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  1. Wondering how much will be the PF of that....
  2. Is that thing soon? The Tamashii Nations event?
  3. Thread is moving so fast nobody will notice that I actually prefer the 1st release color
  4. Any ideas of PO madness for this one?
  5. And let's not forget the unicorn emblem on it's back
  6. Speaking of Arcadia Stickers.... last time I applied a sticker to something was before the Internet..... Is there a video, tutorial, recommendation of any kind on how to apply those? I'm like very very hesitant to do it in terror of screwing it, but on the other hand, I really miss the kite on the Super Packs and some other details.
  7. I would not say it locks, more like reaches an equilibrium point
  8. All I want for a new Frontier batch is lockable mechanism for the chest-shoulders-and-back accordion, with the cockpit. Right now feels like a sausage with a poncho
  9. As someone who joined late the Valk party, I'm quite happy with any (all?) of them :-)
  10. Any chance gaijin like us can have access to those goodies? :-)
  11. Just 1 day at that hotel. So if I arrive on Feb 14th and can receive packages since Feb 8th, minus 5 days, that would mean... Tomorrow-ish
  12. I live in Chile, but will be traveling to the States (NYC) soon. My hotel accepts packages up to 1 week before my arrival. So maybe I can make this work How long does it usually take from HLJ to the States? Would it take less than 5 days? Sorry for all the questions
  13. Hello Folks, Was wondering if you can provide some inputs on a related matter. I'm trying to find some PF M&M. I was checking mandarake and 1 of them is available at something like 32k (opened, not used, package damaged). Then I found both of them in Nippon Yasan for around 28k (brand new). Now I've heard about some issues with NY with preorders, but this is rising some redish flags. Am I missing something here, or it "should be fine" ? Any info or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Wondering why anime-export is not showing the item
  15. If it wasn't clear in my previous post, I did like it. I was a bit stunned to see other members doing the same kind of thing to their valks
  16. I think I would be happy with just a gerwalk adapter for that base
  17. Yeah, I think that's a much better way to describe it
  18. And I thought my Valks with Santa hats on December was... odd. :-)
  19. I don't own a DX YF-19. 1. SV 262 2. DX 1J, VF-0S 3. VF-25 Armored (Renewal)
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