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  1. well for me i like the in line version just like the anime screenshot
  2. why is the red stripe in the lerx not in line?
  3. agree!! the 29 1s color scheme is a lot more better.. i just wish that they didn't tint the cockpit canopy
  4. hate the yellow.. but order it anyway maybe i will repaint it.. will it be as glossy as the vf 19 kai?
  5. ohh wow .. 300 dollar... i think ill wait for release in hongkong
  6. is there any place that still sell this baby online?
  7. is it paint chip resistance?
  8. yeah and put some tag price on it! so i can smash my piggy bank rite away
  9. i chip my paint.. because of the fast pack.. damn.. careful with the exhaust armor.. i will post the pict later
  10. hai tundra. have you seen this? http://www.gundammodelkits.com/modelers-g-take-off-vf-1-valkyrie-diorama.html how much will it cost in 1:60 if you build it?
  11. i think in anime vf 29 can't do anything.. it only dancing with it mambo jambo light ..in term of manuverability the 27 still could outmanuver it.. even the vajra manage to shoot alto for me vf 25 is more battle worthy
  12. but it will release early June rite? is it ? will it?
  13. hahahah probably that will be a good idea to
  14. i'm going to prepare for my self a nice water slide skull decal.. can't wait for this baby to release.. i'm going to pimp it with hikaru's style
  15. i dare to bet that bandai will made the customize vf 19 in the frontier show....hahahha
  16. well you never know who want's it.. i have a friend who like to search for a scrap toy part.. so he can have a complete set of a classic robot toys..and there's a ton of seller in YAJ and ebay for that kind of object what you said as a " junk "
  17. i hope they include all the marking and insignia like the movie
  18. from what type of tamiya weather kit that you use?
  19. LoL.. i think those guys are not insane.. rather to passionate
  20. hi ron.. nice wethering.. care to share the technique? hi ron.. nice wethering.. care to share the technique?
  21. is that so? well i guess i have to rethink about buying it. thanks ..
  22. hi guys. i was thinking for buying makerbot replicator.. and was wondering how good is it? compare to the shapeways print? anyone have any clue?
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