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  1. I got my reissue from Amazon. Feels weird to get it domestically like this.
  2. Anyone order from AMIAMI? How much was shipping?
  3. He bought it in july. I thought he posted he just got that price.
  4. What? $214 shipped? Wow!
  5. 31000 yen on amazon. Damn, wish I could get that sweet, sweet preorder price.
  6. $350 is a solid deal for Roy? No way.
  7. Thanks for posting. They don't list the shipping rates, what are the normal shipping rates for jungle?
  8. VF-1A Kak is 29573 yen at amazon jp. Too much?
  9. Strike parts gone. Not bad price! What is their shipping?
  10. I have a VF-31C w/ supers I want to unload. I am in the US.
  11. What brand of snow tires? Continentals? Bridgestones? Michelin PSS? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Amazon JP has the VF-1A Kakizaki for 28,348 shipped. What do u think?
  13. Anyone have a spare strike parts for sale?
  14. Yeah, thats the one thing about these, they are bare plastic. I wish they were painted.
  15. What was the Preorder price on the strike parts?
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