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  1. Hey TransFan52, Great shots! I got my RX-78-2 also a couple of weeks ago. It looks great and highly detailed. I was hoping that it could be more poseable like the 1/100 kits...but I think it's great especially with the G-Fighter. I was planning to use the 1st 1/100 RX-78 kit to match the Zeong, but this Ka version work out pretty well. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hey EXO, that would be interesting indeed. The 1/3000 scale takatokus were neat, what do you think of a 1/2000 version? That'd be close to 23.8" or 24" in length in battle cruiser mode. Shweeet!
  3. I usually get this also from the wifey..."what ever makes you happy, it's your money". I just saw the finished auction, $585! Damn! For that much, you can get a decent Iwata air brush and compressor and paint for less than $300 and make your own weathered valkyrie. I want to be a completist too, but things come up...AND these retarded limited editions mess up the flow of collecting. I've given up. I'd say get it and forget about getting 2 or 3 of each valkyrie...sell the extras and cover the price for these special limited ones.
  4. Right on GhostRyder, great setup...that's the setup that I want to do with my VF-1S Hikaru and a stealth strike pack. This setup is as close as I'll ever get to a 1984 1/55 VF-1S Bandai Strike Valkyrie.
  5. excellent job on your 1/48 collection vegas.
  6. dang, did you get the credit card black valkyrie also? i'd like to complete my 1/48 collection too but these weathered versions are messing up my plan.
  7. now i've only transformed mine 3 times to a battroid and back to a plane with all armor missles attached. the gunpod though will not stick on the arm pins. whack! ... but over all nothing is broken.
  8. hey guys, any of you thought about putting a 1/48 F-19 as a stealth drone on top of an 1/48 F-14 model kit? i've been thinking about it...what do you guys think?
  9. hey wasn't the fast pacs on the vf-1s flown by hikaru on dyrl had colors closer to dark gray to black...and not bluish? man, i remember seeing something back when i was 8 or 9...it was the 1/55 vf-1s...i was sold after seeing the artwork on the bandai box. man it sucks...i was planning to complete my 1/48 scales too. i couldn't get a VF-1S Roy weathered valkyrie...now these two. i think i've already given up. i'll probably sell my 1/48s soon...hard to keep up the collection especially with limited ones availabe only in Japan. i'll probably keep the VF-1S Hikaru with the stealth fast pack...just because it reminds me of the artwork on the 1984 Bandai box; closest setup i can make compared to the original 1/55. SAVE, if you are gonna make miracles...include me too for both 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru and TV Max...long shot, but i thought i'd ask anyway.
  10. I've only told my wife once the price of a 1/48 valkyrie with the GBP armor...and that's after she accidentally bumped one of our book case while doing laundry. The valkyrie fell and she felt really bad...so I told her the price, LOL. I think she felt bad. Heh, ok...maybe that was a **ck move...but she says its all good, "it's your money". I picked up mountain biking and road riding almost two years ago. And I think I've spent more on the bikes within that time than the buying of figures withing the last 8 years. It's really hard to keep up with these two current hobbies. I'm slowing down with the Yamato stuff...and a bit disappointed too that I didn't finish my 1/48 collection with just two to go...but with the possibility of a weathered VF-1S Hikaru, my thoughts plans may change to continue with the 1/48s. So that part-time job may not be a bad idea! Heh heh.
  11. Yeah man, I'm interested in knowing the height too. On the left side of that pic says 19 cm, so about 7.5" inches. For $80-$100, they better give this thing like actual working LED lights, removable pilot and poseability like the SDF series 2 Mk IV, http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/galle...-5/P4264898.jpg
  12. I would say the 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru's Red Stripe version with the dark gray fast packs that took down the Zentradi's main ship in dyrl.
  13. Do you guys know the final height of the upcoming 1/100 GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk-II ? On the cartoon show, its said to be 40.1 meters. The Zeong with legs is 30 meters. Standing at 1/100 scale, it tops at 14.25" inches. So at 1/100 scale, will the new Psycho Gundam Mk-II stand at 19" inches? ... cuz that would be ***king sick! I just found this site with some pics...it looks pretty big: http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2008/06/gff...ndam-mk-ii.html What do you guys think?
  14. Is the VF-4 the fastest valkyrie minus the fold fast pack?
  15. sooooo.... VT-1 and VE-1 definitely on the works, right? right? ah geeez, i have butterflies on my stomach.
  16. i was first introduced to robotech before finding out macross. yep, i mentioned robotech on this site before when i first signed up as a member, and was almost stoned to death. so i switched to being a lurker and kept my mouth shut. why not check out www.robotech.com ... they'll sure to have plenty of info you're looking for.
  17. i am confilicted. i'd like to get the 1/60 vf-1s to check it out. but i'd really like to get the ve and vt and the 1d. i have two more 1/48s and i will complete my 1/48 collection...minus the black credit card valkyrie. i hope the joints are tight on the 1/60s...cuz super glue sucks...and it stinks. too bad we have HOA fees...i'd use that to get a new valkyrie and SOC figure every month.
  18. Sorry, my response double posted, and so I modified this version. I'd say stick with the VF-1J...but personally, I'd go VF-1S second.
  19. Hmm, goog question. I am thinking about my Hikaru VF-1S on the normal GBP armor. I've also acquired the "black/grey" stealth armor. It's as close as I can get to a Bandai Strike Valkyrie look via color scheme from the 1/55 scale version. What do you guys think?
  20. yah, i started to get that feel of "cosplay" looking at these photos. they need to dirty up, suits and weapons need to be weathered. remember street fighter with van damn-that-guy? they all looked so clean. the baroness had thicker rims for glasses. and they need to get her some lipstick, red! hot rod red!
  21. man, i should have saved a link to an auction of a 1/48 weathered vf-1s focker...there was 40 minutes left, and i left work. i saw the bid was up to $505 USD. craziness! did anyone see the end of that auction? here's another: http://cgi.ebay.com/Yamato-Macross-VF-1S-1...1QQcmdZViewItem wow! surpassing even the 1/48 Low Viz ver 1. people are actually paying this much? sheeeesh!
  22. been looking through this thread and a question came up. do you guys think that the mecha designer(s) and engineers already have the toy in mind once the fighter is established in the beginning? is the artistic form trimmed down a bit due to engineering limitations because marketing has toys in mind? do we have a thread where members can share their valkyrie designs illustrations?
  23. hmm, still haven't completed my 1/48...still need the angle bird and kakizaki. 1/55s bandai remake vf-1a cf vf-1s fp vf-1a hikaru vf-1s hikaru 1/48s vf-1a cf vf-1a hikaru vf-1s hikaru vf-1s fokker vf-1j stealth vf-1j fp vf-1j vf-1j max vf-1j millia vf-1a max 1/60s vf-0s with drone sv-51 iv yf-19 isamu yf-21 coming soon you guys gotta lot of freakin' valkyries! sheesh!
  24. doodler7

    Thunder Hammer

    Well the feeling is almost like the GBP-1 armor's release. Also, the fact that acquiring this mod is almost impossible. Once peeps start coming out with color schemes on their 1/48s...this thread will pick up again.
  25. Well damn it, I'm gonna get one just for the heck of it; 1/60 scale VF-1S next to the 1/60 VF-0S and my 1/60 PG RX-78 Gundam! Gundamnmit! The price is a little too high, but oh well...that's Macross for you! Time to collaborate and buy one of those plastic model making machines and create our own valkyries!
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