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  1. The old, pre-woke, business model was to "give the consumer what they want and they'll beat a path to your door." The customer was always right. The new, post modern, woke paradigm is to vandalize beloved properties into loathsome mockeries of what they were, and to belittle, castigate, and vilify (insert preferred epithet here) the fan base, that made the franchises prosperous in the first place, when they reject the garbage they are told they should brainlessly accept and consume, because if they deign to voice their displeasure it's not because the crap they've been served stinks... no, no, no, it's because the "neanderthals" are too uncouth to appreciate the distinctive new bouquet.
  2. That looks fantastic! One more must buy from KC. Now, when do preorders start?
  3. This showed up today.... lousy picture, I know.
  4. That, and... "Oh, you want to put this included superior hair sculpt to proper use? You'll have to buy the previously released figure!" Which is where I'd find myself.
  5. Wouldn't Enablers Assemble be more apropos in this context?...
  6. It's a lesser known subspecies from the same planet as the ballchinians, called ballcheekians...
  7. My Blowsuperior got delivered today... well ahead of the Dec 5 expected date. It surprised the heck out of me when I got the DHL email notifying me of the early arrival, a wonderful surprise which was extremely welcome. The figure itself, the armo-bike, and the accessories -- specially the saddlebags --are fantastic.
  8. Better question: Why???!!! Wasn't Aon Flux enough of an WTAF?
  9. The Legioss, if it were a real aircraft, would be smaller than a F-16. A VF-1 is to, say, the VF-0 as an F-16 is to the F-14 or F-15. This makes the Legioss a very tiny thing at 1/48 scale. That should be taken into consideration when comparing the toy's size to other "similar" types.
  10. Amazon JP for the win, specially when factoring in the ultra reasonable and fast DHL shipping.
  11. mechaninac

    Macross figures

    Everything worked just fine as of the time of this post.
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