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  1. Spanner, this could be a BIGGGGGG project unless they are willing to work it out with Captain America...LOL!
  2. The only thing I care about it's the reactive armor! ahah!! I believe it's WIP!
  3. Mine is about to come, yeah!
  4. Thanks CoreyD! Only 3 pieces available now! Grab it fast:)
  5. Thanks Graham! It's great to do business with you, satisfaction guaranteed!
  6. More copies? Another two sets been reserved! Only 6 pieces available now:)
  7. Hi fellas, I have made a few copies of self-made 1/60 scale "5th SOG Thunder Hummers" waterslide decal for VF-1 TF kit. Total 14 pieces has been made in first run by using my own inkjet printer. Each decal has been laminated with acrylic sheet for protection purpose so kindly remove it before use. Selling for USD15 each, buyer pays the additional shipping fee. Please take note that payment has to be done by Paypal, for those you can't send payment as "gift" then you have to bear the 4% paypal fee. Thank you! Hereby I would like to say thanks to EXO, without his help, it can't be done this fast. Thank you EXO! These are the pictures, enjoy! ONLY 4 AVAILABLE NOW!!
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