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  1. ^ Holy cow! That's absolutely hideous... Mais feio do que um rascunho do mapa do inferno!
  2. Hellboy fans wanted a continuation/resolution to Giullermo Del Toro's version, preferably with the same cast... the final act of a trilogy. But no, in their infinite wisdom they decided to heck with that noise -- what do the fans know anyhow?.. Just give'em something and they'll eat it up -- and reboot the franchise. Is it any wonder this thing is tanking hard?
  3. I'll just park this here; because, although not Endgame related, it is Iron Man related... it seemed appropriate enough and IT IS EPIC, and I haven't seen it posted elsewhere...
  4. The thigh armor is definitely longer, and it appears that the inner frame of the abdomen may be a bit longer too... look at he belly plate's relationship to the chest armor.
  5. This was so much more like it than last night.... wake up, check this page, click on several links, decide which one to go with, add to cart, check out... no muss, no fuss, no drama, no disappointment. I went with Amazon.jp; <20K Yen shipped by DHL.
  6. If you pay in USD, at N-Y's inflated exchange rate, then yes you can use PP credit, which would buy you 6 months to pay, interest free as long as you pay the minimim every month and the entire amount before the grace period runs out, for any amount totaling over $99.00.
  7. I got the availability email from N-Y, so I clicked on the link. I looked at the price, laughed heartily, and closed the browser tab. For that price, they can sit on it for all I care; I'll wait and see if AE lists it, or if CDJ or some other reputable vendor reopens POs. What a farce N-Y has been with this thing; first a ticket system that finally lets you win after the item you wish to secure is already sold out, then they conveniently "find" extra supply and add over 10K Yen to their initial price... sheesh!
  8. @Shizuka the Cat: Macross World's newest Super Dimensional Enabler...
  9. Man, this is frustrating; just a few minutes AFTER I decided I'd had enough, Amazon.jp open their preorder and I totally miss it. What a total bust... nothing from AE yet, though...
  10. Been up over an hour, and when N-Y loads the DX 1A is NOT AVAILABLE. Enough BS, I'm out!
  11. Woke up at 4 am for this and went though pages of shock and disappointment from the majority of folks here. This is a bit depressing, but I though "what the heck, give it a shot".................. ...................... ................................................. My ticket ( what a crock or excrement) was up on N-Y and................... no VF-1A Max in their Macross page. AE still hasn't listed it either.
  12. You DON'T NEED it... but you know you WANT it with every fiber of your being.
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