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  1. STP has a -- very small -- chance of being salvaged if they go back to the drawing board and scrap any footage that even hints of Bad Reboot's and Klutzman's influence... make it so the test screening episode never happened; STD, on the other hand, is beyond redemption and needs to be relegated to a Q induced nightmare that causes Picard or Riker or Janeway to wake up in a cold sweat, or the aftereffects of some bad replicated fish... strike it from even an alternate canon.
  2. The giant intergalactic windsock is on its way... I find myself oddly interested in this thing... the light-up gimmick certainly helps.
  3. I get where you're coming from; anime magic + crudely drawn line-art pretending to be orthographic views and perspectives make for very confusing and often contradictory representations of even simple geometries. Yes, the enchant Greeks were a clever and resourceful bunch... IIRC, they would bias the taper on columns inward towards a structure so that they produced the optical illusion of being straight when viewed from bellow, because a perfect taper -- or worse, a constant thickness -- would give the impression of the column leaning out and on the verge of toppling over.
  4. Well... that took a trippy dark turn...
  5. I just found this thread after my curiosity prompted me to look into what Mr. Moscato was up to. This thing is looking fantastic, making me proud to have played a small part in its development. Fantastic work as always Cap'n; although, I must say, I could have saved you a bit of trepidation and time on that access hatch by modeling it into the upper hull, either with the full opening removed, or as a score line on the inside (maybe 2+ mm deep X .5 mm wide) to facilitate cutting and negate the need to measure and hope, but I know all too well that that kind of foresight requires a lot of pre-planing and certainty to execute well, specially when one is designing on the fly. I'll keep following your progress to witness the final result. Cheers!
  6. If that is the case, then it would scale fairly well with the upcoming Sentinel "Alpha" fighter... I'm in, if it's reasonably priced and doesn't turn out to be either vaporware or an utter piece of poop.
  7. Urgh! Note to self: DO NOT handle alcohol, acetone, thinners, or any other type of solvent anywhere near one of these figures, or any figure for that matter.
  8. Got that email too... hope it's worth it.
  9. Unfortunately with Eaglemoss, their message is loud and clear: If you want scale consistency, build a model kit. It would be no big deal for them to keep similar sized craft in scale to each other; but alas, their shtick is box scale, and they are fairly inconsistent at that too.
  10. For the love of.... no CGI necromancy, please!...
  11. ^ Holy cow! That's absolutely hideous... Mais feio do que um rascunho do mapa do inferno!
  12. Hellboy fans wanted a continuation/resolution to Giullermo Del Toro's version, preferably with the same cast... the final act of a trilogy. But no, in their infinite wisdom they decided to heck with that noise -- what do the fans know anyhow?.. Just give'em something and they'll eat it up -- and reboot the franchise. Is it any wonder this thing is tanking hard?
  13. I'll just park this here; because, although not Endgame related, it is Iron Man related... it seemed appropriate enough and IT IS EPIC, and I haven't seen it posted elsewhere...
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