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  1. my sherryl nome wip hahahah i know it look like crap.. sorry it the best that i can do
  2. i miss the green version.. i want one!!!!!
  3. is it the 360 degree cockpit view that you mean by ventral monitors? yeah.. i think.. from avionic point of view.. the 25 is one step backward from the 19, 21 and 27.. to many limitation in cockpit view.. i love the way 19 cockpit view that let isamu have a clear vision all around the cockpit.. and for the pin point barrier i think it's a lot more cooler in the knife mode.. and for the 22 i think it trying to imitated the yf 22/23 to much.. but in the anime the gimmick is not particularly clear.. to much anime magic in it.. one question.. do the, 22,27,and 25 have internal missile bay? it made me curious where all those micro missile swarming out from when they don't have fast pack mounted in their body
  4. please do make the pict.. perhaps it could help
  5. gosh that scare me!!.. i know that hinge bar look fragile.. thats way i loose the screw i the hips a little so it more easy to transform.. hope mine will be ok..
  6. will do.. and i think.. i will probably order some parts from you
  7. nice hangar tundra yeti.. but i think i want to try my own crafting skill
  8. i think those harpoon are quartz fold emitter that boost the fold signal from rangka that perform like current modern day jetfighter electronic counter meassure .. but..then again i could be wrong
  9. wow nice camo can't wait till u finish it
  10. hahahha the price of toys it just like the tulips market in europe back in the old days (watch the wall street if you don't understand )
  11. hi guys.. i'm kinda newbie in the model kits section.. i wanted to buy a ground crew set for a simple diorama for my 1:60 yamato.. and i was wondering from your point of view.. which is better a 1:48 scale or 1:72 scale that look more natural to stand next to my 1:60 vf 1.. i know they are not in scale.. but from your point of view which one better? thanks
  12. try using nail polish i'm wonder.. if bandai made the vf 19 like in the show.. will it be as good as the yamato? i know a lot of you will say nyeh..
  13. hi guys i 'm just wondering what happen to the skull skwadron after the missing of hikaru and misa.. i know that hikaru went with as the leader of skull skuadron with the megaroad.. and then what happen after that? the reason i'm asking this coz i saw a picture of vf 19 with marking of skull skuadron in variable fighter master file..
  14. anyone experience bad quality control or scratch paint or lose joint?. i haven't .. can't wait for the upcoming superpack.. and ozma ... and also luca.. i hope there will be 3 ghost fighter this time
  15. wow ranka really2 look good.. i want one! but sherryl.. uhmm any bigger pict close up to the face
  16. wow i haven't see it.. can you scan it? i'm so curious
  17. hi guys a quick question.. my friend over me his rvf 25 ghost weapon set.. i haven't see the good.. but i'm wondering does the weapon attachment in V1 can be mounted in V2 version?
  18. don't care to much about the blueish color.. i'm just a sucker for a skull in a body of a jetplane..
  19. i know how you felt man! i do think that the vf 25 cockpit is so small.. with that small cockpit there's not only for the pilot figure but also the ex gear that have to fit.. i try to put hikaru 1:60 in the cockpit and he could squeze in to it.. but the canopy can't be close.. i gues in the future.. pilot become slimmer like a twig
  20. but i guess although they can't carry any nuke.. they spread pretty big radiation with those big radar
  21. i think i'm gonna pass for this bird.. first it's to damn expensive and second .. i just hate the design.. look bulky i rather like the vf 171 design.. but i do hope the trend for yamato releasing a valk with a price over 19000 yen will end.. and i'm still waiting for a miracle release of a vf 4 for the 30th anniversary .. coz you know 2012 is the year when misa and hikaru lift off to space with the vf 4 as the main fighter for the fleet
  22. wow ozma look very nice.. it will be release at January rite?
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