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  1. Thx for the quick answer... but .... damn!! The clip I mentioned was a music Video some fan made with "Information High", and it is trully brilliant, so I wanted to watch again MP to review all that.. but.. well, that was not what I expected BTW do you know where I can get more fan videos of that kind?? Thx ?
  2. Hi Hope some Macross fan could help me here... Years ago I saw Macross Plus (somewhere), and I'm almost sure I saw the OVAs... I now have some Chinese DVDs (OVAs also), and I'm a bit confused about some sequences... looks like to me that the chinese version is somehow "edited" for the general public... No sex, no gore & blood <---Gald's death, and I checked a clip recentrly, where I can see the Ghost X-9 firing rockets at Gald... and I can see none in my dvd version Was I crazy and I saw the Movie Edition back then? The Ova edition is for "All audience"?? Hope someone could clarify this for me Thx ?
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