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  1. Arcadia CAN make a YF-21, but I think the announcement for the Premium Finish was for a toy that has already been released. So that rules out Guld's ride.
  2. It does work for the VF-31 and VF-25 SV-262 requires it's own adapter. Don't know about the YF-19, they may pull something similar to the SV-262
  3. Arkham

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    31 legs are a bit flaky imo, they seem to spread on their own weight. SV262 is just a pleasure to pose (once you can transform it, that is)
  4. Do the colors stand for anything?
  5. Also, what do you have in mind? 4 battroids, a squadron of fighters flying in formation?
  6. It's the same principle when buying Valk Armor/Super Parts. You could buy another Valk, yes. But you buy the armor anyway, why? Because what you really want is your Valks looking cool AF. Yeti Stands allows you to do that...
  7. FYI, those are the exact same stand that came with Lucas's RVF-25 Super Parts (Renewal). Not sure if they are the same for the Non renewal Ghost which sells for like 800 yen.
  8. Heh, nice... same here: 1) Luca's with Super ofc (dem Ghosts) 2) Armored Ozma 3) Michael (Super parts on it's way) 4) Pending, Alto's
  9. Arkham

    Macross figures

    Dear chaps, Thanks a lot for all the info, pictures and links (except for that "half age" that probably put me on a gov list...). Yeah those Saburo's pictures of the valks with their "muse" (perfect word btw) is what I was looking for. Since I'm horrible at artistic stuff, I'll stay way from anything that requires precision skills on my side. Looking at the pictures again, I think that I can raise the ground level of the valk, so that way you can still see both items. Thanks a lot for all the ideas, please keep them coming
  10. Arkham

    Macross figures

    Aren't those the one you have to paint the face? =-|
  11. Arkham

    Macross figures

    Dear folks, After several days of research, I've come to the conclusion that I need some assistance :-) I'm trying to set up my Macross display stand, and I would like to "match" a (hopefully tiny) figure with their relevant Valk: - Messer's VF-31 with Kaname figure - Michael's VF-25 with Klang - etc, hope you get the picture. I was checking the Banpresto SQ figure series, but they are really tall, 19cm, almost as tall as a Valk! Wondering if you guys have any recommendation for a figure Series to achieve this (no need for articulation). Halp! ... and thanks
  12. Are you going to do the Fast Pack as well? or specifically the left leg armor?..... asking for a friend . T_T
  13. Has there been any news about the Ghost Booster?
  14. Man, I'm not really a fan of the forums these days, and there seem to contain lots of spoilers for the movie... Does anyone know when... err... the Bluray will be available, or other means of distribution? Thanks
  15. Arkham

    my first toy

    Hello there and welcome!! I think it will always depends on your wallet :-) If you can take it, I would recommend Arcadia (Macross, Macross Plus, Macross Zero) and Bandai DX Chogokin (Frontier, Delta) lines Those are 1/60 scale Valkyries (not Varitech, hehe) I would personally recommend VF-1S Strike Valkyrie, as it will fit everything. Macross SDFM, Macross Dyrl, Robotech. Elegant, classy, iconic and also important, available. Check amiami and search for "Arcadia Macross"
  16. Heh, thanks, but I'll trust the Sweden on this one. Do you (or anyone) knows what's the glass thickness of the Defold Curio Shelves? EDIT: So I can get similar glass to use Yeti's adapter
  17. @ChaoticYeti btw.. that Defold base or adapter, will it work with any piece of glass? How thick does it have to be? Thanks
  18. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    After careful consideration, I've decided to frame this in a more positive way Guys, do you mind sharing some cool "action" poses of your VF-31 in Battroid mode? Basically anything that's not the typical "I'm just here being cool" - rest mode. Thanks!
  19. Thanks a lot! Wotafa had a perfect shot an explanation about the whole wing root mechanism. Draken III is indeed plastic origami
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