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  1. Hey shut up! They'll replace the disc's....probably in a month or so...probably. It's still watchable, the backgrounds are fine, but anything/body moving has a bit of a strobe effect. Besides, the Mospeada set was a solid good set....and I never said ADV didn't suck, I just said I want a perfect subtitled version of Megazone 23 damnit!
  2. I suggest everyone do what I did, and write a letter to Bandai begging that they release their new Macross game in the U.S.
  3. A heads up: Click here For anyone that did pick up the SC set, there has been a glitch found on disc 4. I won't be up to that episode until later tonight, but it's damned annoying if true. Damn you ADV, I've dodged all your glitched bullets until now, you bastards!
  4. LOL! Keith, you so crazy! Of all the RT, you want THAT? Why not ask for that clip of RT3K as well? Well, I have a copied from rental VHS version....but I want it on DVD! It's just so bad, right down to Santa Clause, robot cracker cats, male pattern baldness exedore, superbucket britai, she-male-milia, and thatgirl gone wrong Misa, it's just so....ownable!
  5. Ain't no HK's with excellent subs, and from my inquerries to the HK companies, there will never be anything more than there currently is (it's been done adiquately, and admittedly aside from the subtitles, they're fantastic sets). There is that independent effort over at rightstep.com, but for $20 a disc, I expect a hell of a lot more than a 4 episode a disc DVD-R with only a jewel case. HK DVD's are significantly more durable than DVD-R's, and subtitle script's are plentiful. At the very least, technology will arise one day that will let us add our own subtitles to DVD's without using DVDsubber or some other program that doesn't require me to watch DVD's with my crappy playback software/hardware on my computer...
  6. I actually heard about this coming a couple weeks ago, glad to see it actually happened. This is just the thing we need to prove HG is full of crap whenever it threatens legal action. Let's see them do something about this! BTW, does anyone know if the sentinels is included? I have a massachistic need to own that, but don't actually want to buy the DVD set it comes with. One more thing, check out the new issue of Newtype (Angelic Layer cover), one of the new contest prizes is get this: -3 mini AnimEigo Box sets -ADV Mospeada Set -ADV Southern Cross Set. What a bitchin' prize.
  7. If anyone hasn't picked up the 2 disc special edition of Big Trouble In Little China, do it ASAP. It seems to have almost entirely dissapeared, with a movie only 1 disc edition in its place.
  8. The treatment given to Macross by AnimEigo absolutley wouldn't have been close if done by ADV. The box art "may" have been better, but that's about it. Bottom line is, those who want to find Macross, will find Macross. I doubt the sales on Mospeada or Southern Cross will top the sales of Macross.
  9. No anime should be live action, NONE! However, I'd love to see Star Wars done this way: -Episode IV: A New Hope - Leji Matusmoto (He could best display the wonder, mystery, & hardships of a young mans new journey) -Episode V: Empire Strikes Back - Tomino (He could best display the crap hitting the fan aspects). -Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi - Shoji Kawamori (Climactic ending space battle, culmination of a love story, & a conclusive yet open ending). As for the first 3 films, probably a similar split, if not done by other anime directors.
  10. I haven't found her annoying. While she does still ignore orders, rush into battles, etc, she's still pretty good natured, and is all business when a battle is in action. Plus the regular showers don't hurt either. The plot so far is pretty simple, not too much background on the Zor, and what is told is told through exposition at the beginning of each episode (like in the second or 3rd episode when we're told over the city PA that they found out the aliens are called Zor by monitoring their communications). The familiar Macross Seiyuu also help entertain. Overall, I'd say whle a weaker show than Orguss, it's still fun. BTW, the episode count is 5/5/5/4/4
  11. Watched the first disc last night. Video: Remastered definately, colors are brighter, but it's also noticably granier than Mospeada, and has that same blue cast to it. Overall as good as could be expected. Audio: Pretty good, but also has a fair amount of static in it. Probably due to the show being less maintained than Mospeada. Extra's: Just some line art & clean opening & ending on the 5th disc, and some previews on the 4th disc. The show is fun so far, but the terrible mecha designs is probably what hurt its potential & got its run shortened.
  12. I still find it amazing how much they had to change his designs for the animation, but I guess they did the same for all the Final Fantasy games as well. When you consider the fact that Tatsunoko contracted the animation, is it that much of a surprise?
  13. You kids today, I swear. You get pretty well ripped DVD's bootlegged & $10 a pop of a show that may never get released here, and you bitch about the subtitles? Sheesh!!!
  14. Ok, got my set today. I won't have a chance to watch it until later, but I did take a peak at the book included. It's not nearly as interview intensive as the Mospeada one, there are a couple of paragraphs, but not too much. There is an extensive chart of different military factions, as well as some character & mecha bio's. Overall, not bad at all. I'll give more impressions tomorrow once I actaully watch some episodes.
  15. The Inbit only detect HBT, and while they can swarm, the U.N. Spacy has reaction weapons that would whipe out any given mass of them. As for the Refles, Basara & Sound Force would turn her around, making the whole invasion moot. Major difference between the two continuities is that in Mospeada, Earth had barely ventured out to Mars & Jupiter, while in Macross, people were all over the frakking place in colony fleets. Most likely Basara would send the Inbit to hang out with the Protodevilin, and they'd kick it back in whatever dimension they went to.
  16. I'm in my early thirties. And you wouldn't believe some of the things I've done with cardboard since then! I{ishimoto Just as long as you don't follow that up by posting a picture of your wife, I think we'll be safe Natural follow up being, have you done a custom Yamato? Can't have the Arcadia without the Yamato. Or better yet, something more befitting the scale you build in, a custom Andromeda?
  17. The same usual Macross greatness, with much much more fanservice!
  18. More epic how? If an supposed ochestra sounding like a guy on a casio keyboard is epic to you, then what a wonderous world there is outside for you to explore. The Macross soundtrack was much more emotional, professional, varied, grandious, & just plain frakking cooler. The robotech soundtrack remains eternally dated even when it was new.
  19. That is not amano, unless he's hit the bottle again.
  20. Ok, it shipped, now it's just waiting for the damn thing to arrive. Has anyone gotten a hold of it yet? I find myself anticipating it more than I expected. I'm starting to remember bits & pieces of mangled robotech plot from when I watched it in 85. I can't wait to see how much more sense the original makes
  21. There won't be anything (content wise) released after the final extended version, that would just be silly. I'm going for the standard extended versions (no bookends, A&E special, or statue). Don't have room on my DVD shelves for bookends or statues, nor the large box's they come in.
  22. Never been bumped once. My plan is to rise up in the ranks to admiral, take over HG, and sell them to Big West!....is it any more silly than how HG's tred to take over the macross license?
  23. Except that it's still just a fansub, and they themselves seem to have been confused on the issue. Not submittable as law
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