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  1. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    BBTS too.... http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/67569
  2. Why do you collect MISB?

  3. I don't understand that whole "get rid off the past...kill it if you have to" mantra.......it ain't happening........Luke himself does a 360 and says...nope...forget that.....the Jedi will not die with me (Rey)....and 2) The whole dang process (jedi vs Sith) seems poised to get rebooted all over again as depicted with that slave kid.....essentially we will once again get a whole new generation of Jedi and at somepoint Sith or Dark Jedis.....it never ends.......
  4. Toynami 1/100 line

    I'd buy painted recasts of them.....
  5. He could bring time travel into the Star Wars universe and "make things right...again"......he could make it all into a Star Trek-like alt reality.....make the entire Star Wars Saga a dream.....Go full-on LOST....move on to ripping-off the prequel trilogy?
  6. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Hoping you can send me some leads!
  7. LOL. Not surprised....afterall...Snoke is the posterboy for "tossed away" characters. Don't be older than maybe 35 in a Star Wars movie.....you'll most likely be dead before the credits roll....or at least by the next installment!
  8. Toynami 1/100 line

    Wouldn't it make more sense at this point to just wait and see how the 1/72 line turns out? Surely the possibility of a 1/72 Ben VF-1A is somewhat expected....based on how many SD versions have been released by Kidlogic/concept or whatever they are called.....
  9. Macross Books

    Awesome! I still have yet to open one of my sets. I also bought some stationery and pins from the event that I will take some pics of when I get a chance.
  10. So I wonder what excuse will be revealed as to why Yoda, Obi-Wan, or Qui-Gon would not have summoned a bolt of lightning into Darth Sidious during his reign? Also, kind of fuzzy in my memory, but did Yoda actually physically smack Luke during their scene in TLJ?
  11. I thought it was mentioned in the movie that the base was something from the early Rebel alliance days? Which may have been built as such before they even knew about the Death Star and its type of weapons....which would make giant doors pointless....thus the move to just shields during the post Death Star period of the conflict? I'm sure it will all be explained in some book or comic!