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  1. my 3d model misa hayase is now available at shapeway it's all 1:60
  2. how many second did it appear?
  3. so the rules is.. 1. wait for your revision coming and see if it work 2. do some beta testing with the goods.. 3. if everything check out ok... then we can do the multiple order.. is that what you mean?
  4. i will wait patiently.. .. honestly i would like to model it my self.. but then again.. i hate percision modeling.. so i give all my trust to you
  5. i have made a ground crew from my local 3d printer service in my town.. it's 1:60 i think i'm gonna upload it in shape way
  6. hey VF5SS i click at your link at shapeway and i saw that the good is not available .. when will it be available?? give us date! couldn't wait to give a surgery to my vf with your organ
  7. oh i see.. i actually only play fps game and 3d modelling for me is strictly for tv commercial.. it's nice to have a fellow 3d modeller in a different genre of job
  8. cryengine? it's the crysis engin right? is it will be an fps game mode?m
  9. post some picture mommar!! perhaps it will inspired other's to do the modification
  10. you mean the Grey low viz vf 25 with two canon pod barrel in each side of the wing? YES !! i want those!!
  11. any update..? what else will be release?! me want michele, me want luca.. !
  12. a mechanisme that allowed this valk to stay solid with their hideous faspack attach..a although i doubt they do anything to fix it
  13. i'm disappointed with mine.. the tampo print of skull have a lot of scrath.. the ball joint in the leg is loose .. the hip is easilly come off.. overall i like the alto version much better... ps: anyone know how to fix the looseness in the leg balljoint?
  14. have anyone do a weathering custom in this baby?
  15. yup there's a mistake.. they send me new quotation..thanks
  16. this is weird i order two ozma version at hlj.. but why they only confirm shiping for one bird?
  17. agree if bandai release it again with bundle i sure will buy it again..
  18. better than stand .. i'm thinking of diorama deck like this one and the put an attachment arm on top of it.. so we could display it with stand.. or with landing gear... is it to much to ask
  19. I'm not a fan of the bulky vf 17..so i'm not buying one... but if the trend of not using tampo marking continue to the coming vf 4.. i'm thingking to print a water slide decal.. i know it's a lot more annoying to place than the sticker... but at least.. it look more better than ordinary sticker.. and it's not to hard to produce
  20. yess.. it is waiting is a slow killer.. i try to be patient.. post more picture for killing the time graham! could you show us the the differences between to head laser turret.. the gummy one.. is it the same material as the v1?
  21. wow ami ami sure is fast.. i haven't receive any email from hlj
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