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  1. Hi AtolmAzel - I like the style of your sketches , sorry , not a big fan VA-3 . Always thought of it as the "hippo" of Macross ( start the flaming )
  2. Wow a lot of models
  3. Hi Aztek I have never seen CAD files , just basic scans
  4. Engine done - CAD in Rhino3D , quickly exported some polygon ( there some mesh issues) quick render in Cinema4D
  5. More of small update , lots of little details
  6. Slow progress lot of little details
  7. Some people says it relates to the kamikaze poem known as A shackled leaf from WWII , I thought it was fitting. Here is the poem. Forever shackled by these chains, I wallow in their lies. They tie me to my fears and hate, And all that I despise. I see my friends across the road, But my shackles hold me back. They have looks and wit, they say. Everything you lack. The birds and clouds glide in joy, Dancing across the sky. But my chains tie me to the ground. Shackled tears I cry. Another mountain lies before me, A new challenge I must try. Don’t fo
  8. I remember words the from Wash - I am a leaf on the wind .....
  9. Rodavan


    Thank you Datterboy , long time since we heard form you
  10. Rodavan


    Hi coronadlux - no real live got in the way , maybe a project for my holiday in December .....
  11. Thank you Tekering Xigfrid - Thanks all my models are full CAD models , they need to tweaked for printing , but luckily as they are already CAD models the process is an easy one .The Wanhao D8 is my own printer , so I think there will still be a lot "learning "
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