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  2. Solo DX GBP set for 16.5k yen sealed https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/689610
  3. Over in California, Amazon Japan has started collecting sales tax. So I guess they just can't be arsed with Australia's system?
  4. Thank you sir, that's good to hear. Just placed my order to get it out of the way. Might try my luck at pre-order madness night for a second copy for added assurance anyway πŸ˜…
  5. It’s safe to order from Luna @NUNS and they’re not Nin-Nin or NY as they have majorly burned and let a sour taste in many members here and with other Macross websites as well.
  6. I know this would have been unlikely (this is a clear demonstration of how I don't understand the film industry), but would have been cool if they filmed two versions simultaneously, an actual English version and a Japanese version with Japanese speaking actors (lots of talented non Japanese who ca. Speak Japanese fluently). One cut films the English version, stop, swap out actors for he same scene in Japanese. Lol, yeah, I know, probably a logistical nightmare. Dubbed movies have always been a distraction for me, takes me right out of the film.
  7. Just put in my pre-order at Luna. First time dealing with them so hope all goes well 🀞
  8. VF-1S SOLD! moderators, please remove thread, thank you.
  9. I'm happy with the Yamcadia GBPs.. but Bandai's tampo printing just makes it look miles better.
  10. Now that I have it in hand, I'm find myself rather a tad bit annoyed with the reversed-color UNSPACY Kite symbol that Bandai used for their GBP-1S. 😦
  11. Well, I guess the big 1027 news is the Ghostbusters proton pack crowdfund. The only thing worth mentioning Transformers-related is that Lift-Ticket, basically Hoist in red Diaclone colors, is the first Legacy Generations Selects figure. ...I preordered one.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Ah, Dorkside... I saw over the weekend that they were advertising the toy-colored Gen Selects Gavaltron as in stock, and since Pulse is still listing it for mid-December I figured I could get it early. No shipping email. When I saw your post I went and saw my order as still pending, so I figured I'd just cancel it and re-order it with the free shipping, save myself $8. Except it isn't listed anywhere on the site now. Not "sold out," totally non-existent. No big deal, given that it's been like four days I was starting to get the impression that they weren't going to fill that order before Pulse anyway. Speaking of Pulse, I got my Pulsecon-exclusive Decepticons Forever Ravage. After having Ravage in hand, I decided that he should get a full review instead of just repaint coverage because he actually doesn't share a ton of parts with Cheetor/Shadow Panther. Everything* above his thigh swivels are brand new, except for the cat legs on his back. He winds up taller, with a broader chest than Cheetor/Shadow Panther. And because it's mostly a new figure, Hasbro was able to make him very show-accurate, with a few constraints a new added details. For the most part, the sculpt and coloring is all correct, even that annoying white lump on his head. There's a new bit of gold trim above his abs, and some thigh details that were present but silver on the CGI model are highlighted in gold. His belt is a tad off, the silver should just outline the red oval, but form a whole rectangle. And then there's his feet. I get that they're reusing parts from Cheetor, so he's not going to have his cat paw feet. But painting them silver, and they are painted, is a weird choice since Ravage's feet were black in the show. From the sides and back you can see that Ravage does carry a bit of backpack that isn't so show-accurate. It's not really worse than the Cheetor mold, though. Unlike that mold, his tail does not come off. Presumably that's because Ravage had a tail in the show. $52.99 is a lot for a tall deluxe/short Voyager, so I suppose a lot of the budget goes to his accessories. You get two cartoon-accurate guns for him. You get a G1 Ravage with the G1 hip weapons. And you get a backdrop that depicts the bridge/cockpit of the ship Ravage uses in the show. Now, you might have noticed from my Studio Series coverage that I tend not to discuss the packaging or backdrops, which I consider part of the packaging, but this one is special. See, in the show there's a scene where this version of Ravage turns into his G1 cassette mode and slots into his ship to control it. Hence, the included G1 Ravage isn't really meant to be a before-and-after thing, it's standing in for this Ravage's cassette mode since you're not going to get a bot that looks like this into a cassette on a Habsro budget. And so the backdrop has a little pocket for the G1 Ravage to slide into in cassette mode. About that Ravage... while it's the G1 mold, it's not G1 accurate. It's not immediately obvious, but the center of the tampoed tape details doesn't match the original G1 or recent Walmart reissue (top right), and it's missing the "Metal Position" and "Microcassette" print. It also doesn't match the one that came with the old Toys 'R' Us Soundwave reissue (bottom right), which means I now have three different G1 Ravages and none of them match. You may also notice that this Ravage has silver eyes instead of gold, and the metal forelimbs aren't polished the way they are on the others. What's really weird, though, is that the original G1 toy doesn't have any tape markings on the other side, just a rub sign and the other eye, but this new one has the tape details tampoed on again, just with a Decepticon insignia instead of a B-side label. Odd deco choices aside, it's still very much the G1 toy. Same transformation, same articulation, same method of mounting the chromed hip weapons. Same difficulty standing due to their thinness. As for the figure that probably prompted you to buy this set, his head is on a ball joint. A little upward tilt, nothing really down or sideways. He can swivel, but only about 45 degrees in either direction. His mouth can open. His shoulders rotate and can extend laterally 180 degrees. His biceps swivel, and his elbows are double-jointed and bend 180 degrees. His wrists swivel. His waist swivels. His hips can go 90 degrees forward or laterally, but only a little bit backward. His thighs swivel just above the knees, which bend just under 90 degrees. His feet can tilt up and down plenty, and his ankles pivot 90 degrees. Ravage can hold his guns just fine using the 5mm handles. They also have tabs on the sides that fit into slots on his thighs for storage. Transforming Ravage was interesting, because while his legs turn into the rear legs the same as Cheetor/Shadow Panther that's about all the similarity you get. His chest opens, allowing his head to lift up and to expose some extra cat chest, and his forearms tuck inside. Now, his cat legs swing around from his back, which leaves a gap where the panels were sitting, but that gap is actually filled by the backs of his forearms and hands. Neat! A word of note, Ravage is misassembled out of the box. It's not just my copy; to be sure I checked Youtube reviews by Benscollectibles and PrimeVsPrime, and neither of them mentioned it but I could see that both of their copies had the misassembly. Basically, the front cat legs are on backward. You'll notice it because when you try to pose the cat's legs it'll seem like the elbow doesn't bend very far; that's because the elbow will be facing the front and preventing you from bending too far. Fortunately it's an easy fix, since the legs are on ball joints. Just pop them off the ball joint, turn the front paws 180 degrees, then swap them to the other side. Correctly assembled, you'll find that Ravage has a bigger head and broader chest than Cheetor/Shadow Panther. His chest and stomach isn't as deep as theirs, though, becuase he doesn't have his robot arms filling it out the way they do. Also, despite the fact that they share legs, they do not, in fact, share paws. Ravage's paws are noticeably bigger. Smallish nitpick, but jaguars are bigger and stockier than cheetahs and leopards. While the broader and bigger head helps, his limbs seem thin and long. I'd almost prefer if they'd made Ravage from Tigatron's mold instead, but I guess then he'd be too big. I'm not a BW scale expert, but this Ravage is in a similar scale with Kingdom Megatron as Ravage appears with Megatron in the show (although Megatron was technically in is Transmetal form by then). Ravage's more mechanical silver thighs do not blend into the cat body they way Cheetor/Shadow Panther's do. This doesn't actually bother me, though. It just reminds me of the hip weapons G1 Ravage carries. Speaking of weapons, his pistols actually do mount on his "hips", by tabbing into his robot thighs just like you can for robot mode storage. While I guess you can technically orient them barrel forward, the instructions have you point them barrel backward. Perhaps G1 Ravages hip weapons weren't weapons at all, but something like boosters? And having his guns pointed backward is orienting the barrels like boosters? I dunno. But the black on the guns does help hide some of the silver robot thighs. Ravage's cat legs, insomuch as they're the same as Cheetor's, have the same articulation. However, since his robot arms aren't locking in place to form his tummy, Ravage retains his waist swivel. He also retains some of his head articulation. I'm not the biggest Beast Wars fan. Like I've said before, I didn't watch it until I was an adult and picked up the Shout Factory DVDs because I was in the "trukk not munky" crowd. But my favorite episodes, the ones most memorable to me, where the ones that tied Beast Wars into G1 and cemented it as a sequel/prequel instead of a reboot. I loved that unlike Optimus, Megatron, Inferno, Scorponok, and Silverbolt, who were just using the names of G1 characters, Ravage in Beast Wars was very clearly meant to be G1 Ravage. Decepticons Forever Ravage might be a bit pricey, given that I could have lived without the backdrop or yet another G1 Ravage, but I love that it's a thing that exists, and that Hasbro took the care to make him an almost entirely new, show-accurate mold instead of just repainting Cheetor black. I have no regrets with this purchase, and if "The Agenda" 1-3 were some of your favorite Beast Wars episodes like they were mine, I'd recommend picking him up.
  12. Thrawn and a Rebel Trooper arrived. Waiting on some Bounty Hunters now.
  13. Only if you boil it down to an 8-pack of crayons, hue-spread-wise. The -31C toy doesn't match the show, and the new -31AX doesn't match anything that came before. No, none of them are bright scarlet red. But it doesn't mean they match each other, nor the show. (of course, having not seen the movie, I don't know what shade the -31AX is truly supposed to be). But I do know the DX -31C doesn't match the TV series nor most other -31C merchandise.
  14. Marvel Legends Retro 3.75” Symbiote Spider-Man.
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