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  1. Hey promethuem5, excellent work on the weathering. Thanks for sharing. Great to see some ZMDC tht's been fixed up for inspiration. Did you use a different black body suit with the HT slim version body? How long did it take you to complete this project? Do you have a matte coating on it? I'm glad you posted. I have one too as a back burner project, along with my Solid Snake. I'm bummed that Takara, Medicom, Hot Toys nor Sideshow has come up with a young Solid Snake; who I think was best because that 1997 game blew everyone's imagination. I became a fan back then, and still waiting for that 12" figure. Here's a couple of my back burner projects:
  2. Hey ikihii, great job man! Are you also going to do the VF-0S? Also, a question for the you peeps in the know...do you guys think Yamato, Bandai or Hasagawa will ever create the U.N. Spacy F-14 KAI at 1/60 scale? If not a model kit, a fine mold will do too with detachable weapons, movable wings and landing gears? The Century Wings 1/72 scale F-14 is just too small next to these 1/60 macross fighters.
  3. Hey Gang! Here's a photo break from the posts. I just finished the robot part of a PG Zeta, and working on the wiring of lights. To the left is a DX Exia. No priming or any colors...still a blank canvas for these two.
  4. That's why we buy them right? Cuz they're fun and reminds us of old childhood memories. And we become suckers when it comes to these limited releases. Sometimes one can see within these posts that the hobby is becoming more of a competition to see who has more stuff; deeper pockets win. The fun is disappearing.
  5. Oh my goodness! I'm not sold seeing the photos. Is there a way to bring the price down under $700 USD or somewhere around 60000 yen? As for details in ratio of the $2,300 price tag, I don't think it's detailed enough and lacking gimmicks as I've mentioned on the previous thread. I'm actually about to spend $2,300 today, on my wife and my car's new set of tires, 2nd & 3rd mortgage and HOA fees. I feel bad selling my Matchbox SDF-1. Congrats to those who got it. If you guys can, please take well lit shots; use natural lighting.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about buying this for my PG RX-78-2...I'll make it fit somehow...but wasn't there an early post about this base being sold at a high price? It's not to be resold right? http://cgi.ebay.com/BANDAI-1-60-PG-GUNDAM-...=item53dee669cc
  7. Hi, was the packing box damaged also? If yes, was it FEDex, UPS or USPS that delivered? I highly suggest contacting HLJ and providing photos of the evidence. And I hope all goes well with your transactions. For future reference, since digital cameras are now able to shoot videos, try shooting video of your packages before and while you open them. If you spot any damages you can always have photos and videos handy. But if all are well, you can delete the videos so you don't have to worry about file saving and spaces on your hard drive. I have not had any problems yet with packaging with HLJ. I do notice dings and torn edges on the actual shipping boxes. Most of the time it's due to shipping...or some lazy employee from UPS, FEDEX or USPS, mishandling the package. Sorry to our fellow couriers, but damn, do pay attention, and stop f****ing around even if you're in graveyard shift. Good luck and I do hope all goes well!
  8. I've completed my 1/48s. All I wanted was the VF-1A Hikaru, VF-1S Fokker, VF-1A Max and the VF-1A Kakizaki (or brown for Ben Dixon) cuz I grew up with R*****ch. Then I sold them all and just kept the VF-1S Hikaru.
  9. hah hah! i remember my mom buying me the $149.99 sega master game system. R-Type was one of my favorite games, and my friends too. he and i would play this game and try to beat it without dying. he beat the game before i did, but eventually I was able to take down the Bydo fools. 1 life baby! Go R-9A!
  10. Got mine from HLJ this afternoon. It's still in the box of course. Too busy this weekend to check it out, but the stand, as the photo shows, comes in a that separate box. This initial production print has a form that we can send back to HLJ to get the "special" clear parts from Bandai. Awesome to see the GN drives actually spin. Very nice! I really like the box artwork on this one. I'm interested to see the inner details now that you guys are talking about "it" being less intricate than the previous PGs.
  11. Hey Pete, This is what I am looking and hoping that Bandai will add for their future PGs. This is a quick photochopping of the torso. The Bandai PG EVA had this feature, and it works pretty good.
  12. I've purchased all Bandai PGs , they are very pose able...but I've yet to see mobility on the torso area for the ultimate posing feature. I don't see any on this 00. I've already pre ordered it. I'm in the process of actually modifying my PG RX-78 to be able to this feature, but the core fighter will have to be eliminated. I've noticed that a lot of gundam designs for space requires a lot of back pack accessories, especially G-System designs. But hey, this is still a great looking model, the 00. I have the DX 1/60 kit posing on top of my G5, I've started to like it. I'm hoping to post the full armored VF-25S with the 00 and the RX-78 with a VF-1.
  13. We're watching it Thanksgiving...and we're gonna like it...cuz there's just not enough ninja movies out there! Just like that Jet Li movie with Mya? I forget...martial artist helps female fight bad guys....but still cool!
  14. Yeah, BBTS has a sample pic. That guys is currently $199.99 but notes that the price may come down as the final product comes to completion. The head sculpt is bad ass.
  15. I have a feeling that Yams is gonna lower the price to $1500 USD. And some of us suckas are gonna buy some! Heh.
  16. How about we chip in some money, all together and get one...and recast? LOL. Oh my goodness, $2,300+ USD!!! My wife said yes...but now definitely no. And I even said "no" to myself. I think this is just Yamato throwing up prices to get reactions of collectors and fans. They'll probably lower the price on the day of release. Weak sauce man. I'd rather spend the $400 on a 1/60 G-System resin kit or conversion kit.
  17. Eh, never was able to afford the $50 USD Valkyries when they came out and the $1K versions on ebay or from collectors. The $180+ for a valkyrie with cheap packaging is a bit steep. The Bandai DX 1/60 packaging has better packaging than the Yamato 1/60; artwork wise. I say if you're not an avid collector, avoid buying just for the sake of collecting valkyries you will not appreciate. For me, I think I've always been a VF-1 fan because of Ro*****h. Don't fall for the exclusive or repaint gimmicks, it'll lead to ranting and questioning your purchases.
  18. I know what you mean. I got mine back in 2003 and I've only created the arms. I've started the legs, but I still have problems finding the time to complete the model kit. I've also taken a look at the G-System conversion kit for the Zeta. It's pretty badass, but it's standing pose look awkward.
  19. Hello Promethuems5! Excellent collection! When you find the time, do you mind please taking a size comparison photo of Skylynx in 4-leg mode next to a 1/60 valkyrie? Thank you. I was 10 years old when Skylynx came out but I'm from a poor fam...but now I see it at an affordable $65 USD tag. I'm thinking about getting it. - Jason
  20. 12" Female Action Figures and Carne Asada Burritos, no guac nor sour creme, just the pico and meat! The first can be expensive when kit bashing and the latter, totally in ruins my cholesterol and blood pressure level...but it's damn good!
  21. hah hah hah...i see what the fool sees on the sdf-1. i think his friend's never it transform; he's got no idea of the sdf-1. oh well, pretty funny. so les say i purchase through HLJ...do you guys think shipping will be around $100 USD for this item via SAL? man, imagine EMS to USA, California.
  22. Sup ya'll! So it's a guess that this thing is about $500? So far size, color and shape details are in the wish list. Would you all agree with me that for $500, there better be a lot of f**king gimmicks on this thing. At least LED lights, lights in the city inside it to be seen through removable panels. LED lights on the main canons, tip of canons...and lights in the boosters! If possible how about some grumbling sounds of it taking off? LED flashing? The stand better be multi-directional instead of one fixed position. For $500+ U.S. dollars! There better be a lot of gimmicks! AND! AND! The packaging better be good. Yamato, listen up, if you're selling this thing for more than $500, this collector's item better come in a really nice packaging. None of the cheezy photochop styled-filters with beveled gold text and multi colored-paneled, flimsy boxes with shinny gloss aqueous coating on 80 lb stock...WTF! And if Yamato is gonna go cheap, corrugated boxes laminated with matte stock and some foiling, if not foiling, some spot varnishing. As I've mentioned before, the MP-01 and MP-04 boxes are really nice for something so simple...they're hefty, they feel solid, they look great, and they feel like they're worth the $285 USD. Forget the see through-five panel boxes. No one displays their boxes anyway with the flap open, they're too big! Take the Hasbro 1/6 SDCC Baroness packaging as an example, very nice too (minus the cheap-a$$ figure). Lastly, the packaging does not need to be the size of a dog house. I'm not sure why so much plastic and huge box size are used on the 1/48 valkyries. The 1/48 can fit inside the 1/60 boxes...heck, you can even make the boxes small and lesses the plastic trays. That's all I'm saying, sh*t...blood boiling. Imma finish this vodka and cranberry juice before going to bed. For $500+ USD, this s**t better the ultimate masterpiece. I wanna walk in my room, living room or kitchen, or where ever this is posed, and say, "h*ly ***k, now that's one bad a$$ action figure." I want my friends to walk in my house and see this thing like some boxer knocked out a fool, friends with their knuckles next to their mouths jumping up and down yelling, "ooooooh, oooooooh, oooooooh"....Like their car just got pimped by Xzibit. I've told my wife about this figure once the thread started. So far she's good with it, but that was months ago...we'll see how she feels spring or summer of 2010. Peace!
  23. Hi Excillon, For the parts, of course the base body is the perfect grade RX-78-2, and I purchased weapons parts 1 & 2. I was able to score on eBay back in 1999 a B-Club 1/60 FA-78-1 conversion kit; I think it was based on the plastic version created by Bandai. www.hobbyfan.com used to sell it and with a bunch of other conversion kits. I also got the Bandai 1/60 FA-78-1 model kit for specific parts and the twin-barrel canons. Now it's just a matter of me putting them together. I'm in the hunt of specific parts for connecting the twin canons on the arms and back pack. I hope this helps. The Bandai model kit... This is how the FA-78-1 is suppose to look like...the FIX is the best rendition so far.
  24. Thanks for asking Excillon! Heh heh, it's my PG RX-78-2 that I started back in 1999. LOL. I just haven't found time to work on it. It's been converted to the (Full Armor) FA-78-1...but tweaked a bit. See photo below. The two shoulder back canons were not installed when the photo was taken. But soon...I hope to get back on it, paint and weather etc. So it's equipped with twin dual-barrel beam canons on each arm, two shoulder shell-canons on the back, two bazzokas and the beam rilfe & beam sabre.
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