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  1. Which one to use, though, the 0-C or the 0-D? And what to call it? Need to look up other large, flightless birds. Someone else can take that project, as I'm building a regular VF-0D next!
  2. Yes. It's a camera pod that comes with the Thunderfocus kit. The one I used in this was a VF-11C gunpod that came with the Club M VF-11B garage kit. I've already got an extra, proper B gunpod for that one.
  3. I think you mean "PETA", though they are a p.i.t.a.
  4. This is one song, not an album. Another money's worth length
  5. Club M is an official, licensed maker of garage kits. They've released a bunch of Macross stuff, and I seem to have most of it! They also paired up with Yellow Submarine on a few kits, as well. That's what I'm planning on doing. The Hasegawa on Mike's launch arm, the UD torn down for maintenance.
  6. Would have starting priming today if the weather had been cooperative.
  7. If you can get one, do it. I've got both the Hasegawa 1/48 strike and an Ultimate Detail, and I'll be building both. What's nice about the UD is that you can build it half disassembled to show off all the inner goods, on the fighter, leg armor, and Super Packs. I don't think any pinning is necessary, since it's an airplane kit, and the landing assemblies are all metal. I probably wouldn't kit-bash them, since the cheapest I've seen an original UD go for is around ¥25000. Bit of an expensive buy for just detail parts.
  8. Occasionally, Starship Modeler will get them in stock. Just have to keep checking if no one here has an extra.
  9. Yep. It's a Bandai kit. Look at that lovely front gear. And by the renders, looks like the pilot figures will be Timmy Torsos again. Pics taken from Dengeki Hobby. Again, I'll be waiting for the Hasegawa offerings. At least this time I won't waste money on the Bandai previous to Hase's release.
  10. I build, but I highly doubt you want to send your stuff to Japan.
  11. If I get a chance, I'll see about popping over to the main exhibit hall and seeing what I can see. I'll be over at the Twin Messei site for the modelers exhibit, as part of the VF-Riders.
  12. That's actually the box art to the first Hasegawa VF-1 release.
  13. Totally complete. Didn't buy that one second hand, just an extra I'm not going to build anymore.
  14. Here it is. Not a bad kit. Very light weight. I first thought I was accidentally sent an empty box! Be careful with the main wing. It is very thin, and will take a lot of care while prepping. This is the 1/72 scale version, unpainted.
  15. Got it yesterday!!! After work tonight, I'll post up a few pics and my thoughts.
  16. Worldwide take of over 2.5 billion. Of course he's going to go back to that particular well as often as he can. I myself found "Avatar" to be quite boring, actually. "Dances With Wolves" did it better.
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