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Super Dimension Convention September 15, 2018

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So after seeing the banner at the top of the forums for this I looked into it. Until this year it was not economically feasible for me to go to this (not due to ticket price, but due to travel cost for a single day con mostly, I used to live in Florida), but now I live less than 3 hours away by car.... I'm giving serious thought to this now, wouldn't even have to take leave from work, lol.

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I'm flying over from NY a few days early with a buddy of mine.

It's my first con and also my first time in the west coast so I wonder if anybody knows if theres sites or places that deserve a visit?

I was planning on visiting the home of the YF-23 which I hear is not too far from the convention center and maybe the USS Iowa.

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On 8/25/2018 at 4:46 PM, Seto Kaiba said:

Got my tickets... I was worried there for a bit that work was going to try and stop me from going this year.

Oh myy.. you mean I might actually have the chance to meet one of my techie friends from here? I don't really know anyone from here of course, but at least I'll pseudo-know some people, lol.

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On 8/31/2018 at 9:45 PM, CeramicDragon said:

Can anyone tell me about vendors? Are there some actual deals out there or overpriced? And crowd size, am I expecting 10k people or how many?

Having gone last year, I'd say there are deals out there to be had. 


The venue won't hold 10k people, I think the max capacity is less than 1,000.

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I attended last year's Super Dimension Convention and was fortunate enough to get to this year's as well. So many great vendors, interesting and informative panels (particularly the Rarest Collectibles of Anime & Mecha with Shawn & Tony), and truly cool people indeed.

Getting to meet Jenius from the Macross World Forums (of Scorched Earth Toys/AnyMoon.com fame) was a real treat. An incredibly nice guy.

Adrian, Gwyn, and Mike from the SpearkerPod Cast crew were beyond generous with their time...letting me pester them with questions throughout the day and into the night.

I was already impressed by Mari Iijima's concert from last year, and thought this year's was even better. 

The crowd for this year's Idol Contest and Mini-Concert was really into it as well: both last year and this year were truly entertaining.

Although last year's emcee (an outstanding Lynn Kaifun) decided to take a break, I thought Burbeari did an excellent job (both energetic and engaging).

I'm leaving out a number of other people that I got to meet and talk with, as well all the other events/things that drew my attention throughout the day, and can only conclude by saying it was a day well spent with other Macross fans.

Thanks to all involved with putting the convention together. It truly is something special.

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