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  1. Hi Kicker773, I've posted a couple of ideas on a topic where suggestions were asked for Graham to bring to Yamato. Graham's told me that Yamato will not budge with the current valkyrie boxes. My guess maybe is that they've entered a contract with the packaging company? That's just a guess. But my biggest disappointment of all the 1/48 & 1/60 valkyries is their box. The flood varnish on flimsy box and coupled with photoshop glow styles doesn't work for me. My example is the receiving and opening the SV-51. I heart sunk seeing that same type of box use on all other valkyries. When held, the box just didn't fee like a $221 collector item or figure/figurine. For you to bring this custom boxes topic is pretty cool. I've thought about producing some boxes for the Valkyries. So here's an idea I've thought about and would like to share with you all. I know that we like "cool" graphics...but what about simple elegance and texture. I feel that Takara's Masterpiece boxes are far superior to the Yamato valkyrie boxes. Corrugated box with applied art isn't too bad either, mix in some foil stamping and simple graphics. I want to be able to share my figures with friends. I want my friends to hold that box and feel weight, texture and immediately acknowledge that it's a collectors item. Thick black (or red or dark blue) boxes (corrugated or clothe textured), with foil stamping for text elements specifying the fighter inside. Also lessen the thickness of the box by 1/3. I think the plastic trays can be trimmed down a bit. I hope this helps. Unfortunately I cannot find time to come up with a sample. The dies are pretty cheap actually, around $40...but if you want to produce embroidery, embossing, foiling or cut outs...it'll get pretty expensive to name all the valkyries.
  2. Buying three to show all 3 configurations? I'll pass; that takes away the fun of having these valkyries. You gotta transform them once in a while...that's what makes them special!
  3. Great photos, EXO. I just mentioned to my wife about these new figures, and she gave me a frown followed with the, "uh okaaay?" So I dropped it, and I'll bring it up to her again later on. LOL. Ah geeez, these figures look really dope. I have my sight on the Takara Deunan and Hot Toys Briarios.
  4. hmm, looks like a personalized box. is this a figure of yours? or something you found online? if this is yours, do you mind taking a close photo, maybe a scan of the artwork? i would guess a korean knock off...but i don't want to assume. do you see any moiré patterns on the artwork? i've never seen this box before.
  5. I like sci fi, robots and folklore type of stories. Most of my stuff are Macross, Gundams and Transformers with hints of EVAs and Street Fighter figures. I also like to draw. The figures to me are direct translation from paper to something one can hold. And so when I see something really cool, I WANT to buy it. I need to stop and draw more, but damn, I think some of you can agree that these figures are addicting. (and inspiring too!).
  6. I stumbled on the Takara version just last week and I am contemplating on getting one of these figures. I really like body armors and such. Takara will have removable armor for Deunan and with the CG body (and of course the real hair). No mention of Briareos from Takara. Hot Toys on the other hand will have Briareos; he'll be around 14" tall. Duenan by Hot Toys will have removable armor, but they're shaped plastic, no cloth...but the head looks closer to anime than the Takara. I found a seller on eBay for $133, but with $55 USD S/H to USA, damn! If you're interested on the Hot Toys version, http://www.cornerstorecomics.com/ offers them at a decent price. I'm gonna open up one a Takara Kerberos Kohakumaru Chuichi female version to check out its posability. Here are some pics comparing Deunan Hot Toys vs Takara (Rights to Hot Toys, Takara, ToysREvil.net...some of the photos have been posted early by EXO & Dante74):
  7. kiririth, hah hah, i'm like you. i have three more to go: Angel Birds, Kakizaki and Low Viz 2. but...i do not have the vf-1j stealth fast pack gift set and i cannot find it anywhere. sithlord / godzilla, do you guys have any to spare? (worth a shot, heh).
  8. Hmmm, i guess it'd be cool to say "i got a credit card valkryie"...but the mod stealth vf-1j isn't a bad way to go.
  9. so is it safe to say that no one will ever complete their Yamato 1/48 valkyrie collection because of the "black" version is basically/almost impossible to acquire? i'm about to give up now that you guys have brought up the thought, especially with the introduction of the "meteor buster"...oh man, wth? i thought i was cool with acquiring the last of my missing three; the low vis 2 missing, kakizaki and angle...dang. but now...this sucks. maaaan!
  10. I've thought about my own anime. I actually plan to make some comics of myself and my wife; basically our current life with families and friends. I'm a big fan of robotech, macross, gundam, aliens, transformers and naruto....so I would assume to have elements from these shows on my own anime.
  11. Damn man, 1 hour ago, I looked at the Wal Mart link for Starscream and they were in stock. Now I just checked and they're SOLD OUT. Wow!
  12. If these 1/60 can pose like Gundam Perfect grades, then I'd buy them. Movable/Bendable hip joints would be good too. Yamato needs to reverse the order of valkyries and start out with the VE, VT and VF-1D with these 1/60 versions...put out the 1S, 1A, 1Js last.
  13. bah, i had two 25th annv yf-19 and two 25th annv vf-1 pre ordered...just cancelled and changed to just the 25th annv vf-1s. i'm not a big fan of the all black, 70s formula 1 racing colors or smokey/bandit scheme. did they spell "anniversary" correctly?
  14. Welcome! Five years later for me, I'm broke. Eh heh heh. I'm about to sell stuff to pay for new mountain bike. But don't listen to me, listen to you mom and eat those ramen and vegetables! Good Luck!
  15. Damn that David C. Yellow Pages sell out. If Bruce Lee was still alive, he wouldn't be doing commercials for the Yellow Pages. Zi-Yi will definately be a better choice.
  16. she's gonna have to workout a lot, get that body toned!
  17. Damn SQIDD ... very nice collection indeed and display. I am envious man! Damn it.
  18. Yah, what are those numbers? Pantone colors? Paint schemes for military planes? They're all so matrixy to me.
  19. I'm trying to finish the book now before watching the movie next week. My friend saw it last night. He wasn't too clear of what he said about the Superman/Batman movie. But he did say, a trailer of the Superman Vs. Batman movie will be shown on this movie. If interested, go check out The Last Man on Earth, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1663597729999672400 and then Omega Man, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=69...h&plindex=0 ...and lastly watch I Am Legend.
  20. so how come none of those ships ever fired a nuke tipped warhead artillery shell on Godzilla? i mean those shells are pretty strong, about 1/4 the strength of the horishima bombs. nine 155 mm artillery shells on the G will put him to sleep for good.
  21. i've thought about making a package for the special valkyries (most of them are special to most of you), but for example the low vis 1. i asked one of our printers today and the cost to make a die cut for foil stamping is about $40 per die. i'm seriously thinking about making special boxes for some of the valkyries.
  22. yep, ad a piece of tape or something. better yet, fix the packaging so that production cost of packages are lower, minimize them. i've always mentioned making the boxes like the masterpiece transformers, ie: MP-01, but with end inserts and a security tape, not just some clear scotch tape. you know i bet yamato is in a contract with some packaging company. man i hate the flimsy cardboard crap and that flood varnish feel is so tacky. i pick up a $210 USD SV-51, and it just doesn't feel like a $200 item. it's a $200 toy for goodness sake!...why not give us better packaging? it's almost like buying burger and fries, and they forget to include the fries! wth? i preordered the 25th annv. vf-1 and i bet it'll be packaged on the same flimsy box with some ridiculous photoshop filter. matte black or textured corrugated box with some gold foil stamping! come on yamato! geeez.
  23. wth you guys talking about, that girl that plays Chung Li is hot...poo.
  24. i'd say just get a 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru and slap on the Stealth fast pack armor. i love it. it stands next to my monitor. i've had a knock off VF-1J...and always considered the Bandai 1/55 Strike, Ostrich and Elintseeker as holy grails; just could never afford it. i've never owned an original bandai or takatoku valkyrie. then out of nowhere the 1/48's came. but if you feel passionate about the 1/55 strike valkyrie, and box is at c9. $300 -$500 is a great price. i remember back in 1998 when i first saw them sold on ebay, those figures were up to $1,500. and you get great artwork! none of the 1/48 flood varnish flimsy box with crappy photoshop lense flare graphics.
  25. That's what i thought, wasn't Rob all cocky? I guess that's what it takes to make it in the comic business; Moxy! He just lacked the business side and public relations. So was he a "biter" ? He copied people's work and style? I don't want to judge the guy...I mean he got accepted to do work by DC and Marvel. I go to the San Diego Comic Con every year but never had the balls to show my stuff...well actually I don't have much to show.
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