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  1. The stickers on these kits are the most fragile, difficult to apply and sensitive to finger grease stickers I have ever encountered. I gave up on the stickers on 3 different kits before getting the hang of it. Now that I have gotten the hang of it, I just finished the Sv-262 Ba and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Getting some of the stickers to conform to the curved shapes of the parts was a real chore. There's almost exactly 100 stickers on this kit. It'd be many more if I'd done all of the little markings.
  2. I'm not sure that's actually possible. My Figurise Fumina is considerably larger than my HG Fumina. Like 1/6 scale vs 1/10 scale.
  3. Sweet! I didn't realize these were out. I've favorited both for future transformation attempts.
  4. I finally got around to my second transformation of my Draken. The first try, using only the instruction manual, was pretty stressful and confusing, compared to the Arcadia and VF-25 valks I have. For my second try, I used Wotafa's excellent video as my guide and it was SO MUCH easier. It took about half the time of my first try, and I found like eight steps I had been doing wrong. I didn't realize until I was almost done that he had subtitles in English, but that didn't matter because the video itself was really clear on what to do. I really love the SV-262 design, and now I don't mind transforming it as much.
  5. Bandai's model kits have ultra-precise fits, and I was always curious why the DX Chogokin stuff was so much less precise.
  6. Now that the DX Chogokin SV-262 is out, does that just use the same DX standing and DX banking adaptors that are already on the site?
  7. Got mine in the mail right before work today. It was painful to open it up, knowing I would only have a second to check it out, and no time to transform it. First impressions are good, no tampo issues on mine (glad I saw that in the thread AFTER I opened mine). The gold is a lot more orange than I was expecting, and that might be because I got used to the 1/72 kit colors first. I can't wait to get home and transform mine. Only 10 hours to go.
  8. I'm really impressed that I got my payment request from Ami Ami today. Since the DX Chogokin line usually sells out so fast, I was absolutely convinced that preorders remaining open long enough for me to get one was an error, and that my order would get cancelled due to low stock. Does anybody know if Bandai made a bunch more of these than usual, or if they're surprisingly unpopular? They certainly seem popular enough in this thread.
  9. Just preordered one. I haven't been able to get in on a preorder before they sell out since the first wave of Frontier valks, so I really hope this isn't an error on the part of Ami Ami.
  10. Along those lines, I'd love to see a comparison between the Arcadia 19 and the Yamato 19, since I don't have the older one.
  11. I don't know if this is fair. Not everybody is having problems with theirs. Mine has been almost problem-free and perfect. The tail-fins don't sit as flat as I'd like, but it's so minor that if I was writing a review I'd leave that out.
  12. Has anybody else noticed that the stickers say "NEWEDWARS T.F.C." instead of "NEW EDWARDS T.F.C."? Looking at Graham's old review of the V2, I just noticed its stickers had the same mistake too.
  13. I haven't really chimed in on the thread much, but I figured I'd speak up to say that I'm completely satisfied with my YF-19. It's only my 6th big Valkyrie (3 previous Yamatos and two Bandais), but it's by far my new favorite. Mine has no major defects, it was easier to transform than I expected, and it looks absolutely great.
  14. This is so wonderful looking. I would love one of these for my new YF-19... and ones for my old VF-1S, VF-1J, VF-0S, etc.
  15. Hobby Search notified me mine's in stock and took my money. I should have mine by next week, yay!
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