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  1. In the weeks prior to this PPV Kane seems conflicted. And i thought he was going to betray the Authority and somehow help Orton win. But meh, he didn't.
  2. Anyone who watches Regular Show? The latest episode references a lot of mecha anime including Macross.
  3. The best ship in SDFM are: KakizakixSteak and SDF-1xQuamzin's ship
  4. Maybe the Delta represents the three Super Dimension shows. Macross, Southern Cross and Orguss. Also, Orguss has the Space Time Occillation Bomb to explain the events of Macross 30.
  5. Before this thread gets locked, i wanna ask, has HG made an official reveal of the VF-2 looking Veritech? Of all the mechanical designs they teased at SDCC, this one has not been publicize yet.
  6. -A cast of characters on a lone ship searching for a certain person. Check. -A female ace and a prodigy. Check. -return of old familiar characters. Check. -A mcguffin object and a mysterious alien who wants it back. Check. -OMFGWTFBBQ!! Rick Hunter is back! Check. Yup, Academy is totally not a rehash of TSC.
  7. The second pic looks like Elmer Damaso's style, though he's not mentioned as part of the team.
  8. Michaelangelo is a girl now!? Is shredder a klepto? Look at all those shiny metals and junks covering his body. That doesn't even look like an armor.
  9. With a budget of 150 million which later balooned to 200 million, but barely got 40 million in the box office. Ouch
  10. Valkyrie Addict, I thought you were going to pull a Brokeback Airforce on Macross Plus:P. For Macross Frontier, Sheryl would have to be a cybernetic augmented pilot. Athough, the problem with Ranka is that she's still a minor and Ozma would be against her joining either SMS or NUNS. Alto could pull a Lancer/Yellow Dancer though.
  11. Macross is generally aimed at teens that's why it has a lot risque scene like the Minmay shower scene.
  12. Mind blown Too bad we won't know what happened to Max and Millia by MF time.
  13. If they're looking for water in Mars, then they might explore the Martian north pole which contain ice. Also, NASA should keep an eye for Abraham Lincoln, the king of Mars.
  14. Will they allow fans to take a seat on the cockpit of the VF-25? Cause you know that would be awesome.
  15. Space Black Knight Space Thunder Kids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IM9q4a5hLI
  16. Or they could combine Space Black Knight and Space Thunder Kids.
  17. I guess that means they no longer have an excuse to keep Shadow Rising's production hanging anymore. Also, wasn't it announced in one of their convention tours way back, that the animation for SR was already completed? If we take it as true, then SR may get released as early as 2014. Just in time for Robotech's 30th Anniversary in 2015.
  18. You guys want Doug to make a 3 hour podcast on the Robotech Calendar?
  19. It makes me wonder why HG didn't approach Tatsunko for all the creative works and animation for Shadow Chronicles. They are partners after all. Plus, they're using Mospeada, which is owned by Tatsunoko, as the backbone for TSC.
  20. It's already Jan. 1, 2012 on this side of the world, so happy 25th anniversary Macross Flashback 2012! Hopefully, we'll get something pertaining to FB2012 in the coming months.
  21. And the Robotech calendar isn't even worth it to buy since they're just reusing Tommy Yune's old artworks. The fans are better off buying a normal calendar.
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