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WIP-Macross YF-Type02


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On 8/15/2023 at 9:06 AM, Shawn said:

Could you tell us more about this project? It looks very good.

Hi Shawn, thank you. This little project is one of the six vf designs I’m planning. This is the second design and still a very early prototype in trial and error for parts design. Call it YF and a size of 383.60mm x 285mm x 67.50mm. Close to a 1/48 bandai VF-1. Three modes without swapping parts. Parts printing using phrozen 8k resin printer. As for the prototype, I deactivated the layers of panel linings and some small details. Printed in 0.05 layers of basic aqua resin. Hopefully, next update could bring out a finished assemble test product.

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On 8/19/2023 at 8:58 PM, Knight26 said:

These look awesome, do you plan to sell/release the STLs?  Or are you going produce them yourself for sale?

properly will release STLs to specific 3D Market sites. For now, i don't have any plans to produce it. I am now trying on all parts fittings, adjusting tolerance in between parts.


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Hmm....need to re-design few crucial parts....

6 hours ago, Bolt said:

Awesome. I'm not getting a printer anytime soon, unfortunately. But great job, looking forward to seeing more 👍🏼

Thanks, man; it's still incomplete and can't be uploaded to any 3D marketplace any sooner ....



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6 hours ago, twich said:

It looks rather large, what scale are you aiming for? This is great work! I wish I had the money, time and ability to print and build something like this! Can’t wait for more updates!


I'm guessing 1:48 based on the ejection seat and cockpit.

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