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  1. I love that Regult, let's hope that Arcadia could grant us wish:)
  2. Here you go David http://hk.f1.page.auctions.yahoo.com/hk/auction/b31111547?actsrch=srp3
  3. I need only M&M set and Zentradi uniform before complete my entire VF-1 toy line! Congratulations to your latest acquisition! Good luck Spanner!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! Where did you get those ground crew figures? Don't mind to share with us?
  5. OMG! You ordered three for yourself? I just barely to afford one with my all cost! This is really stunning mate! Congrats:)
  6. Glad to hear that from you, Spanner! Mine just arrived at Kuala Lumpur!
  7. Still in Osaka...sigh... One question guys, does it come with the waterslide decal? Thanks:)
  8. I want mine so badly...still waiting..
  9. I need a 1/60 Spartan & Monster each but they could be very pricey as I presume...
  10. That's beautiful! Thanks for posting these magnificent pics!
  11. Hi guys, Helping a friend to let go his beloved VF-1S(TV roy figure), selling it for USD250(*not including shipping). Thanks! Cas
  12. Item sold:) Thanks for your interest titob0y
  13. Not to forget that SV-51 is manufactured by Sukhoi as mentioned in Macross mecha manual:p
  14. I've just watched the video, really awesome! Excellent job MechTech!
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