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  1. Before you start prepping your wallet, the 1/2 BB-8 and 1/72 Millennium Falcon have 参考出品 on their display cards, which I think means "display only", as in no plans for sale yet. The others list a date they become available to buy.
  2. Next 5 show titles: 第11話 追憶 ジェリーフィッシュ 第12話 キング・オブ・ウィンド 第13話 激情 ダイビング 第14話 漂流 エンブレイシング 第15話 決別 レゾリューション
  3. Yes, we are getting a new VF-4 kit from Wave. No, it is not the one featured in that ad.
  4. Which were the adapters you could use with a bit of brass rod for attachment?
  5. Yeah, I think that picture is ancient news. No where on there does it say "Wave", and it's also advertising a new 1/8 scale Minmei figure that no one has reported anything about; maybe this one from Flashback 2012: Damn good price for an original garage kit, though.
  6. That's the only way to get that kit. I believe they are not selling it separately. So, if dropping ¥70,000 on the Blu-ray set is out of your budget, wait and see if these show up on Yahoo Japan Auctions come March of next year.
  7. Close. You have UNTIL December to buy the whole set, shipping in March of next year. But, no telling if this is open to foreign shipping addresses or not.
  8. I found this gem from 2013. Why do people think the Sony deal is going to be any different? And hey, we're coming up on 10 years in vaporware development!
  9. Nice to see someone else taking this project on.
  10. Back in the pre-Hasegawa days, this was the best kit you're going to find of a 1/72 VF-1 Valkyrie. And now, thanks to Hasegawa, you can find these for a steal. Seriously, if you're paying more than ¥3500 for this now, you're getting ripped off. Only decals are the kites, skulls, and other miscellaneous markings. Everything else painted.
  11. Yeah, so I wonder if a meeting between them will really happen.
  12. If you don't mind Exedore being called "Brain-man", no problem! That's what my bootleg Macross 7 subs call him. Thank god I have passable Japanese now. Still need subs, but I can tell when they're way off, which is about 1/2 the time on this particular set.
  13. Do you really want a low-viz trainer, though? Remember, these are student fliers, they should be seen!
  14. Why yes, someone has! Use a Super Messiah kit as your base, instead of a regular Messiah.
  15. Finally bought a Blu-ray player, so I'm working on filling the disc collection.
  16. Wonderfest YF/VF-19 Battroid conversion set for 1/72 scale Hasegawa. Unfortunately, can't afford it right now, or I'd be bidding on it. Here's how it can look built up.
  17. That's, uh, one hell of a Macross Delta cross-promotion..... (Amazon Japan adult section-click in privacy)
  18. Mezamashi TV, a morning program on Fuji TV. They're just talking about their reactions on finding out they're #1 on the charts, even beating out Hikaru Utada.
  19. Infinite, as long as you don't let go and have them swoosh on their own.
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