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  1. So can what if we want to donate old toys, will it be illegal?
  2. Pretty badass. I've never heard of GenoCyber. I gotta check out that link YellowLightman. Where do you guys think the planes land and take off? There seem to be gaps for each deck; maybe the planes are transferred from one deck to another from the lower deck? I recently visited the USS Midway in San Diego. The carrier is pretty cool, it's huge! That GenoCyber carrier is like 4 carriers in one. I use to draw awesome ships with stick figures back in grade school. Heh, thanks for sharing.
  3. Heh heh, yeah, to cover its back side cuz it's so big...it takes forever to turn around and make that 180 turn. Or, haven't you guys figured it out yet? All four gundams in Trans-Am mode plus the 00 Raiser will Trans-Form in one big gestalt !!! Heh heh, oh come on...that would be a funny twist. Then all the fans will be like, "oh wtf?"
  4. just saw s2 ep13 for the third time, and twice for ep12. this show needs more of these types of episodes, more action and less whining and crying, and all that redundant self reflection stuff. i'm guessing bandai will release a 1/60 DX version of the 00 raiser ... and i just bought the 1/60 exia. bandai did this last time with the freedom gundam, and then next thing you know comes the strike freedom. do you guys think the strike freedom gundam is a better fighting machine than the gundam 00 raiser?...and is the RX-93 Nu the strongest machine out of all gundams? what do you guys think? i'd like to get one of these in 1/60 form to go along with the OG RX-78 as a dedication to gundam.
  5. That's freaking siiiiiiiick! If I had the dough, I'd ask for a Metroplex and Trypticon customs!
  6. Yep, you know growing up in another country where Robotech was shown during the 80s, and then moving to the States, and seeing it on the Spanish Channels and late Cartoon Network do bring back a lot of memories. For some of us, we were able to discover and appreciate Macross a whole lot more because of Robotech. I was actually bummed-out that Toynami did not release a Ben Dixon bust...so I ended up selling Roy, Rick and Max. Thanks to Robotech, Yamato's earned well over several thousand USD from my account. Man, I mentioned the word, Robotech, four times on this reply...please no rock throwing.
  7. Yeah, after seeing these things ... during my college years I've thought about creating these figures that you can update and add armor later on with future releases. Props for the 1980s Centurions influence, Max Ray, being my first action figure...stolen from me while still at the mall. Well anyway, it will be interesting and partly exciting to see how Yamato market these and see if a show will be made out of it. Yamato, do you need mecha toy designers or concept artists? Let me know what I need to show to get contracted artwork for you. Heh.
  8. Yah. I'm a bit disappointed that they're stopping the 1/24 scale BTs at BT-23 and continuing on with the Alternity 1/32 scales. But you'll never know, BT-18 was suppose to be the last one and then suddenly 19 thru 23 came out. I'd like for Takatomy to continue the 1/24 BT line, and I think I am saying this because the BTs are the only Transformer toys that I was able to completely collect each official release. Do the KISS versions count as BTs?
  9. I had to carefully rethink my choice...which took about a few seconds...I voted for the SV-51. I have not purchased a 1/60 yet. I think the SV-51 had won my vote, in design, transformation and looks. I've only purchased the Ivanov version...the right leg broke on me while twisting... the inside just snapped during a very careful transformation. Sucks. But yah! SV-51 for me, though I have most 1/48 VF-1 valkryies.
  10. Wait, are you guys sure that those two photos compared are in scale? I think the RX-78 ver. Ka is scaled down a bit. The 1/100 scale is around 7". That Zeta on the stand is gotta be around 14" tall!
  11. I say keep the toys as toys...no more than 12" to 14".... something that can be held and played with...and most importantly...to be an action figure, the item must be totally poseable. I say come up with better joint system that will help hold and support limbs...and stay tight. I think size does not matter. (that's what she said) Perfect grade gundams are great and so are the DX toys. I would sacrafice screen accuracy for excellent poses. As a kid I was intrigued by the the 80s Centurions...the armor idea. I was just blow away by the 1/48 GBPS and fast packs. And now I am totally enjoying the Jin Roh 12" figures with their poseability and accessories! One can sit down with these yamato toys and spend hours tinkering and posing.
  12. yep, saw it last night too at a wal-mart. the truck is light red...as if the red paint they used were a cheap red. but if you look in the back of the packaging, the photos shown has the color scheme of the G1 model...red is red with the blue and the trailer is gray. wth? isn't that false advertising? is hasbro aiming for the soccer moms and busy dads, and hoping that they would just pick it up for their kids without looking? of course our kids can care less. but the kid that matters is me!...and you!
  13. Man! I just bought my Hot Toys action figure...this means that they're coming out with another 1/6 action figure! wtf? They'll never match the original Robocop's "rawness". Just like any marketing, money making machine...always recycling promotions, milking it, milking 'em and squeezing every dollar's worth out of great ideas that worked...showing us these sucky ass unqualified execs and writers/producers who are "hollywood." They need to remake Stepford Wives again with lots and lots of girls, girls and girls...cuz sex sells...with a lesbian theme kinda thing going.
  14. I'm posting the DX photos on my workstation's desktop background...so I can stare at them...and hopefully convince myself to buy during these tough times. I'm in the verge of relinquishing my 1/48 scales for the dough, but it looks like a lot of peeps are dumping their collection to pay for necessities at home. Sucky times. Knowing how the show ended, I'll settle for an Alto valkyrie cuz he sniped that bitch. Same thing with Hikaru in DYRL when he unloaded on that green mofo with his VF-1S. I think both Yamato and Bandai's got the resources & talent to produce excellent products...and they've been doing a great jobs with these valkyries (minus the weak materials used on certain places of each toy). But I think for the coming years, Yamato or Bandai should focus on the posability of a figure at a 1/60 or 1/48 scale...and for the figure to stand by itself with fast packs!...and not fall down each time I bump the desk with my legs.
  15. You know growing up...I'd always thought Helen Hunt would make a cool Lisa Hayes. So do you guys think this movie will be showing off F-14s before being turned into valkyries? I think a bunch of engineers will be involved and will be streamlining the designs; probably say that the fast packs are too bulky and too heavy...or some s**t like that. Oh yeah, how about Katy Perry as Lynn Minmay? LOL. That would be cool, yah? No? Oh well, check out this live performance:
  16. So uh, these 1/32 scale Alternity cars will be replacing the Binaltechs? If yes, will the first one to be released a BT-23?
  17. I keep watching this 1/48 scale F-14 on ebay, it's a Hasegawa kit already built for $250 USD. That model kit you have there looks like it's a 1/35 or 1/32 scale...because it's way too big compared to a 1/48. A 1/48 f-14 is about 15 inches in length from nose tip to end of booster. Still, great collection!
  18. Thanks T0t0r0. I will get me some Zap A Gap tomorrow and try it. I have got some $.99 usd super glue but I don't think they're thick enough like ZAG.
  19. Well damn. Just woke up this morning and found my 1/48 armored valkyrie wrecked on my table. One of the prongs on the stand gave away. I've tightened it as much as possible, but I've stripped one by putting too much tourqe. Maybe I just got a bad batch. I have a 6" and 2" version still yet to be opened.
  20. Hi Guys, I got the first generation of the clear 3 prong stand. The photo attached is a 4" version. I've never trusted the smoothness of the ball joint. So tonight I figured I'd share a tip. Some of you may have great ideas, so please share them if you can. I've taken an eraser and cut thin slabs. The first test cut is about 1.5mm in thickness. I then take the washers and use them like cookie cutters. 3mm thickness seem to work just fine. It's no guaranteed that the stands will be firmly secured, but the extra friction from the eraser tabs do help a lot. Take the cut out tabs and place them in the center of the washer and then install the prongs etc. I hope this helps.
  21. Heck yah! Especially if when damn figures are well over $200 USD!
  22. Do you guys know if fast packs will be included on the first releases?
  23. Yah...Danny...not sure if he's still at it full time, but he was admin for web for amazon and microsoft for a bit making the big bucks. I found him through searches for perfect grade gundams. He's come a long way from having a simple to full blow website that can be viewed in several languages...and he's really good in making stylish shoes!
  24. Hmmm, lotsa Macross Frontier toys...so do you guys think that Yamato will release an MF version of the VB-6 Konig Monster? I'm noticing a lot of talks about 1/100 scale toys.
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