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  1. grenade box protector? how about: gear body protection? ground-combat protector weapon system? too bulky for space, but rick hunter did fly it when he encountered the companies in the east tend to make direct translations of their words from equivalent english words...does that make sense? anyone here read japanese? has anyone checked out Shoji Kawamori's Macross Design Works Pg. 38 ... the VF-1J Armored Valkyrie sketches with the GBP armor. ...and how about this one hotshots... G.U.N.D.A.M. ?
  2. As a fan of Macross/Robotech, I think I am mostly intrigued by the technology and the mixture of alien life forms etc. As a kid seeing that valkyrie in Robotech reminded me of my favorite F-14A Tomcat by Grumman. I'm not sure if it's pure accident or if Shoji Kawamori was heavily influenced by the Tomcat's design, but it was very thoughtful of Kawamori to show-off the Tomcat in Macross Zero. And in the context of collecting valkyries to make money in the future, more power to those who can afford fifty-plus yamato valkryies. But the future is a gray void. I am not knocking anybody down, but take a look at the VF-1S Takatoku gift set (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=36568&item=5925848075&rd=1). Back in 1998, the piece sold for $1400 ... then came Toynami with the Masterpiece Collections ... and then came Yamato 1/48 scaled valkyries (bigger, better etc.) Bandai will probably put out some Perfect Grade VF-1 GBP set...just as a guess, but who knows. There are some collectors who play a big part in the consumer world, off-balancing other fans' opportunities in acquiring some figures. These are the collectors who buy numerous prints in hopes of reselling them for a profit. But what about peeps who can't afford to readily buy these valkyries ... they end up buying marked-up prices ... and are scolded for doing so ... it's not their fault. If you really want to make money from these valkyries, go commission an artist or a company (G-System?) to create an all die-cast version ... and maybe, 100 hundred years from now, it'll be worth something in wallstreet-ebay.com? Hah. With "competition driving quality," your best bet is to modifying or make your own valkyrie. So in the end, I'd say just stick to buying two of every valkyrie that comes out, LOL. One for the vault, and one to open....and don't hog the market by buying 40+ Low Viz valkryies! By the way, the F-14 will be decommissioned soon and be replaced by the F-18. Also, if you guys get a chance, check out the program in KPBS about the Joint Strike Fighter selection...which pretty much is like Macross Plus (minus the love story)....Boeing's X-32 versus Lockheed Martin's X-35!
  3. F14Tomcat, You should start your bid as low as possible, people who want them will bid on your items. Not sure if this is old news, but www.hlj.com is restocking VF-1S Roy Focker 1/48 valkyrie for December 2004. --- Does anyone have a 1/48 Low Viz for sale?
  4. connor99, yeah, i saw that low viz for $300 with buy it now. has anyone of you bought from that seller? the item has been opened and displayed. in my mind i was thinking, that thing must reek of smoke...heh heh...not to put him down or anything. but the search goes on, i had my friend from japan bid on a low viz on ebay.japan...those things sell like gold! is chibitokyo.com still selling vf-1s? i don't see it on thier site. tisinc99.com has a low viz for $389! (cough!) is anyone planning to make a purchase like that? or have made a purchase at that price for a 1/48? ... let me know about your justified decision.
  5. forget it guys...leave this one be...it ain't worth it. you can better customize your own. plus, the black color on that plastic sucks. low viz is much better. (uh, anyone has one for sale?) if they were to make a HOLY GRAIL of all 1/48 valkyries, then full treatment should be given to a complete package ... all die-cast, with complimentary Fast packs...and the GBP armor....and with a heavy duty stand....and specs/schematic...a poster even!... what do you guys think.
  6. dang hurin! you done did it boey! i think once you posted that link to chibitokyo for VF-1S...peeps just donged on that like there was no tomorrow! but thank you! wheeooo, i got one just in time. all i need now is a LOW VIS VF-1A. heh heh.
  7. Hey Hurin, Thanks for the link to https://www.chibitokyo.com The VF-1S (1st Edtn.) was the first 1/48 I bought...and applied the fast packs on...and broke the BP8 hinge...sheesh. I've been trying to find VF-1S all over the internet, but they sell from $250 to $275. I tried posting some messages if other peeps were able to make recast...but, no replies. Yamato should make that part metal, or strong plastic...what are they thinking! Dont' transform your valkyries with the fastpacks on! Any of you guys know if 1/48 GBP armor is on the way? How about 1/48 Thunder Hummer armors? Any of you guys heard of G-System from Hong Kong? Booyah!
  8. Hi Guys, I've never thought that so many other collectors are facing broken parts on their valkyries, especially the booster joint BP8. The first time I installed the booster armor, and during that first time transforming the VF-1S with all the armor on...the joint broke. This is a definite lesson for me...I'm usually very good in transforming these valkyries. I was thinking of buying another valkyrie, but can't find any VF-1S 1st issue anywhere. Then I found this forum. I would like to know if the BP8 recasts are still being sold. Please let me know. My email address is jreyes@teamvariance.com I've attached some pics of my woes. Hopefully I'm not cluttering this section with this old topic...let me know when you guys get a chance. Thanks!
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