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  1. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Yep...personally I wouldn't pay that much for a cel I couldn't open display....but if someone did want one....that particular shot is what would bring the most interest and price
  2. jvmacross

    Macross Sitajiki (pencilboard)

    That's just it....when produced they were not intended for "over here"....thus your confusion on their practicality These were meant for grade school kids....they were meant to be mass consumables not cherished treasures....
  3. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    The nude one they are selling was originally on YJA a few years ago....it's basically just a gag cel, a novelty....no one would pay that much for it.....also it is not the best one you could get from the sequence... The cel from the shower sequence you'd want would be something like this....
  4. jvmacross

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Just paid the invoice on the balance for the -1S and FP....hoping it's decent....
  5. jvmacross

    Macross Books

  6. jvmacross

    Macross Books

    Yes...when you place the order
  7. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Pretty much this style....not the best Mikimoto era, not the worst...
  8. jvmacross

    Hi-Metal R

    So will Bandai screw up on the FB2012 Hikaru Pilot too? POs cancelled!
  9. jvmacross

    Hi-Metal R

    Is it a repaint of the Sylvie fig minus the boobies? Or a brand new sculpt? Either way it is wrong. Nexx has a completely different helmet...or was this helmet specific to when he flew the Metal Siren?
  10. jvmacross

    Hi-Metal R

  11. jvmacross

    Pixar's Toy Story 4 (Summer 2019)

    Toy Story 4.....then onto Toy Stories: the Series on Disney+!
  12. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Those M7 cels hardly ever get much more than 100USD bids...they had a very minimal effect on the final auction price....that was all Minmay! As for Asylum Anime....seems they are going the UTH and other recent bunghole scalper route, in terms of raiding YJA and selling for double...except maybe they are skipping the ebay middleman.
  13. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Hey Maximus... .the Minmay version in M7 is actually a Mikimoto "version"...he was the lead charater designer for M7...and all other M7 spin-offs.....my remark was basically alluding to the possibility that Mikimoto himself may have gotten involved in that specific sequence you referenced from M7 Ep11.....it would certainly explain the high final winning bid....although I am not particularly fond of that era of character design from the ever changing "Mikimoto-style", it certainly would have been nice to have owned it at say 500USD...especially since it also came with the very nice genga. There is no way the other two cels in that "lot" had anything but a minimal effect on the final auction price. That was all Minmay's doing!
  14. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Wow.....nice Minmay cel...but 95,000 JPY nice? Maybe it was drawn by Mikimoto? https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/339814821