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  1. hey man, Yes, "hinge" would be the word missing. Also I've seen the videos a couple of times, but still unable to see those for Battroid
  2. Morning chaps, Would anyone be kind enough to share a picture with the details of the wing articulation in battroid mode? (the very complex one that has 2 metal circles nearby) I've been struggling for a couple of hours, and I'm pretty sure that I got it wrong, as if I continue, it will break some other wing articulation . Thanks!
  3. So... would it fair to say that throwing a 42k valk into the market is actually lowering the prices? =(
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Not only to get a better japanese price, using a friend there, I could strip the store tags and make it fly under the radar here for customs (import tax is murder here) So as you mentioned I usually search those sites, but was wondering about japanese only sites that I'm not checking (because no itl shipping)
  5. hey folks, just a tad off-topic: Besides the Yahoo auctions, Arcadia and Tamashii itself, what are other "for japan only" websites where you can purchase Macross stuff? Thanks!
  6. If you have nothing, then it's a lot of printing Right now my options are: - Second hand "regular" for 50k - Brand new "premium" for 40k
  7. Say for the sake of the example, that I have a very friendly japanese friend =] Would I be able to pre-order it from outside japan, using his japanese address? So he can later send it to me... (Would I save some bucks? Not sure what's the fee from NY) Thanks!
  8. Is there a way to preorder this outside of japan?
  9. Just to double-check, that Arcadia Online Shop is for Japanese market only, yes? No international shipping I'm guessing...
  10. As someone who was unable to get a VF-0 (any), this is welcome news. Yes it's going to be expensive, but right now a VF-0s second hand is going for 50k yen. So if I'm paying something similar to that, then at least I'm getting it new and "premium"
  11. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    A bit off topic but... What's your pipeline to get stuff from the .jp auctions? - Can you immediately ship internationally? - Can you even pay? or everything is done by a "Friend living in Japan" ? Thanks!
  12. I'm gonna be waiting by Pudahuel just in case PullToEject needs to toss some Arcadia or DX Chogokin out of the window ;-)
  13. Damn this hits really close to home. Chilean, lost gunpod and usually get destroyed by customs fees :-) I don't travel overseas as much as I want, but customs never looked into my bags. Thought you guys had an even better treatment.
  14. Arkham

    Hi-Metal R

    Watching Saburo's pictures I've come to understand the concept of: "Daisuki de daikirai"
  15. Username checks out :-) Also how often do you travel to Miami? Asking for a friend ^^
  16. Arkham

    Hi-Metal R

    Btw, any trusty place where I could order the set of missiles Regult? I've been looking but only find the Glaug
  17. Damn, I chose the wrong week to stop sniffing acrylic-glue. Thanks mate! I'll try that.
  18. Hey folks, Wondering if you have any tips on how to make the piece that connects to the base in the center, extra firm/tight. I've a setup with 2 valks and it has this "woobly" effect (tried both positions). As I live in a seismic area, I'm a bit afraid that a tremor could potentially take it down. Was thinking on some teflon tape.. any thoughts?
  19. All of them were "good" mecha at some point ^^
  20. Thanks a lot for all the info. I think I got it now. I ordered a RVF-25 with the Super Parts & Ghosts set (Renewal, both). I'll be checking if an armored 25S shows up at a decent price Thanks again
  21. Greetings folks, I've been trying to snipe some Frontier valks to increase my tiny collection and I'm full of doubts about what should I get (or what do I want!) and was wondering if you guys could give me a hand clarifying some things: - First, I understand that I should be aiming for the "Renewal" versions, as the 1st released versions have a very shameful GERWALK pose among other problems. - Second, "extra" parts (Super, Tornado, Armored) -- a) Obviously, we are talking about parts compatible with the "Renewal" version, but how do you know? how to identify those? I've seen separate boxes, Tamashi, "combo" boxes (for Super and Tornado) --b) IIRC Tornado parts are from the movie and they have that dual cannon in the back. If I don't put that piece, do I get the equivalente of Super parts? or is there other differences between them? (I'm more interested in the Series than the Movies look) I know most of the ID can be done with the release number, as in (GE-53), but most of the pictures is nearly impossible to tell the number and I haven't find a Bandai Catalog of sorts. If you have any of these configurations and can take or link pictures of the boxes for ID purposes, that would be awesome: - Ozma Armored - RVF-25 Super (with Ghosts, ofc) - Michael Blanc Super - Alto (I can't even remember if he used Super or Armored, or both) Thanks!
  22. Santiago, Chile Ignacio sent the Gunpod from the other side of the Andes Mountain, from Buenos Aires, Argentina :)
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