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  1. Couple of minor additions, thanks to last weekend.
  2. This kind of happened at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. We (VF-1 Riders) were next to the Bandai team, and they had a bunch of PG Unicorns on display. Kids would see our stuff, kind of "meh", then get huge eyed at the Gunpla display.
  3. Right now, just sometime in 2016.
  4. It's an old Imai 1/144 scale kit, modded to legs down.
  5. If that's the kit you bought, you're getting the clear version, so you will have to paint it if you want it to look like the animation.
  6. OK. I'm sure a lot of these you may have seen on Twitter already, but here they are! Some reason, I ended up in the front row! And a lot of people were fascinated by my Flightpose Stands. Hmmm, Yeti Stands for the next time I go? From behind the table Not the Riders, but a few other kits I found interesting:
  7. Another tease under I get home and download the camera.
  8. Preliminary photos. Not all members are here yet, and using my phone.
  9. Like I said before, I won't be wasting my money on the Bandai kits, and give my money to Hasegawa instead.
  10. Jefuemon

    Macross figures

    Not a toy line, it's a plastic model kit from Aoshima, continuing on the "Valkyrie Ladies" line.
  11. It's not, but it's unfortunately not dead either, as then it would be gone and never heard from again. This is a classic example of an undead franchise. Nothing new brought to the table, just shambles along muttering the same old lines: "The best is yet to come......." "It's in the pipeline........" "Buy our crap rebranded Macross goods.........." (to those of you who think I'm joking, check out the Robotech News Twitter feed. I just covered 80% of their tweet content with those three lines)
  12. Got the most important packing for the weekend done. For the record, I'm bringing my VF-1J改 (Macross the First), VF-11 Thunderbolt with boosters, VF-25F Tornado Messiah, and VT-11 Emu. I think there's 25 members participating this year. Due to work, and the fact I live 600 miles away from Shizuoka, I can only participate on Saturday. We'll be at Line B, No.11 in Twin Messe, Shizuoka. Hope to see a few of you there this Saturday!
  13. Different angle shot, taken from here. During
  14. I think he's waiting on getting his own laser cutter before those go into production, since that's what I'm waiting to buy too!
  15. Too bad I didn't find this a few months ago.
  16. I'm rewatching Macross 7 right now (liking it a lot more than the first time I saw it), and I just got up to the Jamming Birds debut, and the VF-11D改 that they're flying in also have the 3 windows behind the cockpit. So, no matter what configuration you want to make with the -D, looks like the windows/sensors are part of the design.
  17. Yes, 1/72 scale. He's actually selling this on Yahoo Japan right now, that's how I found it. He's also selling a VF-19 Angel Birds.
  18. Ah ha! I knew it could be done! Real curious as to how they did the leg armor, though, since those are not parts included in the VF-25 Super kits.
  19. Star War The Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West Chinese bootleg of Episode Three, with the bad English subtitles dubbed in in place of the original dialog. Makes the movie better, I think!
  20. I think that's when the series will come into its own- when we start seeing Delta porn instead of Frontier porn.
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