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  1. That's one chubby Zentradi :-) Congrats on all new family members (mech or otherwise)
  2. The feet themselves are identical, right? Since I got screwed over by Anime Export, I'm trying to think of alternative ways to fix this. In theory, is just one piece of plastic that needs to be swapped? Perhaps can be 3d printed? :-)
  3. Hey folks, quick question. Did anyone who ordered the SV-51 from Anime Export got any leg, foot or response from them? Any alternatives getting the replacement, like contacting Arcadia directly? Thanks
  4. Ok. Thanks anyway, hopefully another member can use it.
  5. I get really confused still about the whole left/right... All I know is that I have two of something. If you don't mind checking the pictures, do I need your extra foot? Thanks! :-) P.S: Those are from full battroid mode (twisted already)
  6. Arkham

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Does anyone knows if you can store the gunpod in the shield?
  7. I'm not ordering from AE until they ship (or reply) regarding the SV-51 leg
  8. Yup definitely. Ideally you want something that makes no mistakes, but in the real world this happen and knowing they can acknowledge AND fix it, it's very reassuring :-)
  9. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The arm that holds the mission pod locks to the legs. The beam itselves are in free range
  10. As a Chilean myself, I've no clue man.
  11. Chilean here as well, how much were the shipping options?
  12. At this point I would even take a "non-revealed" (Episode 1) Keith Draken
  13. It's the most beautiful Valk design. ever.
  14. Arkham

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Arcadia adapter are for ... Arcadia products :-) Someone correct me, but I think the SV-262 adapters should work with the Bandai DX YF19
  15. Make sure you are absolutely happy with your life before attempting to transform the 262
  16. Same here with HLJ, pure spinning.... however, I manually reloaded the page, for checkout, for payment, and eventually, it went through! I even got the email, although not sure if that is going to hold up
  17. FYI, I ordered from Amiami and already got a tracking number
  18. Armored SV-262? (With 4 Draklings)
  19. Yes please, more Drakens, any flavor, version
  20. About 25% here in Chile IF gets inspected. I would say 10% chance
  21. Thanks for the info. The big skull from the chest came tampoed, yes? :-|
  22. So... This is NOT a Premium Finish, but I do see very little tampo in the new images. Are the images for tampo-less valk, or the sheet is tiny? Does it make sense what I am asking? :-)
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