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  1. well i think your comment is more appropriate in the gundamworld
  2. i hope they put more tampo print in it.. or at least give us water slide decal or sticker ! and i'm still hoping for missile and rocket pod in the box
  3. wow it's keep on coming .. i hope the same thing will happen to the yf 29
  4. any other's photo release from this toy? i hope they do well in this first try.. hate to have volume 2, 3 , or 4..
  5. i think this time the quantity is quite large
  6. ..well.. sorry to say.. but you are to late..and already missed it
  7. i don't care how!! but i think we need a backdoor channel to those toys company.. we need to be heard!! I WANT MY VF 171!!
  8. me want one!! dear macross god!! please give me one!!!
  9. demn when did they open the sales? i missed the window already
  10. soo how much valk are you planning to buy this time Graham
  11. also to be fair, i just like to say don't put your hope to high to the toy..even with the renewal version.. bandai still have an issue with the vf 25.. but then again i'm just saying i still respect the love that bandai give to this line.. and i won't expect a lot for the design, i'm happy enough if the toys delivered to me with a good quality control check
  12. hey we are talking bandai here.. i don't think they will really care about the small detail like landing gear.. just look at the koenig.. and the vf 25 v 1
  13. i wonder if the weapon pod will be collapseable like the vf 17 yamato
  14. where the hell is my v2 luca bandai!!!
  15. agree.. when we modelled for games.. the modeller will try to made the model as low of poly as he can.. and will depend with normal map and texture for detailing.. for 3d printing i think we should try to made a model as smooth as we can.. but with optimist detil at i try to made detail no less then 0,5 mm with the hope that the detail still can be capture with the print
  16. there's a lot of 3d forum in internet. you could browse some place like cg arena cgtalk and many others for a help and tutorial
  17. waiting for hlj to release it.. can't wait for a "D"
  18. actually i build all my model as a low poly model.. with the hope that the detail although it will be minor still could be capture with the 3d printer.. i'm still waiting for a confirmation with the material from my local 3d printer.. and if everything work out fine .. i will try to print it again in shapeway
  19. valid

    Thunder Hammer

    (the picture link why is it all say forbiden!! PLEASE re-upload i wanna see oh wait the problem is in my browser..
  20. Actually i never use shapeways product.. but i print it in my local 3d print in my city.. when it finish iwill post it in this forum.. i havent made a prize yet in shapeways.. and just upload it in shapeways.. i think i'm gonna try to print it in the end of the week with shapeway and if everything check out ok.. i will make it available
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