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  1. My bad if I came off a little defensive...that first response from treatment kind of put me in a foul mood lol. I realize Godzilla vs Kong or any giant monster movie for that matter isn't for everyone, plus my channel is really an automotive one and this video was just an oddball one I did for fun, so that's why there's a bit of a longish intro to it during which I keep poking fun at myself for being such a geek Thanks again for giving the video a chance.
  2. Thank you! I'm glad at least one person found something interesting from the video I don't post here that much but as a long-time Macross fan who hasn't missed an SDCon or MacrossWorldCon in years I thought I might run into some fellow Godzilla and anime fans who'd find this topic interesting - judging from the other responses I've gotten maybe I'll go back to just playing with my cars instead lol.
  3. Sorry but didn't Shoji Kawamori himself say that Macross II was retconned to be a "parallel world" entry and not part of the canon timeline? Since Studio Nue wasn't involved in Macross II I thought it was generally accepted that Macross II wasn't considered the "official" sequel to the original SDF Macross. I never said Macross II was bad - I quite like Macross II - but there's no getting around that Macross Plus is pretty much the canon second entry per the creators. And sorry for "four-minutes of drivel" - man this forum is harsh. This reminds me why I rarely come here anymore except when SuperdimensionCon is getting close to learn the details. Thanks for at least giving the video a chance though even if you ended up hating it.
  4. And maybe if you did give the video a chance instead of immediately putting me down without even watching it you would see that I mentioned that GvK is the 36th film in the franchise and that it all started with the 1954 original? You might also have noticed the Criterion Collection Showa-Era Godzilla set in the background that kind of indicates that I'm not some newbie fan of Godzilla. In fact I have that plus the previous Criterion Collection release of Gojira and several other home video releases of the 1954 film as part of my collection so I'm pretty confident when I say I've watched it enough times to appreciate its significance. But saying that only the 1954 movie "really matters" sounds like belittling so many great movies that came afterward including Godzilla vs Biollante, Shin Godzilla, GMK, etc etc. I'm not here to argue about the merits of the MonsterVerse though...I thought this forum was for fellow Macross fans and that they might get a kick out of how a big budget Hollywood director directly referenced a seminal work in the Macross franchise. Sorry for sharing then if it offends your artistic sensibilities.
  5. Hello guys! I'm not sure how many on here are fellow Godzilla fans but if there are any out there I thought you might want to check out this video I made about the anime influences in the latest MonsterVerse movie. The director Adam Wingard specifically mentioned Macross Plus so I thought that was very cool but Akira and Evangelion show up too. Here's a link: How Anime Influenced Godzilla Vs Kong
  6. Are you looking for people to bring items for display again this year? If yes, who should we be contacting about that? Thanks.
  7. Thanks to the Macross World staff for another great convention this year! It's the fourth year in a row me and my friends have attended and its always a ton of fun! MWC has become the one con my friends and I don't want to miss each year - we love the cozy nature of it versus all the big cons. That being said I hope next year sees some new activities to spice things up. When we first attended it seemed like there was more variety with the transformation and drawing contests. The past couple of years it's seemed to just be guests and the cosplay competition. Also we kinda miss the cafe from last year. It was nice to be able to grab food and not have to miss any of the stuff going on in the main hall by having to wait in a long line at a food truck. The food truck closing early was a bummer too - the program said it was going to be open until 4 so we were disappointed to see them close by 3 when we went out to finally get something to eat. I know Okamoto Kitchen closing early wasn't under your control so I don't blame the con staff but I thought it was still worth a mention. Overall though it was another awesome convention and I've attached some of the photos I got while we were there
  8. Hello everyone. I've attended MWC for the past three years now and I recall seeing a white S13 itasha in the parking lot a couple of times there along with maybe one or two other itasha. I'm trying to write an article about itasha in the US and would like to interview an owner. If any of you are one of those owners could you please PM me if you wouldn't mind answering some questions? Thank you.
  9. I got the same feel from Mikumo about her being reminiscent of Sheryl. No coincidence I like her then when Sheryl is my number one fave anime character ever. Freyjia was super amusing though like whenever she totally squees over Walkure, the way she described why she stowed away, or how she always has a snappy comeback, e.g. when the spaceport drone is yelling at her to stop running and she just off-the-cuff says "I won't!" while making good her escape. I hope Mirage also seems as amusing in the long run as she was here in the preview. Honestly I'm excited to learn more about all of the characters - well, all the girls and most of the guys 'cause Chuck so far seems kind of one-note and may end up being too much on the aggravating rather than amusing side of comic relief. Hopefully I'm proven wrong lol. And as for Lady M I definitely didn't get any indication they we're talking about Mirage. She seemed the most junior gopher member of the team and hardly someone they'd call "Lady" other than in jest. Mikumo was closest to a possible candidate in my mind but who the hell knows lol. Lady Macross maybe? Have to agree about the holographic dancers being jarring. One of the few things I disliked - not the concept but the execution of them. Even the design looked cheap, never mind the animation.
  10. Well, okay I'll concede that I think any of them have the potential to be best girl. It's just that Mikumo is bestest girl lol.
  11. I've watched Episode 0.89 three times already and just had to add my vote to the people who are loving it. The animation looks fine to me and I think the characters are really interesting so far. Mikumo seems a perfect fit as the center of Walkure and Freyja is super adorable. Messer sounds like he'll be the cool ace pilot of this series ala Isamu or Max - at least on Delta Platoon's side - while Mirage doesn't seem to have quite inherited Max's or Miriya's skills. Then again her seemingly-formal self may be getting thrown off by the Valkyrie dancing bits lol. It's always interesting to see old-time fans knocking a new Macross installment and saying it's not "Macross" enough. I thought Delta so far is right in line with other Macross installments. Valkyries? Check. Singing Idols and the power of music? Check. Sci-fi setting? Check. Only thing missing so far is the obligatory love triangle but we know that'll show up sooner or later with all these characters we've seen. I don't think your enjoyment of Delta is predicated on whether or not you started with the original Macross series like some here have implied. It certainly doesn't for me. I grew up watching Macross when it was first airing in Asia and have loved every installment since to one degree or another with Plus at the top and the original and Frontier close behind. Then again, I like all types of anime from silly crap like Osomatsu-san and AKB0048 to typical shonen fare like Fairy Tail and 35th Test Platoon to more "hardcore"/adult stuff like Gundam Thunderbolt and Garden of Words so I went into Delta just wanting to be entertained and not trying to find "original Macross". Anime in general has changed in the years since the first series just as the rest of the world has evolved so I don't think it's fair to roast a new installment like Delta just because it doesn't hew more closely to a 3 decade old show. Besides, what's so wrong with the concept of Delta? This is a culture that has had itself saved from a major threat multiple times by music. Current humanity is almost entirely descended from survivors that only made it because of the power of one cutesy idol singer. They've been raised on stories and rumors of Sharon Apple and Fire Bomber. They've almost certainly heard of the Galactic Fairy and Super Dimension Cinderella that saved the Frontier fleet. Why does it sound so weird that such a culture would develop a weaponized form of idol singer? Sounds perfectly logical to me in that context lol. You guys need to learn to spell Mikumo properly lol.
  12. Amen to that. I can't believe how much negativity Delta is getting over a freaking trailer. I'm old enough to have grown up watching both the original Macross and Robotech as a kid living in Asia and I love a lot of older series but I still get hyped over all the new stuff that comes along. It seems like too many people nowadays are too caught up in either being wanna-be-cool hipsters who only like what's "new" or curmudgeonly nostalgics who only claim to like the "classics" without giving the new stuff a chance. Ferchrissake wait for the first episode at least and give it a chance people!
  13. Hello to everyone here on MacrossWorld. I grew up with the original series as a kid back home in Asia and have been to several anime cons but never even knew there was a Macross-only convention! Even my fellow long-time otaku here in Arizona didn't know until we saw it on ANN Now I'm all excited and plan on going as long as my schedule allows. Great to see an active community of fellow Macross fans out there Also, I wanted to ask if the tables for selling stuff is just for selling or trading official Macross items or is fanart allowed? I used to do Artist Alley and did a couple of Macross Frontier pieces before I stopped. If fanart is okay, would anyone here be interested in buying some prints? My two Frontier pieces are below. I know I'm not the greatest artist so I'm trying to gauge interest before commiting to paying for a table. And apologies if the huge image size is a bother - I couldn't get it to post smaller Macross is my first love in anime so I really put a lot of effort into my Macross pieces but hardly anyone ever bought them in AA - just other shows that are more well-known here in the US - so if anyone likes them it'd be great to finally find some people who would like them for the series they're based on.
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