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  1. kinda bore with the whole skull thing,, skull is so gloomy and dark... why not something that look more nice.. like a sun-downer..
  2. lockheed martin.. and sukhoi.. i liked my toys real
  3. why there's no 1/100 scale in the title of this thread?? we need more love for this scale..
  4. agree... it just big black... and ugly...t 50 is more suited for yf 30
  5. damn.. now i hope bandai will took over yamato 1:60 license... i need this as a toys.. lack of modelling skill really make me fell sad after see this 3d render
  6. http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2013/03/hangar-base-diorama-build-w-leds.html?showComment=1363283961254 http://www.gunjap.net/site/?p=59121 a few reference that you can use.. i think they use the same kit
  7. i buy it at my local hobby shop.. but you can search it in the internet.. search for the TT hongli mechanical chain base.. it's the china copycat for the kotobukiya mechanical chain base
  8. if the price is the concern.. perhaps you could look for the china product.. kotobukiya price is like 15-18 dollars.. but the china product only cost 5 dollar..
  9. i have my mechanical chain base modified by my local modeller .. this work quite well with bandai 1:100
  10. oh my... after missed the first salute misa hayase.. i would die to have this mold!.. ryuji any chage for you to made another recast of misa hayase in salut pose?
  11. And the size it make it easy to display in diorama.. I'm planning to make some diorama with this scale
  12. there's not enough love for bandai 1:100
  13. i hope bandai will made the super pack box set.. or tornado box set
  14. valid

    Macross figures

    anyone know what this is? where can i get it? whoops no matter sorry for asking.. is it late to order this? where can i buy this?
  15. i Hope they still think macross line is one of their major profit source.. or else.. we might have to buy all of our macross toys from bandai
  16. hai vf 1.. are you using lacquer paint? what type .. and is it durable from scratching?
  17. i use it to all of my action figure to help them standing still .. never have any complain
  18. yup quake putty.. in my country we called it base on the brand.. "blutack"
  19. just use blutack it's strong enough and you can still detach it if you want to play with the gimmick
  20. hahah i'm just kinda tire with a cross bone.. if it's finish i will put the AI master so everyone could print it by themself
  21. thinking to create a custom tail fin tatto that i will prints on water slide decal
  22. naah.. my guts said absolutely 99% positively sure that yamato will build this.. it's easier to just buy it
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