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  1. My 2 cents on the VF-0D composite image, to improve what is already a fantastic effort: Add a subtle soft translucent glow to hint at lit engines, and a blur effect to simulate exhaust heart distortion trailing the nozzles.
  2. mechaninac

    Macross figures

    My Lisa has been stuck in pre-shipment hell since the 6th...
  3. That's sophistry, and you know it!... 1987-1989 (heck, the entirety of the era in which it originally ran) were a completely different television landscape from what it is today. Back then, shows had far, far more leeway to overcome wonky starts and mediocre ratings -- a honeymoon period, of sorts, to find their voice, work out the kinks, and find an audience; add to that the much lesser availability of alternate entertainment choices on broadcast and cable at the time, and the fact that it was the return of Star Trek to first run television since 1969 guaranteed its survival through its teet
  4. The first 3 seasons of TNG were, with the exception of a precious few notable episodes, just mediocre and hokey bad, with characters that didn't gel together, wooden performances, lame stories, terrible and jarring (amateurish, even) musical scoring, and a general sense of antiseptic post-modern elitism; however, it wasn't purposefully bad in the same vein as STD, and later STP, in the intentional deconstructionist and twisted attitude towards the franchise in an ongoing act of vandalism for shock value.
  5. That's why I qualified my personal preference as the "contemporary" standard for me. It is a foregone conclusion that how one prefers to picture a fictional character is entirely a personal choice, as is the artists's interpretation. Going by the written description, it is my opinion that Jeff Easley came closest to capturing Drizzt's racial look in the cover art to the original printing of Sojourn.
  6. They're quoting 7-14 days with the express shipping option. I suppose we're about to find out how accurate that proves...
  7. I don't know about that; and to me, cosplays and unofficial/non-published art don't count. Even as late as the Homecoming Trilogy books, his depictions on the covers have a much darker and grayer skin tone, but the quintessential contemporary image I refer to regarding the proper look for Drizzt (Dark Elves in general) and Guen comes from The Companions, not the Andorian-Vulcan hybrid Hasbro has chosen: Edit: Heck, even where a blue skin tone in concerned, this Shadow Elf figure from Mythic Legions does a more credible job of portraying a Drow: I suppose that a solution
  8. Got the shipping notification this morning, myself... sweet!
  9. Not bad, but Hasbro made Drizzt's complexion waaaaayyyy too light; he's a Drow, for Lolth's sake. The Ranger won't be complete without Bruenor, Catty Brie, Wulfgar, Rumblebelly, Jarlaxle, and Artemis Entreri....
  10. Me neither; perhaps when it hits regular cable TV, but likely not even then... TLJ was, to me (and I watched it for free just to see what all the hubbub was about), an abhorrent abomination and testament to bad writing, bad storytelling, agenda pushing in lieu of a morality play, corporate meddling to hit woke bullet points at the expense of quality, and one man's directorial hubris, utterly devoid of merit within the universe it's supposed to inhabit; and by all accounts, JJ's attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back together after the Number 2 that was the 2nd installment resulted in an completely
  11. The Disney Trilogy, love it, hate it, or couldn't care less... wherever you fall, this (unarguably lengthy) review is hilarious. Prof Tosspot's curmudgeonly Smack Talk critiques, agree or disagree, never fail to amuse and enlighten.
  12. Looks like Connie Refit variant that either got caught in the outer wake of a Super Nova explosion or "survived" a fiery uncontrolled reentry...
  13. 30 bucks on top of the D+ subscription cost.... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Disney must really think, in their desperation, that their dwindling customers are a bunch of blithering idiots with more disposable income than common sense.
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