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  1. Black on white sounds good to me. I'm in the IT field as well and the black on white is DEFINITELY easier on the eye.
  2. I'll agree that a few of the proper songs are down-right corny... but the music during the battle sequences or music during tense/dramatic moments... or the music describing the build-up to a battle(the formation of a fleet for example) is just brilliant... a great production effort!
  3. Not a Macross guru at all... but after seeing the first 3 eps of Macross Zero as well as Macross DYRL... I have to say that the Robotech score/soundtrack, particularly the situational music(not referring to the full vocal songs, which can be corny sometimes for both) are simply amazing and more stirring and adds a LOT to Robotech's appeal... the Macross situational music I found very lacking and subdued... particularly in Macross Zero. Any comments?
  4. ircnutsy

    Age Check! :)

    I agree... it's down right scandalous!
  5. ircnutsy

    Age Check! :)

    Hi guys... Thought this might be an interesting one... How old are all the Valk owners out there? I've got 3 of those 1/48 beauties... and I'm 26 - making me about 10 years old when I was first "exposed" This should be fun
  6. I know what you mean man... this is my first time and damn.... the amount of force required to move that arms past those "tabs" really freaked me out... I've already gouged out a piece of plastic trying to "pry" open that hatch
  7. This is getting embarrassing now but.... How do I get the dorsal hatch(with the funny tab stickingthrough it) to open? I don't feel like gouging/chipping a piece of plastic again... Thanks
  8. Hehe... I've been reading up about the backpack joints... haven't gotten that far with the transformation sequence yet... but it looks like brute force is the devil there...
  9. Wow that as quick! Thanks!
  10. Hi, I got the VF-1A Hikaru recently. I can get the arms out until behind the legs while converting from fighter to gerwalk mode... but I can't get them to slide forward so that they are parallel with the fuselage. The arcs that guide the arm hinges have these "tabs" moulded in to them that obstruct their sliding action. Is this normal and I should just push them harder or should these "tabs" be trimmed a litle? Please help!
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