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  1. Darn it! But hey, I’m in the east bay, if you need help with some grunt work, shoot me a PM.
  2. lolicon, good communication and prompt shipping
  3. thumbs up for bruinsinla, great communication, fast shipping, good packaging.
  4. another +1 for TKing22, good communication, fast shipping, fair price.
  5. Wondering where all the soundwaves are? http://www.ebay.com/itm/251315320798
  6. is that a magazine for gunpod as well as the removable stock?
  7. ... they're toys. If buying a toy is going to hurt your "financial plan", maybe you shouldn't be buying them.
  8. where up here? Would love to do a pilgrimage to see your work.
  9. I have an order with NY for the 25f reissue that I'm planning on canceling, does anyone here still want one?
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