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  1. 1/48 or bigger for me, I love my eyes too much :-) cant build without em! Plus, this is just my opinion but especially with model jets, you just can see the proportions and awesome beastiness of an awesome jet unless its large scale. Imagine having a 1/32 VF-25 parked on the shelf in your living room it would just be beast. Ahhh I can only dream
  2. Anyone can spray a Jet completely flat but I love the challenge of replicating that textured finish thats not just different color but different kinds of sheen just like how they really look... Painting jets totally flat just looks 2D and I just dont get it. More pics of the purple cat soon guys, thanks for the wrap!!!!
  3. Not finished but almost. The closer I think I am to being finished the more defects and touch ups I find. Eh... It adds to the weathering. EDIT: Ahh, this was supposed to go in the whats on the workbench thred. Mind blank. Sorry
  4. Y dont they just make it in 1/48 scale who builds 1/72 these days except for old people.
  5. The F-14 that shin flies always looks blue to me.
  6. I have a ban dai super messiah alto custom the parts slip on and off and interchange, you can make standard VF-25 from the kit. Im sticking to a pose and gluing everything on for good tho, not into moving parts on models much.. They can be removed easily. Do it a few times you might mark your paint a bit, but i think its designed very well so that you can change your mind, the super parts dont seem to rub the top and bottom surfaces of the wings, when ive had them on and off during building. dont really know how. Gotta hand it to those ban dai dudes they know how to design a model! aircraft kit companiys need to take some lessons from them.
  7. Come on guys! its hasegawa! They'll re-release the same 1/48 kit for the next 50 years only with different decal options. For some reason they never make new things.... Imagine a 1/48 VF-25?? we will just keep on dreaming
  8. The spotters prize goes to VF-19! Good spotting there Its a Fw-190A..something
  9. Thanks guys! I have to say its really hard to paint one of these eh its a challenge and I should have invested in a masking tape company. Its mentally draining!
  10. Yep, awesome galactica there! Dark grey armor parts in splinter camo. just because I have to have a personal touch to everything and always persuing the need to drive myself mental.
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