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Hi everyone!

I submit, for your consideration, my proposal to re-issue my 1/48 BUSTER resin kit (Mospeada Armo-Soldier doppleganger.) I will be making some minor cosmetic improvements to the neck as well as including decals this time around. There may also be a surprise included, just because. I'm looking for 10 orders to help bring this to fruition. As per with the original issue, the kit will include all three head options.

Base price is $300 CAD (about $230 USD)

-$338 CAD shipped anywhere in Canada or the US

-$358 CAD shipped internationally by Small Packet Air

For those asking why they should get this in stead of the Evolution Toy, or any other toy variant, I will let photos speak for themselves.



Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 4.34.30 PM.png




Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.38.31 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.40.55 PM.png

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2 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

I really love Cap's rendition for this. Too bad, I don't know how to build and paint resin. :unsure:

Quick question though, is this transformable or it's more of decide which mode to go for? Thanks Cap!


Soldier mode only. Transforming resin kits are a fool's errand... And this one is already challenging to build even in a static pose.

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1 hour ago, no3Ljm said:

I don't know how to build and paint resin. :unsure:

Resin is just another type of plastic.  The parts may require more putty and sanding than your average model kit, but the same tools and modeling supplies can be applied to a resin kit.  The primers, enamels, and acrylics I use for Moscato Hobby kits are the same as I use for painting Gunpla or Transformers.

You may need to use metal rods to reinforce connections or stabilize the model, however, depending on the pose you choose...  Resin kits are substantially heavier, and require more support than injection-mold models do.

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Hi guys!

The 1/48 BUSTER (Legioss) revival is officially underway. You can send payments now. Also, please let me know what version (H, I or Z) you'd like. You will get all three heads, but I need to know what decals to include in your kit. ^_^   For those who are new to this, I'll send you a private message with the payment info.

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I'm not a plastic modeler, resin or otherwise (I'm more of a LEGO custom builder), but I'm very glad of the photos in Captain America's post on March 5. This is (somehow) the first time I've seen the back of a Legioss in upright mode, and now I know how the wings fold up. I've been puzzling over that aspect of the transformation since 1987 and the cover art for the Robotech novelization #12: Symphony of Light -- art which is, admittedly, highly approximate.

(My instinct is to call it a "battloid," but that's the Robotech derivative of Macross terminology, so what did MOSPEADA call it, if anything? Aha -- "armo-soldier," if the boxes of the Aoshima and Imai model kits are to be believed.)

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17 hours ago, wwwmwww said:

Just spotted this... is it too late to join?  I was in on the original issue but being a huge fan I cannot pass on seeing what improvements are planned.

So when do we see the Moscato Beta?;)


Of course it's not too late. Welcome aboard, sir!

The improvements are actually quite minor, I'll post a pic of the new neck later this week. Tiny part, but will make Buster look much less awkward.

A few people have been asking about getting extra decals, so here's thew lowdown: they're being handled by a contractor in Australia (yes, that's how far I have to go to get custom sh*t done nowadays!) Since they have to be shipped from far (time delay) and the sheets themselves are quite big & pricy, I had to anticipate demand and try to plan accordingly. I ordered barely more than the planned run, but I will see if I can get them to do extras.

As for the hands, this is what I plan to include in each kit:  https://hlj.com/product/YLSPPC-TN83

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Hi guys! Today is update day! ^_^

Figured I'd take some time to go through the minor updates of the kit before I start mold-prep. As you will see, they're relatively minor but they will make for a nicer and sturdier model.

the first update shown in pics 001-003 concern the hip joints. The first pic shows the separate hip-joint parts: the two gray H-shapes on the left and the two smaller brown parts on the right. On the original kit, these parts were separate to maximize poseability, but as they needed to be pined, were quite small, and held a significant amount of overhead weight. Therefore, I thought it would be safer to mold them as one combined part (pic 002.) You can still get a wide range of poses with the new part, and now the built kit will be sturdier. Please note that it will still need to be pinned.



The next change, as I have mentioned previously, is the neck. On the original-issue, the neck was a double-jointed I-beam that attached to the body at the chin, similar to the old Imai 1/48 kit. After a moment of clarity, I realized that because of my transformation design, I could opt for a more conventional neck unit. It deletes one part in the kit (I can mold it in with the torso) and still offer a full range of poseability. That covers the mods for Soldier Mode. Should there ever be demand for a Fighter, I'll have to do more scratchbuilding, but that's a whole other kettle of fish! 





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Sweet build, Emiliano, would you object if I share it on social media? You would be credited as the builder, of course!

Also, quick BUSTER update: I've finished refining the parts... As expected, I discarded the neck part I made and went with something else. Pics will be posted later. Basic mold-prep has begun, and I thought I'd take a moment to issue a PSA to help with your building process.

Occasionally, you will see these little triangular shapes on some parts: these are not details, they're simply vents I use to free trapped air bubbles in more complex shapes as a means to get better castings. Just wanted to mention that because I've seen a couple of builds where those vents weren't removedIMG_0747.thumb.jpg.3bba96f366c911ff9b6b7cd6dd2e580d.jpg


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2 minutes ago, captain america said:

Sweet build, Emiliano, would you object if I share it on social media? You would be credited as the builder, of course!


Of course! no problem. I'm going to send you some better pictures by private message, since I made some small modifications in the supports of the guns so that they are "over" the figure and now it looks much better. Luck with the Legioss, it looks amazing


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