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  1. what part of gun tip that we are talking about?
  2. i c what you mean.. perhaps that's why the russian Tu 160 was paint pure white..
  3. yes i wash and do the panel line.. and after that i decide it look more cooler with realistic look.. although the white color is not a very common color for military fighter
  4. whops sorry i mean matte clear collor. because the effect kinda dove feeling i often call it dove clear coat
  5. i give this baby a tamiya dove clear coat.. and have handled it like crazy for the past one week .. no paint chip problem.. the only problem i have is the quality control in the lerx of wing area.. there's some part that the glue doesn't stick.. i fix it using epoxy glue.
  6. i guess everyone is a little bit racist
  7. .. hahaha because the crouch look bulky.. just like.. uhm.. male crouch hahahah.. demn i felt ackward.. is it just me? or others feel the same?
  8. sheryl crouch.. why when my eye look at it, it look like man crouch ..
  9. i hope it's vf 171(bandai) and vf 4 (yamato), and another new series or ova for the 30th annisvesary .. wait..i think the last hope is for another tread
  10. i think i wont buy it from you graham.. coz i'm afraid that the valk have been abuse and smash like the one you have at home
  11. yeah.. for me buying a valks that cost more than 400 dollar is hillarious.. and more hillarious that the valks is the vf 29.. better safe up for the webs exclusive armored ozma
  12. damn (sory for the fault language) this toys is really2 good.. i think i will have a full set of vf 25.. and this will be my second full set valkirie after the yamato vf 1 1:60
  13. whoops.. sory for my laziness with the google sir.. but i thought that canon is like some slank word that only being use in macross world so the reality in macross universe is not asclear as marvel universe or even gundam UC. thank's a lot for the explanation
  14. hi guys.. i'm kinda noob in this forum.. but there's one thing that always bugging me with the sdf 1.. and that thing is the "arm" that attached as the main launch platform for the variable fighter.. as we all know.. in tv series the sdf 0ne using two carrier as an attachment arm.. but in macross do you remember love the arm is not using those two carrier.. i always thought that in macross world continuity the arm is using two carrier (the carirer daedalus and promotheus..) but then i watch macross plus and the arm section there's no daedalus and promotheus class carrier that attached , instead the sdf one is using armd..just like in the movie so which one is the real continuity? is it the series version? or the movie version that the real one? can anyone explain it to me?
  15. hey jason.. is that one of the ecm weapon set that you produce with 3d print?
  16. wow!!! how about the fast pack? will it fit?
  17. hey macross junkie could i ask what did you use for the washed lineart?
  18. yeah .. after seing this last movie.. i just feel sad.. and sorrow.. when will be another macross series.. i just wish in 2012 there' will be another series.. perhaps about the megaroad.. man .. i missed hikaru..
  19. why are you guys so worry about the light and other stuff.. just have fun with it.. whoozzzz it around... nothing last forever.. might as well enjoyed it while you can!! ces't la vie
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