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  1. Don't get me wrong. I love yetis. Is just that for this particular base, I would rather have just an adaptor for gerwalk and battroid that would fit the original "arm"
  2. Since it's different than the regular yeti stands, I would prefer no screws. Something like just an adaptor.
  3. This whole timing issue made me wonder who's the real star of dyrl is... I have the funny feeling that it may be the VT-1 (longest time onscreen)
  4. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Anyone have that image of a fellow MWFer checking his wallet empty and saying something like "Last valkyrie I buy", then next panel is all pimped up throwing money buying another?
  5. My issue with Amazon is that it will voluntarily ask customs to tax the imports (19%+ of Valks is no joke). So far Amiami, AnimeExport and Mandarake have I would say an 80% of stealthy making it's way home
  6. Folks, sorry for the stupid question, but was wondering what do you guys use to dust your valks: cloth, air blower, a brush? Mine are starting to get all white and grey because of the dust and some cleaning is in order. Been a bit hesitant as I don't want to harm them, any tips? Thanks!
  7. Up in Amiami at 25k https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-045776
  8. I was getting ready to fix the hips and shoulder of my VF-27; transformed, polish nail everything ready.... ... then I noticed there was a screw. Gave it a micro twist and it's tight now XD
  9. Has anyone got any news from the Amiami?
  10. Does RVF-171EX has a Super Parts set? I thought they released it only for VF-171EX and NP
  11. I love it. Yes, you will feel the urge to smash it against the wall more than once. But its uniqueness, colors and poseability is why I just can't stop staring at it, and it's the only valk I'm considering getting a 2nd unit. Legs are freaking strong, and it's extremely balanced. You only need a stand if you want a flying pose. You will regret getting one, I'm sure, but eventually you will love it as well
  12. Would it be an educated guess that there will be a GBP soon?
  13. Weee!!! Congrats... SV-262 is my favorite Valk, glad to see you came through.
  14. Arkham

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    So.. DX VF-19ADV comes with Super Parts DX YF-19 does NOT come with Fast Pack?
  15. It doesn't really feel like clothes, more like a car or a tank for your VF. Once you set the Armored Pack on your 25S, every other "naked" Valk feels like a punny mortal in comparison
  16. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    You are not alone :P But I still like seeing new pictures everytime I come to the forums...
  17. Arkham

    Macross figures

    Wasn't Chuck's supposed to have a radome?
  18. Thanks a lot kind sir! See you on the PO madness
  19. Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm really really bad at "Timezone math", when does the PO starts (in EST)? Thanks!
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