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  1. mechaninac

    Macross figures

    Everything worked just fine as of the time of this post.
  2. It will definitely fulfill its cash-grab mission; of that I have no doubt.
  3. Order placed with games-workshop.com for one copy, $106.35 w/tax and free 3-6 day shipping to my home. It is pricey, but this is a frik'n Space Marine articulated and fully finished figure, so I just couldn't resist, and with PayPal Credit -- it is above the $99.00 threshold -- I got 6 months to pay, which makes it a bit more palatable.
  4. mechaninac

    Hi-Metal R

    Bandai failing to get my moolah...
  5. The Inbit Scout is such a tiny mecha "in real life" that 1/48 would be better than 1/55, for no other reason than it would be slightly less fiddly and fragile, and it would look better next to even 1/55 scaled opponents. So, my vote goes to 1/48.
  6. ^ So, Eaglemoss is entirely accurate on their release of the Akira Class U.S.S. Thunderchild, insofar as the inclusion of the name anywhere on the ship's hull is concerned. The ship model didn't have a name on it in its appearance in First Contact. It's also good to know that this oversight from the studio can be remedied on the XL piece with an aftermarket decal from a fan to fans. I does look gorgeous; then again, this is the most photogenic design of any non-hero ship in Star Trek.
  7. My AJ order was split in two and I just got my shipping notice for the second batch, the DX VF-1A Max, this morning... should have all of it in my grubby hands by Saturday. Unless some other must-have gets announced, with the exception of the Riobot VF-041H Blowsperior slated for November, I think I'm done for the year, which makes my wallet sigh in relief.
  8. mechaninac

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The 31 pretty much disappears under all that armor kibble...
  9. The first Godzilla movie was a far superior one, that I thoroughly enjoyed; after finishing GtKoM I was left with the biggest "meh" feeling due to its -- purely my own personal opinion -- formulaic sequel-itis mediocrity.
  10. Almost, but not quite at 69% and 65% off respectively. Now, once they tank to the 80+% off range, I may just go for it.
  11. Now, why would you want to bury your pet moth in puke? That's just mean... poor thing. Sorry, I just couldn't resist taking advantage of that typo.
  12. Well, that wasn't so bad. Missing on the preoder for the DX VF-1A Max was a bummer, but I just placed an order with Amazon Japan without any drama or sleepless night, and I also took the opportunity to get the latest 3 Hachette 1/100 fighters to save on the overall shipping, which at about 2600 yen for DHL(?) is an exceptionally good -- nay, unbeatable insured and quick delivery -- deal for the whole lot. Now I can rest easy. Eat your 27500 yen for just the DX, before exorbitant shipping, heart out Nippon-Yasan.
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