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  1. Jenius, I'd read through all the reviews and really appreciate your effort, good job dude!
  2. Kindly reissue the M&M set, I want it so badly!! 😔
  3. But I'm afraid that the super VF-1S Roy isn't 1/60
  4. Awesome! Never had a chance to obtain one of these goodies..
  5. Can't wait to have it right now:)
  6. I love that Regult, let's hope that Arcadia could grant us wish:)
  7. I need only M&M set and Zentradi uniform before complete my entire VF-1 toy line! Congratulations to your latest acquisition! Good luck Spanner!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Where did you get those ground crew figures? Don't mind to share with us?
  9. OMG! You ordered three for yourself? I just barely to afford one with my all cost! This is really stunning mate! Congrats:)
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