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  1. Mine are still waiting to be shipped..argh!!
  2. The most beautiful VF-0C that I'd ever seen..drooling!
  3. M&M Valk reissue with OP parts, TV Super Parts/OP parts and Phalanx(Toy) please...;p
  4. Of course VF-0 Armor for the next!
  5. This is amazing, Kurisama!! Thanks for your contribution!
  6. Perfectly made! Can't wait to see it get painted soon:)
  7. Yea I agree! Please take few more shots for us! I'm drooling now...
  8. Omg!! I love the 1/60 regult..it's so lovely! I can see it's "light" weight battle pod!
  9. I shall wait and see the final outcome of your incoming art piece, bring it on!
  10. Spray another layer of clear matt coating might bring it up there..
  11. It looks fantastic, Kurisama!! Keep on the good job!
  12. Haha...The minmay SD figure is cute:)
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