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  1. I don't know but there seems to be a trend where ppl stops caring about those limited and exclusive items anymore. Yamato's producing so many weathering exclusives that we barely pay any attention to them anymore. I've always wanted 1/60 v2 weathering but seeing that they are overpriced, I would not get one.
  2. I did hear that YF-19 Fold Booster is the only fault-free one other than the 25th Anniversary Version. Is YF-19 rerelease also fault-free as well?
  3. Pretty sure that the 300 limited crap is all BS. I think they will not release Max again, (due to having stated "limited~"). However, they sure will release weathering variation for every single one of the valks that there's no point of "exclusive" anymore..
  4. To get S (or SS) in Sad sniper, 1) destroy VF-27 2) don't let Alto die 3) maintain 2/3 of hit point to get SS. For other Macross F missions, never use missiles and grapple all of the enemy mecha. It will get you SS for most of them.
  5. highly doubt it. Haven't seen it on auction for a while.
  6. it went around 800 bucks i think, but it was last year when economy was thriving. only 250 pieces.. pretty hard to get
  7. man. that 1:1 helmat looks really good. too bad it won't fit by head.
  8. wwkkim


    Vostok, is Yamato Macross made mostly by ABS? Like the wings and the body?
  9. Nah.. I can see Macross stuff.. Here's a link http://i.gizmodo.com/5147687/battletech-me...-engine-running Looks like they change the top page randomly or sth.
  10. How do I get S on this? I never can get 10000 point from getting the enemy ace pilot.
  11. wwkkim

    1/48 GBP-1S Set

    DAMN.. This photo really makes me wanna buy the armored pack...
  12. Yeah! Something like that but use transparent plastic rod to show this kind of scene
  13. Wouldn't it look great to use 2mm plastic flexible rod to replicate the full blast mode of Armored Valks? It has been tried many times in gundam, so i'm just wondering if it has been tried in Yamato Valks.
  14. Do these work like dream? I once had tamiya sharp pointed side cutter (which I don't have anymore) and it was cutting like a dream. When cutting ABS parts, I barely felt anything. When cutting PS, it was cutting it very neatly.
  15. Hi Guys, I'm planning to build a model kit, not in a "let's make it all perfect" but more of "let's enjoy" way. So, I don't plan to use any sandpaper which makes the process extremely boring. However, I do want to cut the parts off the runner neatly and would like to hear you guys suggestion about cheaper way to do so instead of using Tamiya SHarp Pointed Side Cutter which costs around $30. Thank you
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