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  1. oke so how we could rip off more money from the fan? oh i know! lets make fast pack! *like 4 thruster not enough..
  2. still waiting for the pict with landing gear down...
  3. wow that yf 24 have a long landing gear! is it a dx toys? i hope it is.. cos that mean there is a chance for a second generation vf 25 release
  4. uhmm if they made a better design for the canard.. i'll buy it,,
  5. hey it look better....... can't wait for the color version
  6. still waiting for the movie... why does macross becoming like gundam en transformer.. they design the toy first.. and then made the movie.. it will only made the movie look awfull i hate it.. :|
  7. i absolutely dig this! blazer! although i hate your yellow strip.. but if yamato build it.. i'm gonna buy it for sure
  8. i have a few silly question. in what movie do the minmay guard appear? and also the same question with the thunder hammer.. coz i never see this varian armored before..
  9. http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/07/28/ps3_macross_bundle/#comments more info about the blue ray
  10. i think kawamori capture thestyle of russian figther.. big and deadly.. but yet.. sleek and aerodinamyc about side arm.. why does a valkyrie need one? they have their head laser unit. I think it's enough for close combat damage..
  11. i hope it will have a lock mechanisme.. hate depending in gravity only..
  12. well for me the wheel is for the look cool thing.. come on man there's nothing more cool than a space shuttle park in your diorama with a wheel on it
  13. wow the weird angle made me re think about pre order.. perhaps it's better to wait for the review .. jenius i'm waiting for you man
  14. i just wondering.. do the actual design of the koenig.. was not include a landing gear in the film? coz it look weird for a ship without a landing gear
  15. i'm hoping that bandai will remake vf 100 vf 25 in the vf hi metal series.. and make it almost perfect transformable just like the dx chogokin... *well i know it's kinda hard for hoping it as perfect transformable* that way i could pose it with the up coming monster koenig
  16. whops me and my statement.. sory guys i do believe in yamato...and hope they could and will make a perfect transformation .. let's cross our finger
  17. humm chungky in batroid mode.. but slim in figther mode.. why do i smell a partsformer :|
  18. still waiting for the figther mode to convince me .. i just hope it has a reasonable price
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