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    Thunder Hammer

    Yoh EXO! I got on that list right? If this thing does come to life for the rest of us, it'll be project #2 for me. I'm still on #1 with a PG rx-78; I've started back in 1999.
  2. Wow...that's farted up if this whole deal is an April fools thing...but are they not suppose to make the weathered 1/48 Fokkers available in July 2008? Well anyway, with the posibility of a 1/48 Thundering Hummerizzy becoming accessible to us...I'd rather spend the hard earned cash on that mod.
  3. Yeah mangs! I start to see myself having a tough time keeping up with the Jones! 1/48 craze, now the 1/60. I was thinking about completing my 1/48 (minus that credit card black valkyrie)...but damn, out of the blue comes the 1/60s and a weathered 1/48. Those GX Bandai toys are looking pretty awesome too...13, 31, 34, 36, 38, 39 and 40. Gotta sell other 1/48s. I'm thinking about just keeping the VF-1S Hikaru and VF-1J....ah freek my mind is going nuts. I guess if I can only have one 1/48...it'll be the VF-1S Hikaru with the stealth armor...it's as close as i'll get to a 1/55 bandai strike valkyrie that i use to see on that box artwork back in the 1990s. I just hope that Yamato does not decide to re-release the 1/48s in weathered version. I've been looking around, and if April 1st is a real date for ordering these weathered 1/48s...then I'll go for it. The second I sniff that a weathered 1/48 VF-1A Hikaru...then I'm selling all my shizznit. Yamato's business practice is almost like Apple...Don't let the fans/public know until it's time...keep 'em in suspense and shove whatever in their pockets, and fans will sure to buy no matter what.
  4. So you any of you guys gonna pick up BT-21 and BT-22? I've preordered BT-19 and 20...I'm a bit disappointed though of Takara using the same molds with a different paint scheme. I thought I was in the clear and was proud of my BT collection after BT-16. Next thing I know, there was the BT-17...then BT-18....WTH? Now I'm just buying to collect these suckers. I'm not even gonna open them. Sheeesh.
  5. So is there 25 episodes for this first season? Or something to that extent? The second season completes the show with 25 more? Man, where's Strike Freedom ZGMF X20A when you need it! I think I'm buying the 1/60 Bandai DX figure of Exia, I'm starting to like it, minus the tiny feet....it looks more like a woman's armor system. Well anyhow, Sumeragi Lee Noriega is still hot! Heh heh.
  6. Hey thanks Miriya. If this weathered will be the only version to pop up...then I'll probably get it. But who knows...Yamato may release weathered versions of all 1/48s.
  7. Great work GhostKiller. I've tweaked the colors a bit to bring out the white, some slight noise reduction, and tone down the yellow. I'm sure the photos don't do justice on your VF-1S, but hopefully this version will show more of it's colors.
  8. hey guys, for those of you with these appleseed figures, can you do some radical poses and take photos if possible? thanks for showing them off!
  9. heh heh heh...just saw eps 22...looks like the freedom's legacy of showing off speed lives on, on this show! dang! all hail the GN Drives!
  10. Man, they better have lots of boobage on this game.
  11. Wow, finally! Right on! This will go perfect with the 1/24 figures and Binaltechs!
  12. well, **it...i just pre-ordered a yf-21 from LAF. damn, and i just finished paying the card too. also new Binaltechs are out too...out of topic, but i had to throw that out to you guys. damn too bad yamatizzy won't sell those stands to accommodate 1/48s.
  13. those look like Titanium line figures...jetfire, optimus, megs etc.
  14. I like the Mustang's front. I still think that Ford should go over the rear end for a bit more revision and streamlining. I'd always like the KITT car, the talking car capable of blistering speed and bullet proof technology. I remember as a kid, if I can have a talking car, that's as close as I'll get to a transformer. The movie/show was a little bland. They should have made the music and cut transition like 24/lost/Bullit ... that would be cool.
  15. Hey wat-up fellas! So uh, I'm assuming that the 1/48 25th Annv VF-1S will be the last 1/48 to be created by Yamato?...until the 50th, 100th and so on? What do you guys think? Lastly, has anyone modified a fast pack with flat black with gold trimmings for the 25th Annv VF-1S?
  16. Yeah, well alright....how about the fascination with teens piloting these gundams and evas and all other mechs. At that age the "brat" aspect will always be present. Wow, Seed is that horrible to some of you huh?
  17. Hey Guys and Gals! I've been watching the 00 episodes and I was wondering if you guys can provide some insights on some inquiries. Are the Meisters pilots as good as Kira, Shinn or Amuro? All four of them got worked on eps 15. Was Gundam Seed Destiny too unrealistic? I get excited when new armored suits are introduced. For me, I still consider the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam with Kira as pilot to be the strongest suit. What do you guys think?
  18. yeah, those acrylic display stands look pretty cool. imma have to pick up a bunch of them. how many do you guys own? are they worth it, better than the yamato stand?
  19. Speaking of the "dark team" I have a 1/48 stealth too and a 1/48 anniv. I have the SV-51 also, but it's at 1/60 scale. I now hope that Yamato will release a 1/60 stealth and a 1/60 25th Anniversary to couple the VF-25 that'll be coming out from Macross F.
  20. UN Spacy, Heh heh, I missed your comment there...I'm surprised you've noticed Teagan's photo. I keep seeing these hot asian women avatars, so why not one of my farovites!
  21. Ah, speaking of vodka, we were saving a Robert Cavalli vodka I bought for New Years but never got to it. We saved it just in case the San Diego Chargers get to the Super Bowl. So that didn't happen, and I popped that baby open...definitely smoother than Grey Goose and has very little after taste...very good to those just starting out with Vodka, but a bit expensive. But anyway, SALUD! (as I stare up at my YF-19!)
  22. heh heh, finally...the board is doing what it's suppose to do...help each other out. then again, a little complaint or rant is needed...just look at it as if we were all counselors...counseling each other. lastly, for a $230 USD...i still believe that the packaging for the $180+ USD valkyrie collectibles "sucks" compared to the MP line and SOG line.
  23. A VF-1D would sure be nice ... I'd definitely buy that for sure VE-1 & VT-1 too. Yeah-yeaaaah!
  24. do not disturb, ok ok, sounds good, LOL. thank you for the slap of reality check. i'm gonna give it a week and see how i feel next Thursday or Friday. i'll be playing fiddling with this VF-1 evey day just to suck it all in. and with the new 1/60 coming out ... man this is crazy!
  25. My VF-1 arrived yesterday. I was skeptical at first. I cancelled a previous order with multiple valkyries. My coworkers and I sat down and observed for quite some time. After half an hour of chatting about planes in general...I decided to take a couple of shots. I started to like it. Now I'm even thinking about getting two more...here's a pic. Arthurius, I'll take a shot this evening at home with the armor installed.
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