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  1. A modern re-imagining of the Thunderfighter along the same lines as the Viper MkII would indeed be sweet. My problem with reboots/remakes is that, Battlestar Galactica 2004 aside, they may end up looking good to great but turn out mediocre hollow shells of the original, saddled with post-modern one-sided politics and in-your-face social commentary/propaganda with all the vacuous subtlety of a sledge hammer.
  2. Same, with two exceptions: a VF-31A and a Sv-262Ba... I won't hold my breath for either, but a tiny bit of hope remains.
  3. ^Sold out... I just got cart jacked.
  4. One final soaring leap into the wild blue yonder. Let the angels be made aware and rejoice, a maverick is about to smash his way into their eternal ranks at mach speed.
  5. An end... hardly, but a seismic shift in how movies are promoted, released, and viewed, and the subsequent reinvention of the theater business model -- of those that survive the bloodbath, that is -- going forward... absolutely!
  6. I'd be interested in a set as well.
  7. Different US states impose wildly different sales taxes, some varying even within an individual state itself. Being accurate is not being pedantic. But no worries, I can see how making a correction on a forum, without the benefit of context or nuanced expression, can come across as unnecessarily obsessing over minutia. And we've all been guilty of jumping the gun absent of proper caffeination.
  8. There is so such thing as a US Tax. There is a possibility of being charged a State sale tax depending on where in the USA you live. I got charged ¥25,273 for the Roy + ¥3045 Priority shipping.
  9. AmazonGlobal International Shipping (Priority)... whatever that means.
  10. ^ Thanks Dobber. So, most of them, including the Raiders (2004), are 1/33, with the MKII being slightly over-sized at 1/31, the MKVII a bit too small at 1/36, and the Raptors a tad worse at 1/37... those are margins of discrepancy I can live with, which opens a whole new can of money siphoning worms.
  11. Quick question: Are the Eaglemoss Vipers in scale to each other, or sized to their respective boxes? I just got the MKIII; it's an impressive piece with a satisfying size -- looks 1/32-ish -- but if I'm to buy the other models, I'd like to know how they compare to each other scale wise. Tnx
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