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  1. Yes, I modified the gunpod. I cut off the original handle and matched it up to the handle-holding hand.
  2. Yes, this is the Storm Attack version, not the cruiser mode as previously released. And, once again, I manage to grab an original Yellow Submarine garage kit of same subject and scale right before Hasegawa announces their release.
  3. Should this go here, or in music? Just arrived today. WARNING!! This is Japanese XL. If you're bigger than me (181 cm, around 95 kg) forget about it fitting well.
  4. Airs tonight, but in Sapporo it won't air until Tuesday midnight. So, I'm probably going to be able to find the fan-subs before I can see the original.
  5. Mentioned in another thread, but Hasegawa WILL be releasing fighter versions of the Delta mechs soon, not years later.
  6. I used the Medium (I believe) on an old Imai Gerwalk I built.
  7. Are you getting this? Because I've had uploading problems in the past:
  8. That is quite possibly the most horrible work out and studio set-up I've ever seen. Have to send that to my aerobics instructor and see what she says. Did they really think carpet was a good flooring material for a gym?
  9. Took this one myself at a hotel in Akita a few years back. I'm guessing it's very tender.
  10. Next time there's a Sapporo Macross event, I'll keep my eyes open. They did have some at the Snow Festival, so they'll probably make their way back again.
  11. Messiah and Strike Battroid still available.
  12. Already finished with the primary build, seams are puttied, just waiting to dry so I can sand them. Man, those Hasegawa kits can go together fast!!
  13. I'm hoping for "Valkyries 3rd Sortie".
  14. Starting on a new kit, hopefully it'll be done before Shizuoka. No pics, but I'll tell you the name: VT-11 Emu
  15. How quickly do you need one? I just opened the package on one a few days ago, but it's a little too big for my display area. I ordered some 4" ones from HLJ, and I'd be willing to part with the 6" once they arrive.
  16. He offered criticism on someone's cosplay photos, and got a one month vacation. And that's all I'm going to add to the topic.
  17. It's a Bandai transformable Macross kit, so I know I'm not going to like it. I'm going to hold out for a few years for the hopeful Hasegawa release.
  18. So, I talked about building it, now I've finished it. Alto's VF-25F Tornado Messiah from "Macross Frontier - The False Songstress". Base kit is the Hasegawa Super Messiah, everything else is from Bandai's (horrible) transforming Tornado kit. And yes, I am planning on bringing this with me to Shizuoka in May.
  19. That's either a Messiah or a Prophesy with VF-19 wings on it. Can't remember what it was called, though. It's several years old, too; not something recently made because of Delta.
  20. Yes, I was thinking about those. Can't bring the launch arm, though. Don't want to risk taking that one on a plane. Maybe at this summer's HMC in Sapporo (if I'm free this year). I'll be bringing the soon to be finished Tornado Messiah, and either my VF-1J改 or VF-11 with boosters. I think they make their own decals themselves. I'll see if I can find out for sure how.
  21. PM sent Hold on the VF-1S and Super Parts.
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