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  1. Does anyone know if the Ghost comes with missile bay-doors or something? Maybe even a Fast Pack for it I must confess, that I always thought it was Shin on his VF-0, but just realized it was just a Ghost fighter kicking serious butt!!! (Shin you freaking cheater, those 4 doesn't count!!!) Just in case you don't know what am I talking about, and are as blind as I was, I provide some pics. Please bare with me ? [attachmentid=38932] [attachmentid=38935] [attachmentid=38936]
  2. Die Cast 1/60 M+ X-9 Ghost Fighter ?
  3. Perhaps the toys aren't wrong.... and your TV color-settings are all screwed up ?
  4. Arkham

    Did I screw up?

    Thanks for all the info guys... looks like 1/48 is the way to go concerning VF-1s... and of course 1/60 for VF-0s and YFs hmmm, man they really have a wide spectrum of choices.. not sure where to start I think I'll stick to the DYRL versions.... just to be "continuity consistent" ?
  5. Arkham

    Did I screw up?

    Ok... I've been checking some sites and found very interestings things to pick here are a few noooobish questions, hope you can help... don't want to make stupid mistakes (besides the MPC choice, of course) I've seen several (as in "OMFG are you kidding me!?!?") several versions of VFs packages... most of them I'm familiar with.. like Low-Vis, Stealth, Super&Strike Parts, GPB Armor and things like that... ... but I would like to know about the "combo-packages" like VF-1J & Super,Strike Parts... is that the same as getting them for separate? or are they another/different version hmmm looks like this has something to do with Macross TV and D.Y.R.L. how am I doing it so far? comments are appreciated.. ?
  6. Arkham

    Did I screw up?

    Dear believers.... as some of you have said... I've seen the light!! I will definetly "migrate" to yamato.... I'm planning to sell/burn/destroy my small MPC collection (Vols 3,4,5 & Appendix A,B,C) I'm also a big fan of "consistent scale" but seems to me after this whole reading that the 1/48 scale it's a better product.... they 1/60 are "older" than the 1/48, or they're just worse? Also, I would like some tips about where should I shop... I live in Chile, so no local shopping for me Thanks guys! ?
  7. Hmmm "hello"?? I´m really wondering why does anybody haven´t mentioned yet Guld´s death?? You really can´t compare that OVA "WHOOPS I crash with a plane" with the MOVIE "I let you think you kill me, dodge anything you can trow at me =)" ?
  8. Greetings macross freeks I would like to ask some technical crap... we all have seen those VF-1 and YF-19 Gearwalk modes.. and their "suspension" seems quite natural.. booster on the legs so there´s no trouble for hover... But I keep looking at the YF-21 Gearwalk mode and I just can´t get how does it make it The booster are kept in its top pointing backwards, and there isn´t any kind of propulsion on their legs AFAIK. So... How does it hover?? (if it does hover....) Thanks... ?
  9. IT IS AVAILABLE!!!! las time I checked there was no sign of it (and the OVAS were just released... maybe I should check amazon more often ) Thanks for the info ?
  10. also BTW. do you know where can I get the movie edition? any format? DVD, avi, even RM It doesn't show in amazon... so maybe torrent?? Thanks again ?
  11. May I marry you?? (thanks!!) just for everyone, the URL has colon instead of a dot, so you have to correct that (you sick sadist bastard!! ) Unspacy <-- right link
  12. Thx for the quick answer... but .... damn!! The clip I mentioned was a music Video some fan made with "Information High", and it is trully brilliant, so I wanted to watch again MP to review all that.. but.. well, that was not what I expected BTW do you know where I can get more fan videos of that kind?? Thx ?
  13. Hi Hope some Macross fan could help me here... Years ago I saw Macross Plus (somewhere), and I'm almost sure I saw the OVAs... I now have some Chinese DVDs (OVAs also), and I'm a bit confused about some sequences... looks like to me that the chinese version is somehow "edited" for the general public... No sex, no gore & blood <---Gald's death, and I checked a clip recentrly, where I can see the Ghost X-9 firing rockets at Gald... and I can see none in my dvd version Was I crazy and I saw the Movie Edition back then? The Ova edition is for "All audience"?? Hope someone could clarify this for me Thx ?
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