warrent a special Zero? Because he was an ace with a F-14. Sure he had his ass handed to him by a variable fighter, but that's understandable. Once he masters the VF-0D, he'll be at least as good as Hikaru.
  25. Good suggestion. I bought the Korean version a few months ago. There is a bootleg of the Korean set but I wanted the original. It says region 3 on the box and DVDs but its actually Region 0 or all. Its got the horrible Mangle dub, Japanese audio, Korean audio. English subs. Its a good set. They are finally back in stock http://koreandvds.com/dvddetail.html?id=8520 I was blown away by how great the OVA was. I couldn't believe how under-advertised it went by Manga, but then I remembered it was Manga, 'nuff said. Has anyone done a set, HK or otherwise, of the Gin Rei OVA?
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