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What is you favorite Macross World Emoji?

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With a recent update of the Macross World board software introducing the default iOS/android emojis and placed them above the one that come with this message board software, I noticed that more and more users are using those.

However, I really like the other emojis. So I wanted to asked with one of the ones that are „unique“ to MWF is your favorite?

Mine is this one:


It is a representation of my favorite icon that I often used in the beginning of the Internet when you hadn’t had rendered images.

Since I try to take everything said on the Internet lightheadedly, it represents my state of mind the best most of the time.

It is also super cute.




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When something said is so confusing, unexpected, illogical, and/or asinine, this is my go to reaction: :huh:

But I also like this one for something so ridiculously awesome that you can only react this way:  :shok:

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