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  1. valid

    Hi-Metal R

    need more decal and print >.<
  2. i bet it will be smaller than arcadia
  3. hum.. are you sure this is a toy? will it be transformable? T^T
  4. still had a few thing that need to fix.. after this i'm thinking to made minmay house with vf 1 d on it
  5. yes... the size of hi metal make it perfect for diorama.. it's not to big.. and because of that it doesn't eat much of space..wish they made elint seaker and vf 1 d
  6. it's a combination of bandai gundam stand and plaplate glue together and use a few cable for detailing
  7. this is my new hangar build to accommodate vf hi metal with 1:100 scale bandai figure. it's still missing the launcher signal... sorry for the crappy English and photo,
  8. any one of you have a problem with a loose ankle joint?
  9. quick question.. for the rust effect.. what paint and technique that you use?
  10. i bought the 1:100.. hate it.. the plastic easily break...
  11. oh for crying out loud.. just repaint it..or better yet.. squish a little imagination to your brain.. and imagine that it have a perfect color... we live in macrossworld.. no toys came out perfect in this timeline
  12. i hope they re - do the sv 51 :3
  13. hi there.. i just want to share a work that i commissioned to my friend akhusodo pla work ( you could search him on facebook) this is 1:100 arm launcher scratch build with plapate , mechanical chain base and led with a little wiring , it can hold vf hi metal bandai 1:100.. it still work in progress hope you guys like it
  14. just wondering.. does it have the same canopy length with original vf 25f
  15. i want an SOC SDF 1 tv series please!!! enough with the super robot... sdf 1 is the real super robot ,. it carry a city for crying out loud
  16. wow .. he actually bought the crappy bandai valk. he must be a die hard fan
  17. what if it's another valk.. for instant vf 11 max xl?
  18. hi macross junkie i don't no about the rest of us .. but i think you need to made a special thread about the tutorial for making this awesome weathering custom!
  19. hi guys...just wanna share some picture from our display case at Indonesia local toyfair held in Jakarta, we have one section dedicated specially for our macross fan base to show off their collection at the toyfair.. here's some picture of it more picture can be see at our fb fanpage https://www.facebook.com/groups/indogokin/ and our G+ community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103805808014949894592 i hope it's okay to share it in here.. because a lot of our member is a die hard macross fan regards
  20. valid

    Macross figures

    let just say.. that the figure's is the shape of my frustration and hunger for an macross action figure
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