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VF-1S 3MCCS-2 Cockpit Build

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Time to dust off an old "restoration" project - The iconic 3MCCS-2 late cockpit from DYRL.

I wanted to take 'real' flight controls and see if they could translate into the cockpit we all love so much.

Inspired by Dodiano's real world build and Dan Bickell's earlier work.

This is an ongoing work in progress, as I'm trying to stay true to the layout of the attached diagram yet trick it out with 'real life' switches and legends.

My apologies for the mess in the shop, seems like there's Destroid parts everywhere. =)


EDIT: I am not a pilot, so please chime in if something looks wrong.

PANEL 01.jpg

PANEL 02.jpg

PANEL 03.jpg

PANEL 04.jpg

PANEL 05.jpg

PANEL 06.jpg

PANEL 07.jpg

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Aww hell yeah, it still works!

Panel back-lighting came right on *boop*.

And not complaining, but this new hangar is so much better than that dusty old destroid factory!

(Pretty sure bad things happened there once!)



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On 10/17/2020 at 10:06 AM, Thom said:

Have to say that is a lovely looking IP! Looks fantastic.

Now, with any kit we always start with the cockpit, so I imagine the rest will follow...;) 

Your insight serves you well...

Look for my other posts. I started the fuselage/canopy previously, but I want to rebuild them properly.

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I got seriously inspired recently by a GIF by ui artist Marnick Lammers: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Xrlmw


So...I decided to deculture his incredible F-16 HUD gif, then (very, very crudely) recultured it into the main VF-1S MFD. We need to find a person to do this MFD screen animation properly. =)


If there are any motion graphic artists out there who would like to help on this, please contact me. This is not a paying job. It is for the glory  of our cause. =) My mograph sucks, so I've been waiting a while to find something I could hack together. If you were to leave that part to me, we could be waiting a while... Just saying.


This animation is free to download copy, distribute and literally stare at for hours if you wish.

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forgot to attach the money
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Looks good. :good:

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